Primrose School of Johns Creek Northwest

Parent Testimonials

  • Our family came from another chain school. There were some things about that school we did not like so we seeked out another school. My brother attended Primrose (same location)when he was younger and my mother suggested I look into Primrose. We set an appointment and took a tour of the school and immediately I could feel a difference in the environment. We enrolled our daughter and we are extremely please that we did so. The staff is absolutely wonderful. They are all so friendly, inviting, and attentive. They make it a point to get to know the families personally which creates a family type environment. The communication that management and the teachers have with the parents and families is extraordinary. Communication is a big component in my book and even for small things they give the parents a call and let them know what's going on with the child. Their attentiveness to our child makes us feel like they really care and any issues that may arise they work with you to help come to a solution. Even the small things like taking pictures of events or just random pics of your child lets you know what kind of day your child is having. They don't mind you calling every day to check on your child or even stopping by. They do a wonderful job of accommodating families and the positive energy they give you every day lets you know that your child is well taken care of.

    Isis S.


  • I am a grandmother that is very involved with our grandson. From the day that we walked in to tour the school we all loved it. I feel from the owners, director, assistant director and care givers that they make sure the children are in a safe, happy and learning environment. Everyone ~ everyday greets us with a big smile and they are so happy to see our grandson. Our grandson loves going to school and loves his caregivers and his little friends that he plays with everyday. Primrose goes out of their way to make sure the children are happy and well fed. When we go to pick him up he is very happy to see us but most days he would love just to stay and play! That is when you know you made the right choice!!

    Judy H.


  • I knew from the moment that I walked into Primrose at Johns Creek Northwest that I found the perfect place for my son. Coming from an in home day care with a woman I trusted like family, I thought it would be impossible to find a large center that I would love as much as I love Primrose. The majority of the staff knows my son by name and he loves all of the attention that he receives. Primrose offers so many educational activities for the students regardless of age. I love that my son brings home art work at only 1 year old. His teachers know all of his quirks and they also know what he wants and needs just as a mother does. Every member of the staff goes out of her way to make me and most importantly, my son happy on a daily basis. I look forward to the next few years, but I already dread the day that he will have to leave for elementary school!!!



  • Our family relocated from Ohio to Georgia in 2010. Before moving we had our 2 children at a private in home sitter and I was very nervous about moving our children to a new environment. We looked into a couple other schools but Primrose was the one that just made us feel warm and comfortable. We have stayed for 2 years now and we love it! And more importantly the children love it there and their teachers. The staff is great, I feel like I can go to them with anything and vise versa.

    Amanda L.


  • We came to primrose with high expectations as previously used by other family and friends. Our son is an extremely easy going child had a rough time at a previous school. Primrose took him in with wrap around arms and have made an exceptional difference! Our son has been extremely happy, interactive, and energetic. He has been talking, singing, and dancing more than ever. I'm thankful we moved him here and I absolutely love this teacher group and administration!!-Fluent/Lewis

    Trisha F.