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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Sheldon & Dr. Shelley Connell
Sheldon & Dr. Shelley Connell
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Sheldon & Dr. Shelley Connell


Experienced. Determined. Family-Oriented… Meet Sheldon & Shelley Connell.

Sheldon and I both grew up on the east coast in New York and Maryland respectively. I obtained my master’s and doctoral degrees in education and science. My passions have led me to enjoy the positions of laboratory scientist, classroom teacher, entrepreneur, program coordinator and book author. Sheldon earned undergraduate and graduate level degrees in business, utilizing his skills at Verizon for almost three decades in a number of executive positions, each with increasing responsibilities. His career path has given our family opportunities to experience life in different parts of the east coast and mid-west, before we landed in Texas for the second time in 2014 [this time for good :-)]. We have settled our family in Flower Mound, where we have gladly taken to the Texas sunshine with our two young children - Jordynn and Sheldon, (SJ).

Our Primrose journey began during our first stay in Texas. We toured several preschools soon after we arrived and enrolled Jordynn in a preschool we thought would be a good fit. But, we were wrong. She was so unhappy. We “got it right” a few weeks later, after we toured a local Primrose. Jordynn was very happy and content day after day [and so were we]. I quickly became enthralled with the balanced learning curriculum, and enjoyed the partnership with Jordynn’s teachers, identifying areas where she excelled and areas where she was challenged. As parents, Sheldon and I felt better equipped to bridge the school-home gap with the resources Primrose gave us.

Our greatest joys are our children, Jordynn Lynn [Jordy] and Sheldon Orson, II [SJ]. Jordy, is a collegiate diver at a D1 University on the East Coast. She loves to make delicious smoothies, spend quality time with her friends, and "be a scholar" - as she says. Our son, SJ, LOVES playing soccer! He also enjoys swimming, playing with family and friends, travelling, and spending time with our family.

As a family, we serve in our community, and in our church. We are avid moviegoers and dedicated Mouseketeers in our leisure time.

We’ve researched the Primrose school model extensively and believe in the philosophy, core values and structure it stands upon. We are determined to make a positive impact on our students, our staff, our Primrose Parents, and our community. As owners of Primrose of NE Flower Mound (and our sister school - Primrose School of Old Orchard), we are so delighted to grow our family with yours, as we link arms with you.

Thank you for taking the Primrose journey with us.

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