Primrose School of Lewis Center

Parent Testimonials

  • We've been at the Lewis Center Primrose for almost a year now, and selecting this school was the best decision we've made for our son. He was previously at a competing daycare center and the differences between the two facilities are overwhelming.When you first walk into Primrose, it's noticeably spotless and always smells pleasant and clean. The staff is ALWAYS there to give a friendly greeting and they know not only your child's name, but ours as well. The teachers are just as friendly and truly care about each and every child in the class. They don't miss anything and almost always give me highlights from my son's day (good or bad!). They work with us to make sure our son gets the best education/learning experience.

    Lindsay B.


  • With my background in education, picking the right school was very important to me. Primrose was an easy choice after seeing the curriculum, school environment and meeting the wonderful teachers. I felt so strongly that I became a teacher there myself! When our family moved to Columbus, I knew that I wanted to keep my daughter at a Primrose School and I'm glad that I did. We truly love our Primrose School (both of them) and my daughter has such a great social and academic start that I accredit greatly to the wonderful teachers and staff she has met along the way! :-)

    Sonya H.


  • Choosing a school for our two boys was one of the most important decisions we have ever made. After all, our children mean the world to us and we want the best of everything for them, especially when it comes to their school. When we chose Primrose what impressed us was the curriculum, cleanliness, caring nature of the staff, and parent involvement. As a Primrose family for over the past 3 years, we have continued to be impressed with all of the aspects of the school. The Primrose School of Lewis Center is special when compared to other schools. They care about your children and the parents in such a way that they feel like family. The staff is amazing, and we trust them wholeheartedly. They take care of our children while we are at work in such a positive way, that we can effectively grow in our careers without worrying about the daily care of our boys. The owner of the school, Sherri, treats the Primrose families with special events that create moments that will last a lifetime. She goes out of her way to do things for the Primrose families as a special way to let us know she is thankful for our trust in her and the staff. Another positive attribute about Primrose School of Lewis Center is the school is very attractive and always clean. You would never know there are dirty diapers changed there! I am so thankful for the entire staff at Primrose. Thank you for making my family feel like we are your family too! You're the best!

    The Richards Family


  • As working parents, one of the most important and critical decisions we have had to make is establishing who will care for our children during the work week. We feel so fortunate that we were able to find Primrose and the nurturing staff whom care for our children everyday. We rave about the facility and love telling everyone we know what "school" our children attend. Yes, school. We don't refer to it as "daycare" because it is such a stimulating environment that is based upon routine and structure; more than what we would expect from a daycare. The developmental strides we have seen in our children over a period of only months is tremendous! We love hearing about and discovering all of the new skills and talents they are learning (see the attached video of our daughter saying the Pledge of Allegiance that she recently learned). All management and teaching staff are so caring and conscientious of all of our needs; it is obvious they all have a passion for what they do. There is no better feeling than knowing that our children are in safe and loving hands while we are away. We could not be more satisfied in our choice to trust in Primrose.

    Kori F.


  • We are so pleased and happy we joined Primrose! Our son, Gavin truly has enjoyed his experience, his friends and his dedicated teachers! One of the things I know my husband and I appreciate most is the level of connectivity Primrose provides. We are always in the know with newsletters, Facebook updates, emails from the staff, phone calls about Gavin's care and our favorite shared pictures of how he is doing throughout the day! We are still fairly new, but our move to the Lewis Center area has been made so much better by our lovely experience at Primrose and to all the staff/teachers - WE THANK YOU! :)

    Rebecca B.


  • We have been at Primrose since Jocelyn was 12 weeks old. She starts Kindergarten this year! I have watched her learn, grow and progress through every single class room throughout our school. I am proud to say that I always highly recommend Primrose to EVERYONE that I come in contact with that have children. I can't say enough about how much everyone at our school does for me and my family. Tyler also started when he was 12 weeks old and he is now about half way through in Preschool 1 and progressing great too (for a boy) LOL :-) We truly love, enjoy and appreciate everyone and everything that you all do for our entire family!!! We LOVE our Primrose!!The Shelton Family

    Stephanie S.