Primrose School of Fort Collins

Parent Testimonials

  • I heart my Primrose Summer Camp because we always go on very fun field trips and my Teacher, (Mrs. V), is so nice and really cares about me. The food is so awesome because Ms. Crystal is a great cook. I get excited about Summer break, because I get to go to Primrose Summer Camp!


    Primose Student

  • Primrose has been an excellent experience for my two children, within the first two weeks I could see how much they were learning and love being at school! The teachers are one of a kind and are able to teach the curriculum in a way that the children are having fun while learning!

    Austin and Lea’s Mom


  • We have had such a wonderful experience having our kids at Primrose for the last 3 years and I look at how easy our son's transition to Kindergarten was and how far ahead of the other kids he was and it definitely solidifies our decision to have them with Primrose. I am so excited for our older daughter's class there this year, I really think she is going to come out of it with such a solid foundation for elementary school and that her following years will be much easier because of this. Thank you again!

    Ells Family


  • We are very happy at Primrose! We visited and talked with several other early childhood centers around town and feel very fortunate that we were able to get a spot at Primrose. Miss Wendy and Miss Bri are phenomenal! The first time Desmond met Miss Wendy, he took to her like she was family. He was all smiles in her arms and not once did he cry or seem uncomfortable. This helped assure me that he was going to be just fine. We love the daily reports and positive atmosphere that Desmond is exposed to every day. He comes home happy and energized. He also sleeps very soundly at night, probably because of all the synapses in the brain firing off continuously throughout the day. We know he is thriving at Primrose and look forward to sharing in all the developmental milestones he will go through this school year!

    Desmond's Family


  • I am very happy with Primrose and the care that is provided for my daughter. She loves attending school at Primrose. She is a high energy and very smart kid, and I appreciate the dedication and committment that you all show to her. I feel that Mrs. W provides a challenging and nurturing environment. She is very attached to Ms. V and thinks very highly of her. I appreciate Ms. V's willingness to always come to her level and try to understand what is going on with her. She has had a very difficult year with almost losing her dad and watching him go through everything that he did. On top of all of that she has to share her mom with other children and families on a daily basis. She puts up with long days, late night phone calls, and working on the weekends and at home quite often. I ask a lot from her and she puts up with a lot from me. I am very proud of her for that, and appreciate your support as she is often one of the last one picked up at the end of the day. She has struggled a lot this year and the Primrose staff have always been more than understanding and helpful to her. I am not sure that her year would have been as successful as it was without all of you! Thank you!

    Kindergarten Mom


  • Our daughter loves Primrose, one weekend she was hoping it was a school day so she could go to school and see her friends. It is so neat to see all the stuff she learns at school. We are extremely happy with Primrose and the people that work there. Thanks for helping create such a great environment for our daughter!

    Fort Collins Family