Exterior of a Primrose School of Kennesaw North

Primrose School of Kennesaw North

Parent Testimonials

  • Both of our children went through the Primrose programs. They both developed social skills to last a lifetime! They even have some of the same friends from Primrose and they are now in middle school. The study habits and reading skills offered in the private pre K program have set a strong foundation in moving forward from elementary, even middle school. We "heart" Primrose School of Kennesaw North!

    Rie Rie R.


  • Primrose Kennesaw North has always done a wonderful job sharing information about the school happenings, events, menus and my favorite...the pictures of the children. One of the newest things is the mobile app which I find to be a wonderful tool. I can access all of my son's school information for the day, week, month with one click and it is so easy to maneuver around.

    Amber W.


  • To Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Anne and the Staff, I don’t know how often you get kudos from a grandparent about how a great job you and staff are doing at Primrose Kennesaw North, well here’s to you and your staff! I am writing to let you know how much I have appreciate the excellent job you and your staff have done over the past 6 months while my 4-year-old grandson has been attending Primrose Kennesaw North. Kaiden is really thriving here, thanks to your nurturing and creativity. He always looks forward to seeing you, your staff and all of the other happy children. I know for his dad, it's difficult to be away from him while he is working; he and I have peace of mind in knowing that he is in such good hands during those times. I want to personally thank you and your staff for love and concern you displayed during the Newtown tragedy by taking the proactive role to Safe School Code Red Drill, that could happen anywhere, but God spared us, and we have to give thanks to him. In addition, keeping us informed of bad weather conditions and giving us hour by hour updates as to what is going with our little love ones during bad weather, I really appreciate that. What an awesome, awesome job you and your staff are doing. Kaiden’s dad and I are so happy with his decision to enroll Kaiden in your center. Thank you again so very much, and have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Debra Scott Brown

    Debra B.


  • My grandson attends Primrose and I am delighted in how much he is learning and progressing. I pick him up a couple of afternoons a week and everyone at the front office and in the classroooms are so nice and helpful. He's excited to tell me on the way home the things he had learned. Last week he surprised me my telling me how gears on machinery make other parts of the machine move. That's a pretty big concept for a three year old. We are so pleased that his parents chose this choose for his care and education.

    Joan R.


  • Aria has been at Primrose since she was 4 months old. She is now an adventurous, confident young toddler thanks to the nurturing she has received there. We are pleased with her care and know that she enjoys the love of the staff!

    Ansha A.


  • The other night at the dinner table our son (Preschool student at Kennesaw North) told us that he wished Ms. Melanie (the Primrose cook) lived with us. I asked him 'why' and he answered "so she can cook us dinner every night". We laughed but we weren't surprised, as he frequently tells us how much he loves Ms. Melanie's cooking. On several occasions I've asked her how she prepared a certain dish because my son would request of me to "cook it just like Ms. Melanie does!"; Her meals are well-rounded, healthy and include a lot of fresh fruits that are in season. I like the fact that she doesn't use a lot of processed meats either. the best spaghetti in town is to grated cheese on top, a pinch of garlic, lean soy meat and then bake it.

    Patty H.