Primrose School at Heritage

Parent Testimonials

  • "We met Jessica and Linsey almost 8 years ago when our oldest was about 8 months old. For a time, we asked Primrose to take care of our youngest beginning when she was 2 months old. The service that they have provided and continue to provide has been great. Both of our girls have been looked after and kept safe over the last 8 years and Kelly and I are very grateful that we found them (again) and they have exceeded our expectations (again). Primrose Heritage and Primrose Eagle Ranch are both top notch institutions and are very highly recommended. Thank you very much for your effort and concern for our kids!"



  • We are very satisfied with Primrose at Heritage. We love the teachers and administrators at the school and we trust that Nicholas is safe and happy at the school.

    Lin Lin


  • "My 6-year-old son started at Primrose at Heritage when he was 2 and attended full-time until starting school. We have appreciated the hard work and high level of dedication by each of his teachers over the years at Primrose. He was extremely well prepared for kindergarten and was quickly selected for Gifted/Talented programs. I believe this is in large part due to the excellent teaching at Primrose. He has comes to the Explorers Club for the last 2 summers which was an awesome experience. I am pretty sure he has seen more of main attractions of DFW than I have seen my whole life living here! My younger son is 2 now and has been at Primrose since he was an infant. His teachers are so patient to work with him on each milestone (currently potty training) and they are genuinely happy to celebrate his successes. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but they keep up amazing energy and individual care for all of the children. The management team is wonderful. I think the most evident indicator of this is the almost non-existent teacher turnover which I think is very rare for preschools. I appreciate how well they communicate upcoming events and how well planned the special days like Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, and Grandparents Days are. As a working mom, Primrose makes me feel at peace that my sons are comfortable, safe, having fun, learning a lot, making friends, and eating home-cooked healthy meals every single day! Having great childcare is not negotiable – I would rather lose my job than let my kids spend the majority of their weekdays in a non-optimal environment. Thanks goodness I do not have to make that choice!"

    Jennifer D


  • My daugher, Katelyn has been at Primrose School at Heritage since the day the doors opened in May 2005. She was almost a year old. She is now 8 years old and still enrolled in the after school and summer camp programs. The staff and teachers are absolutely amazing as they truly care about the safety and well being of every child there. My daughter has excelled in public school due to the outstanding curriculum, dedicated teachers and staff and the learning environment she has received from Primrose at Heritage. My daughter loves this daycare/school and I would recommend it with flying colors to any new parents in the area.

    Amber G


  • We currently have our 2 1/2 year old daughter attending Primrose, and previously had our 6 year son there full time for the past 5 years. Our son still attends the after school Explorers Club each afternoon. My children love their experience at Primrose. Each time they moved up to a new class they developed a close bond to their teachers. I never have problems dropping off my 2 year old because she is always looking forward to being in her "big school". Often times I have to wait for my children to finish their projects or activity when I pick them up because they aren't ready to go just yet. It makes it a lot easier as a parent to leave your babies each day knowing they are in good hands and are having so much fun. Not only do they enjoy their time there, but they always impress me with the knowledge they gained attending class. Often time friends and family comment on how advanced my kids seem to be with their letters, numbers, and words. I am so glad we found Primrose.

    Stephanie J


  • Our sweet girl is 4 and in her little lifetime has already been to 4 different daycares. Prior to our move to Keller last year, Addison attended another Primrose so naturally when we moved we sought out a Primrose in our new area because of how much we loved the school, curriculum, structure, etc. But when we selected Primrose Heritage we had no idea how blessed we would be by the staff and teachers of this school. In just over a year we feel like this school is more like family than any other school Addison has attended. These teachers make our children feel like they are the most special kids on earth. It is so encouraging and comforting to know our daughter loves this school so much. She is SO taken care of. We are so grateful!!

    Julie B