Primrose School of Lake Norman

Parent Testimonials

  • My husband and I were fortunate enough to have our son's grandmothers (Nana and Grandmom) help us with childcare for the first two years of his life; and it was scary and stressful exploring different childcare sites. However, when we entered Primrose, we were immediately comfortable and we knew leaving that day that we had found the perfect place. That was 6 years ago! Our family was one of the first families to be a part of the Primrose School of Lake Norman here in Mooresville. Now, our daughter(4) has been enrolled at primrose since she was two years old. Again, we were able to care for her, as well, with family help until she was two. To be honest, she needed more than we could give her every day as working parents. The teaching curriculum, socialization, exposure, ancillary programs and more; are gifts that we are able to give to our child. My son is now a third grader at a private school in which he thrives. I believe that many of his successes are attributed to the foundation that Primrose helps build. Even the youngest of students can develop the qualities needed to become successful, responsible and productive citizens...and Primrose of LKN strives to do just that! Thank you to the staff, the glorious teachers, the culinary skills and smiles of Miss Hart and lastly; the never-tiring, always warm and caring, bright and shiny, amazing Director, Hannah Ryan!

    Shawn S.


  • My son Magnus has a great time everyday at Primrose! He always comes home with a smile and ready to tell my wife and I all his new words he's learned. At Primrose Magnus is learning how to communicate; sign language, with adults and most importantly how to play nicely with kids his age! He has also made his first best friend who he loves to go on play dates with. I would highly recommend Primrose to anyone looking for a bright start for their children. Thanks, Justin and Julia Lanier

    Justin L.


  • Our family loves Primrose School of Lake Norman due to the wonderful and specialized daily care that is provided to Ella Kate. We found our way to Primrose when Ella Kate was only 6 months old. We have been extremely pleased with her teachers, the curriculum and the family friendly environment. The administrative team greets us each day with smile, a good morning hello and a pleasant farewell. We are thankful for the positive and encouraging environment that Primrose provides for our child and we know that the management team and the faculty have her best interest at heart! Thank you, Primrose Team, for helping us shape our little girl into a happy and healthy individual as she grows.

    Kendall T.


  • We moved to Mooresville 3 months ago and couldn't be more pleased with Primrose. From our very first day, we have received warm welcomes from everyone. The teachers are outstanding - creative, compassionate, and caring. I love hearing about their fun-filled learning days and watching my boys grow at Primrose School of Lake Norman

    Jenn W.


  • After deciding to move to the Lake Norman area, our next big decision would be where to educate our children. We researched multiple schools, but after stepping foot in Primrose, we knew this was the place for our 4 year old. We got in our car after our tour, filled out the paperwork, and brought it right back in. From the loving, caring office staff, to the wonderful teachers, we don't think we could have made a better decision. After our 3 year old attended one day of school somewhere else, we decided to pull him out and place him in Primrose. Our two boys go into school every morning with smiles on their faces as they are greeted by classmates and adults! We love Primrose and couldn't ask for a better educational foundation for our sons!

    Ainsley S.