Primrose School of Lake Nona

Parent Testimonials

  • I have two boys attending Primrose. They are 2 and 3 and started in August. We are really happy with the school. The teachers are excellent and treat my boys very well. They both seem very happy when I come to get them each afternoon and have lots of fun stories to share about their day. I would definitely recommend this school if you are looking for somewhere safe and fun to send your children.

    Mary R.


  • For the fall of 2012, we decided to place our daughter in Pre-School to be around other children her age. Like most parents, we wanted to place her in an atmosphere where she could not only interact with other kids, but to also learn and grow. We visited many schools and listened to the same story and jargon from all. However, the level of comfort at Primrose School Lake Nona was a step above the rest. For us, it started with attitude. All said that they would CARE for our daughter during the time she was under their watch. However, the staff at Primrose informed us that not only would they care for her, but would enhance on the foundation we had already set by shaping her knowledge with a classroom curriculum and time for our daughter to play and interact with others. Since enrolling at Primrose, we receive daily updates from the teachers and our daughter, who loves to come home with stories of what she did in class. We cannot say enough good things about how Ms Turner has helped her make the transition from being home to being at school with other kids, Ms Rose with teaching her new things (which we get to hear all about when she comes home-circle time, stories, songs, learning new things), and Mrs Bennett, for emphasizing the importance of listening and good hygiene. Everything we were told during orientation has been seen and put in place. Not only from the teachers and assistance, but also from other staff From the owners, John and Debby, Director Mrs Murphy, and Mrs Janice, I am astounded to know they not only know my name and my child’s name, but also the names of other children and parents!!!! Taking the time to stop what they are doing to say “Hi,” to ask “how things are going,” or simply wave, we cannot say enough good things about each one of them. The bottom line is …….. There are a lot of choices to make for our children. I am glad we chose Lake Nona Primrose School. We are looking forward to the continued growth of the school and our daughter

    Berry Family


  • My wife and I are very pleased with Primrose Lake Nona. Our daughter transitioned from another local daycare to Primrose once they opened and we are so pleased with our decision. Our daughter gets such personalized attention and guidance from the friendly and professional staff they have on hand. Just yesterday, we received a "Happy Gram" from her teacher telling us how our daughter was sharing a book with another child during story time and acknowledged that she was nice for sharing. That sort of extra effort and acknowledgment makes us pleased Primrose parents and now our daughter will continue to blossom even more under their care.

    Matthew D.


  • I was moving back to the Orlando area after a few years on the west coast. I was trying to enroll my 2 & 4 year old in full time preschool, from across the country. I had called several other preschools. I felt I was treated like a ""number"" when speaking to all other schools. I was feeling very discouraged, as I did NOT have a good feeling about any of the schools. Then, I heard that a brand new primrose school was about to be built in the area. I immediately called the phone number. I spoke with the most pleasant, patient lady, who's name was Mandee Murphy. She was happy to give me information about the school and she answered all of my questions without making me feel rushed, like the other schools had done. My two children are now enrolled at Primrose and LOVE it! I could not be more pleased with the teachers and staff. My son was 2 when he started school. He was having a hard time the first few mornings that I left him. His teacher, Mrs. Gaudette was so understanding and patient. She knew just how to cheer him up! She assured me he would be fine and took the time to let me know exactly how his day went at the end of the day. Janice Korff also saw that he was having a hard time adjusting. She suggested that I call later in the morning and she would personally check on him. Just hearing that he was happy and smiling made me feel great. Now that it is October, Janice will still give me an update about what she observed that day. My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves Primrose and her teachers Ms. Flowers, Ms Sani and Ms Gavin. She wakes up excited to go to school and comes home happy and excited to tell me about all of the wonderful things that they learned each day. I think that the entire Primrose staff is wonderful. Carol Bethez is always so nice, smiling and took the time to learn all of our names by the 2nd day of school! I'm so happy that my children are in such a warm & caring environment. Thank you, Primrose of Lake Nona.



  • Hello we have our boy in Primrose Lake Nona. I want to say thanks to Ms Saini because she has commitment and dedication to our children. She knows what the teacher word means. She does good work. Thanks Ms Saini for your patience with our son. Morales Family

    Lena R.