Primrose School of Hunter's Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • My experience has been excellent; of course, any change implies an adaptation process and there have been many changes throughout the preschool, from the menu to the team of teachers. My daughter is in VPK and with the new teacher the process was quickly seen in various educational areas (letters, numbers and socialization). I highly recommend them.

    Nurily P.


  • We have been a Primrose family for five years and counting, and what a great experience it has been! Leah started at Primrose when she was just 13 weeks old and graduated from Pre-K in June. Allison also started as an infant and is currently in the PS2 class. When we were originally looking for school for Leah, Primrose was the first and last place we visited. After spending just 5 minutes talking with “Miss Lilly” in the infant room, we knew this was the place for us! The curriculum at Primrose is excellent; but of course, the heart and soul of the school are the teachers and staff. Our girls have come to think of them as family and it’s so obvious how much love and care they receive from their teachers. Leah and Allison often play “school” at home with their stuffed animals, while pretending to be one of their teachers. It brings us joy as parents to see how much they look-up to, and adore, their Primrose family.

    Michael F.


  • We couldn’t think of a greater honor than being Family of the Month! We are the Cadogan’s! We love... We laugh... We trust. We love. Natives of Brooklyn, New York, Kevin and Tomicka both attended the historic University of Florida in Gainesville. At the swamp, they not only became Gator alumni, but we fell in love to create a dynamic duo. After graduation, they moved to Central Florida to live and raise a family. Currently, Kevin spends his days creating and developing webpages for Wyndham Vacation Ownership. By night, he pursues his love for writing skills as the up and coming author, Aquanza Cadogan. Tomicka is a kindergarten teacher at Sun Blaze Elementary School. She is fortunate to live out her passion each day as she impacts tomorrow’s future. Her kindergarteners reinforce her love to mold young minds through their creative ideas and childhood innocence. We laugh. Laughter is the foundation of the Cadogan household. The Cadogan minis are the source of this! Camden is an infectious carefree three-year-old who loves reenacting his favorite parts from the awarding winning move Frozen. You cannot help but laugh as you watch him leap, spin, and perform his version of “Let it Go.” Kendall is a spunky and spicy one-year-old who is the shadow of her big brother. Each day she walks through the doors of Primrose announcing her arrival with a vibrant “HELLO.” She enjoys making friends with other children. More importantly, she loves to dance to music! Her teachers have given her the title of “Dancing Queen” of the classroom. We trust. Like most parents, we want the best for our children. To put it simply….Primrose School of Hunters Creek is the best! We joined the Primrose School of Hunters Creek family in March of 2014, with a desire to find a place that was more than just a “day care” for our son. Immediately, we noticed the difference between Primrose and other centers. We LOVED the way the teachers interact with the children even going as far as playing with the kids outside at recess. As a teacher, Tomicka was in awe as two-year-olds sat attentively listening and interacting to a teacher read a story. Primrose even impacted our nightly dinners, as Camden said the grace that he learned in school. When Kendall was born, it was only a matter of time before she would join the Primrose family. We trusted Primrose at Hunters Creek! The love, care and education the Cadogan minis receive at Primrose School of Hunters Creek has been overwhelming. It is not just in the classrooms, but with the staff in the hallways, the parents in the parking lot and the Directors at the front desk. The entire staff is top notch and we look forward to watching the Cadogan minis grow at Primrose School of Hunters Creek.

    Tomicka C.


  • We feel truly blessed to have found such a nurturing and inclusive environment for our son Liam. From the first weeks in Mrs. Alfonso's and Ms. Miranda's classroom to his current K-5 classroom with Mrs. Lopez and Ms. Chacon, we could not have asked for a more accepting and loving setting. Liam loves it here! We see him growing and (more importantly) thriving alongside his peers. Embracing diversity in every manner is such an important value to foster in our society and we are thankful that Primrose of Hunter's Creek has chosen to be a model of that for our son and his classmates. Thank you to the teachers and staff and other families for making this such a great place.

    Emily Q.


  • What drew us to Primrose was the music program. We love that music is incorporated into the learning and not just background noise. We were very impressed that the owner gave us a tour when we showed up without an appointment and how often we still see the owners at school. It feels like everyone at Primrose School of Hunter's Creek know our children by name which shows us that every child is an individual and not just a number. We are excited to watch our boys grow and thrive in this environment!

    Michele K.


  • We are the Grassett Family and are excited to be the Family of the Month for the third time. My name is Kathy. I was born in Michigan and relocated to Florida about 15 years ago. I work for Disney as an IT Manager. I met my husband, Steve, a year after I moved here and we were married in 2004. He’s a northerner as well; born in New Hampshire. He relocated to Florida after 4 years in the Navy and he currently works at Northrop Grumman as a Quality Engineer. We’ve been part of the Primrose Family for over 9 years. Our first son, Logan, started at Primrose at 8 weeks old in 2006, graduated Pre-Kindergarten a few years later, and will be entering 4th grade this fall at West Creek Elementary. What an amazing journey he was provided at Primrose, one in which he learned more than we could’ve possibly imagined. Our second son, Landon, started at Primrose at 10 weeks old in 2009, also graduated Pre-Kindergarten a few years later, and will be entering 1st grade this fall at West Creek. He reaped the same benefits of that journey and of lessons learned from a big brother before him. Our third son, Jackson, is currently on that journey himself. He started Primrose as a baby in the Infant room in the spring of 2011 and will be in Pre-Kindergarten for his (and our family’s) final year at Primrose this fall. Currently, all three boys are together at Primrose as the two older boys are in the Explorers Summer Camp. As a family, we enjoy Pizza and Movie Night, traveling, and playing in the pool. We have fully trusted Primrose with all our boys’ care and education for many years and look forward to one more year in what will be, in the end, an over 10-year partnership with the Primrose family.

    Kathy G.