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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

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Find out how our time-tested Balanced Learning approach makes the difference.

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Dr. Sandra W. Chaney, Mrs. Sharon H. Shelton

Latest News

  • Upcycled Tissue Box

    There are so many creative ways to recycle tissue boxes! This cute DIY craft makes us want to do a silly chicken dance.

  • Not a Box!

    You can always count on a cardboard box to keep your child entertained for hours. Let them explore their creativity as they fold, cut, or paint it into something completely new!

  • Why Balanced Learning® Works

    It's a fact: children learn better when they are engaged. That's why purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers are key components of Balanced Learning. See how this time-tested approach with a strong emphasis on life skills and character development can help your child develop and excel.

  • Paper Airplanes

    Our transportation lesson really takes flight with paper airplanes! They’re easy to fold, fun to fly and full of benefits like fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.

  • Mucho Mundo: Bus

    Our students are cruising through their Mucho Mundo vocabulary by learning how to say “bus” in Spanish.

  • How to Make a Lava Lamp

    Your child will be fascinated to learn about different liquid densities with this easy and eye-catching DIY lava lamp.

  • Little Red Hen

    “The Little Red Hen” is a timeless tale that helps our students learn about fairness.

  • Keeping Promises: Billy

    Making a promise means keeping your word. We promise to be good listeners, hard workers and kind friends.

  • Dr. Gloria Julius (How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?)

    Technology can be a tool for your child to create, connect and learn. Learn how much screen time is healthy with these new guidelines from the @AmerAcadPeds.

  • Peer-to-Peer Post: Cardboard Box #PrimroseParentingTruth

    Sometimes the box is better than the present!

  • Snacktivity Video: Cherry Sherbert

    For a healthy holiday dessert that’s simply delicious, try this 2-ingredient cherry “sherbet” with no sugar added.

  • Sign Language: Cold

    Learning how to sign “cold” helps our infants and toddlers stay safe and warm throughout the chilly winter season.

  • Mucho Mundo: Lights

    In light of the holidays, we're admiring all the festive decorations like twinkling "luces."

  • Og and Libby

    In the spirit of the season, Libby and Og are learning the meaning of giving by exchanging gifts.

  • Teaching to Give Back in Our Classrooms and Beyond

    The joy of giving is a powerful lesson. We're so inspired by these teachers and students who are making a heartfelt impact in their communities.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.