Primrose School at Naperville Crossings

Parent Testimonials

  • Choosing the environment in which my daughter would spend a majority of her time was a challenge I took very seriously. There are many options in the area in which we live, and I visited every single one of them with her. I was waiting for the right feeling to hit me, and it did, as soon as we walked in the door at Primrose. I almost instantly knew that this was the right place for my 2 year old. The building was brand new and the staff was energetic and excited about the opportunity to establish a wonderful environment for children. We signed up right away and have never looked back. Leaving my daughter each morning is not easy for me, but leaving her at Primrose has always put me at peace. She absolutely loves her school. She jumps out of the car, skips to the door, and never looks back. We are always greeted with big smiles by everyone up front when we walk in, and the administrative staff keeps me informed of everything that is going on and they are quick to call me if there is ever a problem or concern with my daughter. My daughter has made wonderful friends and has learned so much. All of her teachers, especially Ms. Hanneman and Ms. Ly, have been fabulous, and have done so much more for her than we could have ever imagined. She is a member of her classroom, but she is also focused on as an individual with her own skill set and her own needs. We could not have asked for a better preschool experience for our daughter, and we know she will continue to thrive and grow at Primrose for the next few years. We could not imagine her being anywhere else. Thank you so much to the staff at Primrose at Naperville Crossings for making this last year so great, and for providing the confidence and security that the next few years will be just as rewarding.

    Michele W.


  • We simply Love Primrose here in Naperville, IL with Mrs. Jennifer Fu. The owners, teachers, staff, curriculum, cooperation and friendliness from everyone here is truly attributed to Mrs. Fu and her management teams passion for excellence. Our son, (Maxwell) is always happy to attend and he hardly ever wants to go home in the evenings...Our son attends everyday except on Wednesday. The facility is always clean, fresh smelling and the parking lot and entrance is always up to par. We have recommended several families and will continue to Bragg about this safe place within our community to parents. Thanks for allowing me to share my feedback with you!

    Brian B.


  • After the birth of our first child, Gabe, we were fortunate enough to have him start at the Primrose School of Grand Peninsula when he was 3 months old. It's a very difficult process, learning to trust others with the well-being of your baby, but the teachers were warm and loving, and made the transition easier than expected. When Gabe was 1 year old, we relocated from TX to IL and shed many tears when we had to say goodbye to our TX Primrose family. Luckily, we moved to Naperville where the Primrose School of Naperville Crossings had opened a few months prior. Our family was thrilled to meet such a warm, caring, thoughtful, and educated group of teachers and management and enrolled Gabe just last November. It's now been 7 months, and Gabe is a happy, thriving, talkative and bright 20-month-old thanks to the staff at Primrose. He looks forward to seeing his friends each day and has formed wonderful relationships with the teachers. Primrose really is such a special school and has become a home away from home for our Gabe. We have been so fortunate to have Gabe experience Primrose and would recommend the school to anyone. I really can't even begin to express what a blessing Primrose has been in our lives!

    Natalie S.


  • Once my boys entered elementary school, I struggled to find the right fit for before/after school care for our family. I am so happy to have found Primrose. They are caring and offer a stimulating yet fun environment for my boys. The summer camp program offers a variety of activities and my boys are always excited to attend! I am happy to be a part of the Primrose Naperville Crossings family!

    Jill D.


  • I work long hours and it's always great to know that my girls are well cared for at Primrose. I recently moved from Colorado where my girls attended the Primrose in Littleton and I knew I had to find a Primrose in Naperville once we moved to Illinois. The owners of primrose have handpicked the best teachers who genuinely love what they do. I am always impressed with what my girls learn at primrose. I was floored when my 8 month old began to use sign language to say she was hungry and I am still blown away when my 4 year old brought up the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly at the dinner table. Primrose is more than a daycare, it’s a school that prepares my girls for the future.

    Jennifer K.


  • Primrose Naperville crossings is awesome! We recently moved back to Illinois with two little ones in tow. Being new to Naperville, we were unfamiliar with the various child care centers in the area. We were familiar with Primrose, as our son was enrolled in Primrose back where we used to live. I still visited a considerable number of daycares in the area, including Primrose, and after meeting with various directors, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted my children to attend Primrose. The school's curriculum has always impressed us and their teachers are top notch. Since my children were going to be there for the full day, I wanted a program that focused on age appropriate academics, encouraged creativity, and fostered their social development. The owner and directors made a concerted effort to reach out and address our needs throughout this process. (The fact that the school is in a newly designed, well thought out and extremely clean building didn't hurt either!) Both kids attended an exploration day and had the chance to meet theirs teachers and friends- this was a wonderful experience since my 2 year had never been in day care before. While we were concerned that the transition from being home with me to spending the day in school would be an adjustment, both children seamlessly adapted to their new classrooms. Our 2 year old starts singing new songs and talking about "circle time" the moment we get in the car and she loves telling us about what she did in school. Our four year old gets excited about new projects based on each weeks themes; we're extremely pleased with the pre-Kindergarten program as it prepares students for elementary school. Our children are excited to go to school each day and we're beyond thrilled that they enjoy it as much as they do!