Primrose School of Midtown at Colony Square

Parent Testimonials

  • This picture is of my daughter and her dad. When asked to pick out a bedtime story, she picked out her Primrose visitor guide that we received on our initial tour of the school. It says a lot about the quality of a school when the child takes such pride in it. It's easy for us parents to sit back and say, "we picked a good a one; our kid is going to love it here." But when she wants to read a book about her school and beams when it's being read, well, you can just tell that Primrose really is the best choice and that she does love it here. The teachers and staff are amazing, and we appreciate all of the hard work and effort they put into all of the children's education; as we read the booklet, her dad and I were just nodding our heads in acknowledgement of fulfilled promises and standards. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

    Sarah B.


  • Primrose has been a blessing for my son and me! I had just begun searching for daycares/preschools when I heard of a school opening directly across the street from my office building. After one meeting with Kari and Karl, I knew Primrose (and especially the Midtown location) would be perfect for us. My son has been attending since the school first opened in Aug. of 2009 and I couldn't be happier. The staff is so friendly, the curriculum is excellent, and my son loves attending school! I am sad that come fall, we will no longer be part of Primrose (starting Kindergarten at our neighborhood elementary school). But Primrose will certainly always be a part of us! I'm so thankful my son has been able to have this experience.

    Amy L.


  • My daughters, Lilly age 3 and Emma age 1, have been nurtured and cared for at Primrose for over a year. Every day I'm amazed by the passion, love and quality of care and education that the teachers and staff provide our daughters. I have a sense of total peace every day that they are in the best of hands. I know that each day that they will be challenged academically and creatively in a way that creates continual learning. But more importantly, the teachers and staff at Primrose work hand-in-hand with my wife and I as parents to raise daughters that are loving, confident and compassionate. It's no wonder that they are so excited to go to school each and every day and talk about their teachers and the staff as if they are part of our family. It's because they are!

    Bryan J.


  • My family came to Primrose (Midtown Atl location) in December of 2012. It has been such a wonderful experience for us thus far! Our daughter Amelia is currently in the Young Toddler class and we've noticed such a profound change in her development and personality. She is using the sign language she learns in class at home, her vocabulary is expanding every week, and her curiosity for the world around her is bursting at the seams. She is such a pleasant and friendly little girl who runs into her class every morning waving her hands and saying "Hi!" to all of her classmates and teachers. We love the wholesome and organic meal program they offer and all the activities she participates in like the Spring Bonnet Parade! Our family hearts Primrose Midtown Atlanta.

    Zulie M.


  • Primrose at Midtown Colony Square has truly provided my son with major confidence and a true love for learning. As we applied to Woodward Academy, I was anxious about the entire application process, specifically the testing for the application. However when Seann presented for testing, he walked in very confident and ready for the test. The school's administrators were impressed by Seann's confidence and asked what school he attended. I informed them that he attended Primrose, and they told me that they were very familiar with the school and what they provide. My son's confidence that day turned my anxiety into calmness. As a parent, all I strive to do is provide the very best for my son. And providing a great education is the greatest gift I can offer him to prepare him for success. Though my son is transitioning to Woodward Academy in the fall, it was his start at Primrose at Midtown Colony Square that contributed to his personal growth in a positive way. I could not have imagined a better start in his education. Thank you Primrose for preparing us for the next chapter in his schooling.

    Sankeshia M.