Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Midlothian Village

Parent Testimonials

  • I have had several occasions to write to the director and owners of the Primrose School of Midlothian Village in praise of their teachers. My son started in the Young Toddler’s room in August 2008. My daughter started in the infant room in August 2010. Both have had very positive experiences in this school. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight their recent experiences. William’s teachers in Preschool 2 were phenomenal. The educational growth that he experienced during that year was astounding. When your 3 year old son is sitting at the dinner table and points at a piece of food and tells you that it is like an inclined plane… you know he is having a positive educational experience. Preschool was such a successful experience for him. He has continued to have positive experiences in the pre-K program with teachers who are professional, courteous, and caring. It is comforting to talk with teachers who are confident in their interactions with me and demonstrate a true caring for my child. Although she is only in the Early-Preschool room, Rebecca has been very fortunate to have some of the same teachers as William. Unfortunately, she spent most of the summer in a series of casts. The teachers handled her with care and concern, often asking questions about her well-being. This was a challenging situation, and the teachers far surpassed the expectations I had. Every parent thinks their child/children are the most precious. When all staff members can greet your children by name, and the ones who have taught them greet them and say good-bye with hugs, it certainly makes you feel as if they are. Early childhood educational experiences are critical indicators of future success in school. Having children who want to go to school every day is very important to me. Even during summer camp time, their knowledge base continued to grow exponentially. People often say that teaching is an art and a science. The science of teaching can generally be taught and mastered. The art of teaching is something that I feel like people are born with. Many of the teachers at this Primrose exhibit both of these qualities. In addition to the teachers, it is wonderful to have a director, associate director, and owners who are approachable, available, and willing to meet on matters both large and small. Any issue that has come up has been resolved immediately, and I greatly appreciate their availability and willingness to work with us. My husband and I have been very pleased with the decision we made to place our children’s early childhood care and learning experiences to the Primrose School of Midlothian Village.

    Elizabeth S.


  • I have been a Primrose parent for 3 years - my oldest started in the Preschool room and is now in Explorers Camp in the summers. The PreK class curriculum and amazing teachers prepared him so well for the transition to Kindergarten at our local public school. My youngest started in the infant room at 6 months and is now in Early Preschool. He LOVES his teachers and I can tell with each class (Infants through EPS) that they have truly loved him. It is so nice to have a child excited for school and happy to wave good-bye (or push me out the door!) It makes it easier to leave when I know my children are so well cared for as well as learning so much each day through fun and interactive activities and play.

    Meredith V.


  • From the moment we walked in the door 5 + years ago looking for a place to bring our not-yet-born daughter Isabella, we instantly felt like the Primrose School of Midlothian Village was like home. The staff and teachers made that new Mom (and Dad!) leaving her then only child in the infant room feel completely at ease and worry free (and let's face it, I didn't need any more Mommy guilt!) In the 4+ years that Isabella has been with Primrose we have never had a moment of worry about her (or her siblings) care. And it's not just care. It's love, and development and encouragement and laughter and friendship and learning and so much more that there isn't even words for. And not a thing has changed as we've brought 2 more children in to the Primrose family. We now have three VERY happy Primrose children: Isabella ("Izzy" ) in the Pre-Kindergarten class, Eiley in the Early Preschool class and Logan who just went into the Infant class like his sisters before. All LOVE to go to "school" everyday, have truly bonded with their teachers and gush about everything they've seen and done when we pick them up. My husband and I are astounded almost daily about how much they have grown and how much they have learned! We feel truly blessed to have found this family and are thankful everyday for everyone at Primrose that touch our childrens' lives every day!!

    Amanda M.


  • My daughter started Primrose of Midlothian Village when she was just 18 months old and now, almost 5 years later, she is still there. What a wonderful experience it has been for both her and I! From Early Preschool, to Preschool I and II, to Pre-Kindergarten, to Explorers and Summer Camps in between, I always felt very comfortable leaving my daughter in the hands of the teachers and staff at Primrose. I knew she was receiving the best care and education, even at an early age. As the years, classrooms, and teachers have gone by, that care and education remains second-to-none. Last year when she started elementary school, she was more than prepared for Kindergarten and I know it because of the education she received at Primrose. Of course, there is more than just education that is fostered there. Just walking through the doors you can feel synergy, excitement, and warmness. It always puts a smile on my face when any teacher, who may or may not have taught my daughter, can walk down the hall and call her by name - what a sense of family Primrose of Midlothian Village creates!

    Nicole N.


  • Our first son started at Primrose 3 years ago in the Young Tods class. We knew this would be the place by the end of our tour of the school. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The teaches in the YT class told us we could leave our son in the class while we tour the rest of the place. Our son was having so much fun with all the kids and teachers that he didn't even noticed we were gone until we came back. Our second son started at Primrose at the beginning of this year in the YT class also. We are amazed everyday of all the things they learned at school. We are very happy to have found Primrose and are thankful for all the wonderful teachers and staff!

    Irene M.