Primrose School at Oregon Park

Parent Testimonials

  • I visited several daycares before I chose Primrose at Oregon Park. I was so disappointed that most daycares didn't have planned activities for infants. It seemed like it was just a rotation of feed, diaper, set in front of a toy. At Primrose my infant daughter gets enrichment in addition to the basics. You can see it on the kids faces in all the classrooms that they are engaged and most importantly happy.



  • After looking at MANY Childcare facilities, I knew immediately that Primrose Oregon Park was it! Maybe it was the warm and friendly reception when I came in for information or that every kid that walked in the door was greeted by name and with a smile. That feeling is still the same 4 years later and now my second child is able to experience that same warm environment. I am so glad that my kids are getting more than a "babysitter" and they are getting not only a top notch education but love. Thank you.

    Katie B.


  • I couldn't be happier with Primrose at Oregon Park. It was the first one I walked into when looking for a new school for my son and nothing after I saw it compared. I went back a week later and we enrolled. The first few weeks at the school were very hard - my son cried every day - I cried everyday. I was shocked that everyday, the school would call me and let me know that he had stopped crying and he was fine. It made it a little easier. Once he started to feel comfortable, he was telling me EVERYTHING he learned in school - the activities, the stories, etc. I was amazed. He still has mornings where he's clingy, but those are easier now and they're outnumbered by the days he tells me he WANTS to go to school. Last week, he actually said to me "Go home mommy" because I took too long dropping him off... Great job guys!

    Betsy M.


  • Our daughter attended the Explorer's Program and Private Kindergarten through Primrose and we were delighted. We were terrified to send her because of her severe food allergies. However, the entire staff was always ready to make time to talk to us about our concerns, her safety and accommodations that they could make. They were so wonderful about making her feel that she was just like everyone else. When we had our son, how could we not send him there as well. He's in the toddler room now and some days he doesn't even want to leave. It's nice to know that each day our children are being taken care of by such loving and devoted teachers and staff.

    Mary K.


  • My oldest son graduated from Primrose Private Pre-K two years ago. He has been extremely successful in elementary school. My youngest son is currently in Primrose Private Pre-K. He is so happy to go to school every day, and loves all of the administrators and teachers. He is learning so much from the fabulous curriculum and is even starting to read. A couple of years ago, I had the experience of taking my son to a different daycare facility for a couple of weeks. That was long enough for me to appreciate the amazing, quality care at Primrose. I am grateful every day that I am able to bring my son to Primrose. I am confident that he will be well-cared for, and even loved while he is there. What more could a mom ask for? I love Primrose!

    Tara S.


  • We couldn't have asked for a better place to send our little boy. From the moment we walked in, we were very impressed by the cleanliness of the room, the wonderful engaging activities the children were involved in, but most importantly, the loving staff. They made us feel so welcome, and we love that they welcome our extended family as well. "Mimi" and "Pap" frequent the school for pick up and always manage to stay and enjoy the class. The teachers at Primrose have made leaving our little guy much easier for us- it has never been a problem for him! He talks all the time about school, his friends, and his teachers. We also feel very good about the curriculum at Primrose. We wanted a place that was fun, but also had lots of academic learning going on. We didn't see that at other "schools" we looked at. Being a teacher, this was really important to me, and it happens everyday at Primrose. We heart Primrose! Thank you, Oregon Park!

    Megan S.