Primrose School of Noblesville

Parent Testimonials

  • I came to Primrose Noblesville in June of 2012 do to an extremely bad experience my son was having at another child care facility. I myself had been working at the other facility for many years and knew it was time for a change. The evening I came in to get information, I immediately knew this was what I wanted for both of my kids and myself.. From the very first day, my kids have been so happy. The teachers listen and really get to know the children. Their is a lot of respect for children here that we were not getting elsewhere. My son fell in love with it instantly and is thrilled to come every day (even if it is only before and after school now). He has made lots of friends and his confidence soared in just the one summer he was here. I am extremely grateful to them for that. My daughter attends the Pre-K class and is having a great time. She loves sharing all the things she's learned everyday. In the short time we've been here it is difficult for me to put into words how happy I am. I really feel like Primrose saved my son. And because we are here, I know I will not have to deal with those same issues with my daughter.

    Shanna R.


  • Our son came to Primrose at the age of 19 months. Before attending, our sister-in-law watched him during the day so he had only been with family. He loved playing all day with his cousins. However, that was a problem...all they did was play. While playtime is great, he wasn't learning much and was also delayed in reaching his milestones. By the time he was 19 months old, our sister-in-law could no longer watch him. We were very nervous about trusting anyone with our child. After all, this is our baby! We found the Primrose School of Noblesville and we are so thankful! As mentioned, our son was delayed. He was 19 months old and wasn't walking yet. He was also having some trouble with his speech. We taught him sign language so he was able to communicate, however, he wasn't speaking like he should be by that age. He was enrolled in the First Steps program and they did nothing for him. While we do appreciate the program, his specific therapist wasn't able to help him. He then started in the Toddler room at Primrose and he was the only child not walking. After only two weeks, his AMAZING teachers were able to get him to walk! We worked with him at home but he was more motivated to walk once he started Primrose and saw all of the other children walking. His teachers were strict in the fact of not letting anyone carry him. He would get frustrated but they never gave up and forced him to walk on his own. They also helped him with his speech. While the toddler room does have a lot of playtime, the wonderful curriculum that Primrose offers ensures learning through play based on the development of each age. Mrs. Amy and Ms. Mary are the BEST teachers at Primrose and we cried when our son had to move up to the next class. They are extremely loving and caring but they are also firm. Every child knows they are loved but they also know what is expected. It is now over a year later and our son is getting ready to transition to the Preschool 1 classroom. We have loved all of the teachers he has had. The teachers at Primrose truly love their jobs and the children. Our son has learned so much and we are confident in saying that this is the only true educational childcare facility.

    Mandi B.


  • I recently enrolled my son at Primrose in order to enhance his education and learning experiences. Primrose has far exceeded my expectations and Abram is excited each day to go to school and learn something new. Each day he tells me what he is learning and shares his classroom experiences with everyone! Thank you Primrose for creating a positive early education experience for my son; we love it!

    Amber H.


  • As a parent the reason I love Primrose is because my daughter is loved, safe and learning something new everyday. Saoirse came home just yesterday and informed me that she now shakes hands and say nice to meet you!!! I was very impressed that my 2 year old is more polite then most adults. When I asked her how she learned this behavior.....she smiled and said Amy... Baker. Those are her teachers...... Primrose Noblesville is a great school and the staff is wonderful. It's my daughters home away from home.

    Siobhan C.


  • My husband and I decided to remove our son from his previous daycare based on concerns for his safety and the environment he was in. After touring Primrose, meeting with the Director and seeing Xander's classroom, we didn't even have to discuss the other places we had looked. He started in Early Preschool II and just transitioned into Preschool, and he absolutely LOVES it. Primrose offers a curriculum, art, music, and other opportunities for activities that he otherwise would have missed out on due to our current work schedules. But what really sealed the deal for me is that they take the children's safety seriously. I came home from work one day to find that Xander had fallen and bitten his lip during karate. They told my husband immediately upon his arrival, we received an incident report from the school, signed by management, AND a personal letter from the karate instructors explaining what had happened and what was done to remedy it. Xander is 100% BOY and we know that he is going to get hurt sometimes. The extent that they went to over one small "owie" really showed us that they about each child in their facility, and that communication with the parents is just as important. It is EXACTLY what we were looking for. Management is involved in every step of the program at Primrose, and they make sure that they enable the parents to take an active role in their child's learning process as well. When I drop our son off in the morning, I feel good about the environment I am leaving him in. We trust the staff at Primrose. They have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome, and we feel so blessed to have found them. As a mother, I don't think you ever get completely comfortable leaving your child in someone else's care, but for me, Primrose is about as close as I can get. Next to grandma, of course. :) Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our son.

    Ashley R.


  • While visiting a local orchard a couple of years ago, a chance spotting of and chat with Mrs. Amy Kotlarski, one of Bowen’s teachers who we all loved from a previous daycare, led us to then find her (and her notorious blue van!!) teaching at Primrose of Noblesville. It was perfect timing as we were looking to move Bowen to a different daycare for many reasons, including his safety. Our experiences with other daycares were rough, to say the least. We previously looked at Primrose when it first opened but circumstances were such that we opted elsewhere. Lessons learned. To this day, we thank God for putting Mrs. Amy back in our lives … and pointed us to Primrose once again. No matter our family dynamic, we have felt welcomed from day one. Not only has Bowen made friends, we have also! We heart the family atmosphere. The friendly, structured, respectful, and SAFE environment allows Bowen to thrive. We feel that we, too, matter -- we’re not just a tuition payment. We have high expectations and Primrose has come through with flying colors. Kudos and eternal thanks to the Primrose staff for the support and wonderful experiences!

    Amy D.