Primrose School of Kelliwood

Parent Testimonials

  • Why did we choose Primrose School of Kelliwood? We chose Primrose School of Kelliwood as the best place for our children because we wanted to be assured that our children were receiving quality care in a safe and happy environment. We feel our children are receiving great educational programs here and we are very excited to have them attend. We feel that the private kindergarten program is the best for our oldest child to promote great self-esteem and advanced learning skills. We also chose Primrose School of Kelliwood because of the teachers and administrators. Every teacher and administrator we have met has gone out of his or her way to be exceptionally nice and helpful to us. The Jones Family

    Jones Family


  • We have been a part of Primrose for 10 years. My son went all the way through the program from Infant until he graduated to Public School. When it was time for our daughter to attend school, Primrose was the only school we would consider. The quality care and the level of education the children receive is excellent. We are very thankful to the Primrose teachers each time our son comes home with A's on his report card. Our daughter has had a wonderful experience with the loving teachers. She was very shy at the beginning but has really blossomed. Thank you Primrose for being a great school for parents and children.

    Marlo L.


  • Our boys Ari (Pre K) and Enzo (EPS) really enjoy school at Primrose Kelliwood! Ari started in EPS and Enzo started in the toddler class. The teachers in EPS have been very kind and understanding to both the boys especially since both of them took a while to adapt to the concept of school. In Pre-K, Ari is learning life skills and his communication skills are improving by the day.The teachers in Pre-K are genuinely interested in the development of our child. We are happy with the school and hope to continue at Primrose Kelliwood!!

    Asun E.


  • We thank you for choosing us to be the family of the month. My son used to come to Primrose of Kelliwood for summer camps. The staffs were very polite and helpful. Our daughter started here when she was 2yrs and now she is 4yrs and she likes it here and she loves her teachers and the staff very much. We like this school for the child initiated-teacher guided structure and we would like to thank everyone for the excellent care my kids are getting

    Hema S.


  • My name is Kristin Foster, I am the first grade teacher at the Primrose School of Kelliwood. I felt compelled to share my personal and professional prospective on our school's director, Mrs. Dana Terry. Mrs. Terry spends 10- 14 hours day at the Kelliwood campus ensuring the families she serves are being offered the highest quality education available. She trust her teachers, supports their efforts in the classroom and always has a supportive shoulder for those needing a little encouragement both professionally and personally. This atmosphere is exactly why the teachers of Kelliwood are able to offer their best selves to the children they serve. Mrs. Kristin Foster

    Kristin F.


  • We moved to Primrose of Kelliwood last summer from another highly accredited school. Christian started in the Infant B class at 11 months and I was instantly impressed by the professionalism of the staff and teachers and the extra skills they are teaching the children this young. Before no time, Christian was sitting at a table for meals (not a high chair), sleeping on a cot (no longer in the crib), and communicating with us using sign language. Christian moved to young toddlers at 13 months and was sitting quietly in circle time and loving learning and book times. His teachers are very caring and nurturing. Because of Primrose, I feel like he will have no problems transitioning to elementary school if the kids are already doing so well listening in the young toddler group. My six year old daughter, Abby, also attended Primrose last summer and can't wait to come back this summer and see all of the friends she had made.

    Kim A.