Primrose School at Oregon Park

Our Staff

  • Anja Aghai, Primrose Operations & Compliance

    Anja Aghai

    Primrose Operations & Compliance

    Mrs. Anja Aghai joined our team in the summer of 2013. She is originally from Croatia and moved to the United States when she was 7 years old. Mrs. Aghai graduated from the University of West Georgia with her degree in Health and Physical Education. She and her husband married in 2014; they have two dogs, Lily & Lucy. Mrs. Anja enjoys crafting, puzzles, outdoor activities and watching football; she is a huge UGA fan- Go Dawgs! Her passion is working with children and seeing their smiling faces, daily.

  • Emmi Sass, School Operations & State Compliance

    Emmi Sass

    School Operations & State Compliance

    Mrs. Emmi Sass has been with Primrose since 2016 and joined the Oregon Park Team in 2018. From Lead Pre-K to Lead Kindergarten & now part of the Leadership Team, she has been awarded Teacher of the Year (2021) and featured in Best of Cobb Top 25 Teachers (2021). Mrs. Emmi has Bachelor Degrees in Special Education and Psychology and has been in the educational field for over 15 years. She has huge support from her husabnd of 21 years and her two teen daughters. She enjoys snuggles with her two English Sheepdogs, and watching Nextflix in her down time. Her favorite part about Primrose is the children, their excitement for learning, and all the hugs and pictures. 

  • Savannah Roberts, Admissions & Family Partnerships

    Savannah Roberts

    Admissions & Family Partnerships

    Mrs. Savannah Roberts has been with Oregon Park for four years. She started in the infants classroom and joined our school Leadership Team after two years. She's been married for three years and has a four year old son who attends our Private Pre-Kindergarten classroom! Mrs. Savannah loves being a mom and attending UGA games. Her favorite part about Primrose is interacting with the children and being part of so many lives. She loves the feeling that our little school is like one big family!

  • Haley Golden, Education & Professional Development

    Haley Golden

    Education & Professional Development

    Ms. Haley Golden has been with Primrose Schools for six years and at Oregon Park for two of those years. She has been in the infant, toddler, early preschool, kindergarten, and explorer classrooms as either an assistant teacher or lead teacher. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with friends and family, crafting with her Cricut, and volunteering with high school students at her church. She is so blessed to call Primrose School at Oregon Park "home" and absolutely loves all of the children and teachers that she spends her days with.

  • Marieia Johnson, Classroom School Support

    Marieia Johnson

    Classroom School Support

    Ms. Marieia is entering her 18th year at Oregon Park and absolutely loves her "babies!" She spoils each child that comes through our school and treats them as her own. She loves watching the children grow from infants to Kindergarten. She’s excited for another great school year.

  • Ansley Evans

    Classroom School Support

    Ms. Ansley is an afternoon Assistant Teacher. She graduated from Hillgrove High school. Ansley has always loved working with children and started babysitting when she was 12. She plans to join the Navy and become a Naval Psychiatrist. After the Navy, she plans on either being a clinical or developmental Psychologist. In her free time, she enjoys playing softball and guitar.

  • Rylie Disharoon, Infant Lead Teacher

    Rylie Disharoon

    Infant Lead Teacher

    Ms. Rylie graduated from East Paulding High School. Her passion for children started at at young age as she used to watch all the children at her sisters softball tournaments. Children have always been the light of her day and they don't ever fail to make her smile. Her favorite part about watching the children in her care is watching them grow and hit their milestones. When she's not snuggling with the babies, she loves to shp with her friends, do hair and makeup, and practice softball with her little sister. 

  • Lisa Braswell, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Lisa Braswell

    Infant Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Lisa has been with Primrose for seven years. She has cared for many little ones as well as their siblings and have enjoyed every snuggle and hug along the way! She is a boy mom with 3 grown sons, who each have their own families. She is known as “Nona” to 6 beautiful grandchildren (3 girls and 3 boys). In her spare time, she likes to play with her local grandbabies and video chat her distant ones! She is enjoying her time as an “empty nester”! Mrs. Lisa is ready for a great year with her Young Infants!

  • Kristen Braswell, Infant Lead Teacher

    Kristen Braswell

    Infant Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Kristen has been with Primrose Schools since 2019. She has worked at Oregon Park and another Primrose, both, as an Assistant and Leader Teacher. Mrs. Kristen primarily worked with toddlers and is excited to continue her Primrose career by leading the older infant classroom. When she is not snuggling babies at school, she loves spending time with her husband, Jacob, their brand new baby boy, Matthew and their kitties, Willow and Astro. She also enjoys kayaking, white water rafting, and crafting with her Cricut. She's excited to continue her journey in the infant classroom and can't wait to watch all the children learn and grow. 

  • Sydni Stuart, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Sydni Stuart

    Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Sydni was born and raised in Georgia. She’s always loved working with children. She spent most of her days helping her mom, who owned a childcare center for 15 years. Ms. Sydni loves watching children explore the world they’ve been introduced to and enjoys seeing them learn and flourish. In her spare time, she practices photography and spending time with her family and friends. We love having her calm, nurturing, and sweet personality in our infant classroom.

  • Deborah Ramirez, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Deborah Ramirez

    Infant Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Deborah is a mother of four kids, two girls and two boys, which range from 21-29 years old. She is the fifth of six children and moved to Georgia in 2016. She has loved caring for her children and watching them grow. She's excited for the opportunity to be able to care and watch the children in her care grow at Primrose.  In her free time she loves spending time with her family, cooking and cleaning, and spending time with her fur babies. Her family spends a lot of time in the water, whether it be just swimming, river floating, or spending time by the pool. She is bilingual in Spanish and loves helping translate whenever she can or is needed. We're excited to introduce her to our Mucho Mundo program where Spanish is the main focus! We're thrilled to have her nurturing, caring, and eager to learn personality with our Preschool classroom. 

  • Jocelyn Granados, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Jocelyn Granados

    Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Jocelyn is currently attending college and perusing a degree in Architecture. Her passion for children came at a young age. She always loved being around children and forming close relationships with them. She's excited to spend her days with the students in her care. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, coloring, and watching movies. 

  • Laura Brown, Toddler Lead Teacher

    Laura Brown

    Toddler Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Laura has been with Oregon Park since 2017. She studied Psychology and Art at Southeastern Louisiana University. She has a background in administration and raised a family of three as a single parent. She loves spending time with her children and grandchildren! One of the many reasons she loves working at Primrose is that “there are so many babies to love”! In her spare time, Ms. Laura enjoys cycling, hiking, arts and crafts, gardening, photography, reading books, and romance movies too. Her favorite part about working at Primrose is her work life balance and the great group of co-workers who have become friends.

  • Ashlei Kennybrew, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Ashlei Kennybrew

    Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Ashlei is finishing her BA in Sociology and minoring in Child Psychology. She has had previous experience being a nanny and working at an assisted living facility. She loves making her own cosplays and doing commissions. Her favorite part about Primrose is having fun with the children!

  • Carla Torres-Badillo

    Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Carla was born and raised in Georgia. She grew up helping raise her sisters children from a young age. This is where her love for children grew. Her favorite part is watching them grow and become their own person. In her spare time, she enjoys going on walks with her two dogs, Lilo and Lola, and watching Netflix. Her favorite part about Primrose is getting to know the students in her classroom!

  • Kelsey Bond, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Kelsey Bond

    Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Kelsey is going into her sixth year at Primrose. She has completed Dental Assistant School, but soon realized that children are her passion. She has been married for seven years and has 2 boys-Brody and Wyatt, and 1 little girl – Parker. In her free time she loves to work out and read. Her favorite part about working at Primrose is the children, her coworkers, and the family environment.

  • Destinee Sylvester, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Destinee Sylvester

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Destinee is our Assistant Teacher in our Early Preschool classroom. She is 22 years old and moved to GA when she was 8 years old. She was attracted to Primrose because of the structured environment and focus on the development of children. She loves working here because there is never a dull day! She gets to walk in every day and be greeted with hugs and hello’s by her favorite tiny humans! Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, binge watching shows, napping and creating shirts for her small business. She believes since children are the future, it is important to nurture, support and inspire the dreams of children. Positivity can only bring good things!


  • Deanna Fields, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Deanna Fields

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Mrs. Deanna moved to Kansas while her husband was stationed at Ft. Riley. She has previous Primrose experience and continued working in childcare while in Kansas as a preschool lead teacher. She has seven years total of childcare experience. In her spare time, she loves going on hikes to new state parks with her dog and husband, cooking and enjoys a good trip to the gym. Her favorite part about working with children is helping the children in her care grow.

  • Tiffany Smith, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Tiffany Smith

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Tiffany was born and raised in Marietta, GA. She comes with previous experience from watching her nephews, who are 2 & 5. She loves finding new ways to make learning fun and is excited to provide a fun learning environment for our students. She loves to sing, read, and do arts and crafts. She enjoys helping other learn new things and can't wait to help create some lightbulb moments in the classroom. 

  • Tyler West, Preschool One Lead Teacher

    Tyler West

    Preschool One Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Tyler grew in in Kennesaw, Ga and moved to Mobile, AL for college where she graduated with her psychology degree. She has a son and a daughter and will be welcoming a baby boy in December. She has been at Oregon Park since 2016, and enjoys watching her kids learn something new every day! In her free time, she cheers her kids on at their sporting events

  • Jenni Hernandez, Preschool One Assistant Teacher

    Jenni Hernandez

    Preschool One Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Jenni has worked with children since she was 15, at her church. She loves going back home to Mexico to visit her family. She has loved working with children from a very young age. In her free time, she enjoys photography and nature. She is bilingual and loves teaching her students Spanish. She loves watching her kiddos grow and loves helping them learn each day!

  • Rebecca Almy, Preschool Two Lead Teacher & Education Development Coordinator

    Rebecca Almy

    Preschool Two Lead Teacher & Education Development Coordinator

    Mrs. Almy has worked in childcare for 20 years and has enjoyed the last 16 years at Primrose School at Oregon Park. She loves teaching children and especially enjoys exploring science center and activities. Mrs. Almy lives in Dallas with her husband, John, and their two dogs, Lucy and Murphy. During any spare time, she enjoys being outside with her dogs and traveling to see family in Tennessee, Kentucky. She is excited for another school year at Oregon Park!


  • Madison DeMartino, Preschool Two Assistant Teacher

    Madison DeMartino

    Preschool Two Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Madison is currently a student at Kennesaw State University and is majoring in Criminal Justice. She has been with Primrose School at Oregon Park for about 3 years and has worked in all of our classrooms. She enjoys working at Primrose and seeing all of her students personalities blossom! She loves getting to know each student and enjoys watching them learn and grow.

  • Alexis Stowers, Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher & Leadership Support

    Alexis Stowers

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher & Leadership Support

    Mrs. Alexis is going into her sixth year at Primrose. She is currently getting her degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources at Liberty. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and spending time with her husband and their two boys, Luke and Levi. Her favorite part about Primrose is the family environment and watching the children in her care hit new milestones.

  • Mackenzie DeMartino, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Mackenzie DeMartino

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Mackenzie is the Assistant Teacher in our Private Pre-Kindergarten classroom. She has over ten years of experience caring for children in both public and private settings. She has her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. She loves to spend time with her fiancé and black lab named "M" who she loves dearly. Her passion has always been young children and this is where she is most comfortable. She's thrilled to watch the children in her care grow and to develop close relationships with the families and teachers in her classroom.

  • Anna Sass, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Anna Sass

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Anna is a full-time student at Kennesaw State University. She volunteers at McKenna Farms and her career goal is to become an Occupational Therapist. She enjoys spending time with her friends, rock climbing, hiking, and ice skating. Her favorite part about Primrose is the environment, the children, and the people she works with!

  • Alyssa Wright, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Alyssa Wright

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Alyssa went to Georgia State and KSU for Early Childhood Education. Her passion lies with children and she's excited for the opportunity to work with our students. She's a huge animal lover. She has a 10 year old corgi who is her very best friend-Buster. And she just adopted a 10 month old 3 legged Husky named Tripp. She has a Russian Tortoise named Cooper, who is named after the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown. She loves all things baseball. She's a huge Braves fan and occasionally works at the stadium seasonally. She's very crafty and is excited to bring that into the classroom. Her grandmother taught her to crochet at 13 and she started her own tumbler, t-shirt press, and badge reel LLC in 2020. 

  • Yarelis Higgins, Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Yarelis Higgins

    Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Yarelis was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida to Cuban parents. Her Hispanic heritage influenced her upbringing a great deal. She learned to dance at an early age and developed a love for the arts.   She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Theater Performance from Florida International University. She enjoys performing and making everyone smile. Mrs. Yarelis loves spending time with her family and their five beagles and watching the Atlanta Braves. She’s excited to get the opportunity to nurture, love, and teach the children in her care. She believes that “with a smile, you can change someone’s day.”

  • Riely LaPointe, Private Kindergarten Assistant Teacher/Lead Explorer Teacher

    Riely LaPointe

    Private Kindergarten Assistant Teacher/Lead Explorer Teacher

    Ms. Riely has been with Primrose for five years. She was born and raised in Kennesaw Ga and graduated from Allatoona high school. She is attending Kennesaw State and majoring in Marketing. She is the middle child of five kids and is a big family person. In her free time, she enjoys walking new trails, listening to live music and reading a good book!

  • Jordan Koehler, Private Kindergarten & Explorer Assistant Teacher

    Jordan Koehler

    Private Kindergarten & Explorer Assistant Teacher

    Mr. Jordan comes with previous experience of working with students during Sunday Services & Vacation Bible School at West Ridge Church. He has 4 younger siblings who he helped care for growing up. He is currently attending Kennesaw State University and is pursuing his dream in becoming a Child Therapist. In his spare time, Mr. Jordan enjoys playing the piano, cooking for his family, going on fun road trips, and writing fiction based stories & books. 

  • Sonia Gonzalez, School Chef

    Sonia Gonzalez

    School Chef

    Ms. Sonia has worked at Primrose OP since 2018. She has always enjoyed baking and cooking, which helped her with the decision to get her degree in Baking and Pastry Arts with some culinary as well. She was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and has lived in Georgia for five years now. She has three children ( two daughters and a son). In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, cooking, reading, doing puzzles and spending time with her family. I enjoy working at Primrose because there are wonderful people that she gets to spend the day with and she has the pleasure of meeting some amazing families. Her favorite part is seeing all the beautiful little people and fill their tummies!

  • Mark and Nicole Camplen, Franchise Owner

    Mark and Nicole Camplen

    Franchise Owners

    Nicole has “grown up” with Primrose in her life since she began working at the Oregon Park school in 1999. She started working in the Explorer’s program during a high school course for teaching and quickly found the reward and love in working with young children. Nicole has held many positions in different classrooms with Primrose School at Oregon Park. Mark possesses more than 18 years of travel industry experience with companies such as Delta Air Lines, and MLT Vacations. With the pandemic of 2020, his career path changed into technology for healthcare settings. Having spent the last 17 years with Primrose has given Nicole the opportunity to reach out to the community surrounding Oregon Park and be honored to provide the best and most trusted childcare for our families. Knowing, delivering and seeing the difference our school makes in these young lives and families has driven her passion. As a school leader, she puts the children and families first in every decision. Mark and Nicole married in 2010 and reside in Powder Springs with their three children, Cooper (15), Sydney (10) and Rhett (7). All three children attended Primrose School at Oregon Park since they were Infants through our Kindergarten program. As Primrose parents themselves, Mark and Nicole can see the difference a dependable, loving and safe environment makes in young children. Their promise is to deliver the WOW factor and exceed our Primrose principles of service, so that other families in our West Cobb community can have the same fantastic early childcare experience for their own children. You will see Mark and Nicole throughout the school working hard to build a partnership with our Primrose families and staff. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the nurturing care and love you desire for your child, while at the same time preparing your child academically for the future. Welcome to our school!


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