Primrose School of The Lakes at Blaine

Parent Testimonials

  • Dear Primrose Staff & Teachers, We would like to Thank each and everyone of you for the love, care and education you have given to our two little boys! As parents, it was the safest place we felt to leave our precious ones! It is amazing to see how many skills our boys picked up in these two short years! Thank you for laying their life's foundation!



  • We are SO thankful to have found Primrose School of the Lakes at Blaine for our son. He LOVES it there...and he's learning so much! I would imagine all Primrose Schools are good, but this one just fits us perfectly. It's a ton of hard work...and yet everyone is willing to go above and beyond...with a smile on their faces! Thank you, thank you, thank you...for inspiring, enriching, and encouraging my son. It is an awesome responsibility and you consistently deliver.



  • Danielle and I cannot thank the entire Primrose Staff for providing our daughter with such a wonderful experience the past four years. From the very first day our daughter started Primrose, staff went the extra mile (like sending us a picture of her playing and sleeping day one - which I still have) to make her feel so special and make Danielle and myself feel secure knowing our most prized possession was in the best possible hands. A sincere thank you to all of the wonderful staff that had a hand in supporting her.



  • We love Primrose because of the teachers. Not only are they excellent educators, but they provide a warm, home-like environment for our children. We love to hear about our kids' days at Primrose, and we are so grateful to be able to leave them in a place where we know they are happy and well cared for.



  • We chose Primrose for their smaller class sizes and their academic approach. From the first week we started at Primrose our child came home excited about the new things he was learning. Both of our children are now at Primrose, and they consistently let us know what words rhyme and pointing out the letters they recognize. Its so satisfying to see them love what they are learning and how they apply it!



  • We truly do LOVE Primrose. The care and passion the staff has for all of the children is amazing. Our daughter started just after she turned 2 and literally since day one she has been a different child. She is so happy and has blossomed at Primrose. The fact that Primrose focuses on more than ABCs and 123s is what drew us to the center. The values, caring and compassion that our daughter is exposed to and character she has developed is outstanding.