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Primrose School of Fleming Island

Parent Testimonials

  • Both of my children, have attended Primrose for the past couple of years. They are now in the public school system, but attend Primrose in the afternoon. As a working mom, it is so nice knowing that my children enjoy their time at Primrose after school and that the staff maintains an envirmonent that allows the children time and help with their homework. As a parent, there is nothing more important and valuable than knowing that your children are being cared for and in a safe environment. Thank you Primrose Fleming Island for providing this level of service for me and my family!



  • Hello, I am a Mom of a daughter who went to the Primrose School in Fleming Island, Florida for 3 years.& I LOVE the school. My Husband & I had a wonderful experience and so did my daughter. I always felt confident that when I dropped her off she was in the best hands possible. I felt that she was safe and sound and that I could go on with my day without any type of worry of how she was. My daughter loved her experience also and has so many good memories of her time spent there. We were one of the lucky families that got to experience 1st grade at Primrose.& all I can say is that my daughter was tested gifted after her time in Primrose and in her elementary school, half or so of her gifted class is her former Primrose classmates. I am sure that her time in Primrose had something to do with that. Making that decision to send our daughter to The Primrose School for her pre-school, kindergarten and first grade classes was one of the best decisions we have made for her and I am so glad that we did. The staff was always professional in every possible way and we had one good day after another. I highly recommend Primrose as the choice for your child's young schooling.

    Suzanne K


  • Our family loves to be outside and explore nature, farm, play sports, swim, watch movies, and play with our dog Max. Bailey has been known to catch more fish than daddy even at 5 years old! While we know the value of family and play time, like most others, my husband and I also work. Bailey is the love of our lives and as working parents David and we appreciate Primrose F.I. for providing a safe, loving, and educational environment for our little girl. Bailey loves to come to school and has even asked on occasion if we could drop her off so she could be the first one there! Her appetite for learning continues to grow and watching her and her friends play and goof around would keep anyone laughing! Ms. Pringle and Ms. Sanders have been amazing and have a true passion for each child... that makes it much easier to leave Bailey in their care. We are looking forward to another year with Primrose and to watching our little princess grow in the family that Ms. Lamb has created and nurtured at Primrose F.I.

    Stephanie C


  • My husband and I LOVED this school!! After previously attending 2 different day cares Primrose Fleming Island was recommended to us by another parent. After touring the school with my then 1 year old son I knew it was the right fit. Primrose of Fleming Island went above and beyond any and all expectations. They have the best security, academic curriculum and staff!! He grew leaps and bounds here. I wish we did not have to move because there has not been one school I have found comparable to Primrose Fleming Island. Examples of this excellence is my son finally using sign language (after the prior school boasted about teaching sign language, of course in conjunction with the parents at home, my son never learned a bit from them), Recognizing and speaking his colors, his manners of please and thank you, he never got a diaper rash at Primrose (EVER), NO staff ever became stern or raised their voice to any child, EVER, their method of handling children in all types of scenarios were head and shoulders above any I had/have ever seen, and the children responded POSITIVELY!! Compared to other schools he always had a diaper rash, always went through 2-3 changes of clothes daily because they did not use the bibs we sent with him, he had been bitten twice and no one could ever tell me what happened and they always downplayed incidents and scabs or bruises would produce in the evening. I knew it was time to pull him out and find a better place. Primrose was our heavesent!! I was finally comfortable with going to work.

    Leah S


  • My husband and I took a tour with Mrs. Lamb because our care provider was not up to par with our son. Additionally, our son could not go on summer field trips because he had not completed kindergarten. Primrose was one of three schools in the area offering our summer camp requirements. We fell in love with the school during our tour and quickly decided that Emmanuel would attend for summer camp. The staff made us feel like immediate family. I have never received an incident notification about an injury that magically happened when providers were busy with other responsibilities. Their immediate action to assist with monitoring a nail biting concern was very refreshing. The staff takes GREAT care of my son. After seeing Emmanuel flourish during summer camp, the decision to attend kindergarten was sealed. He loves his teacher and greets the staff every morning as if they are family. The staff always makes time for my family. I am head over heels in love with Primrose.

    Thunder N


  • We have been a part of the Primrose family of Fleming Island, Florida for several years now. We are absolutely amazed at our son's progress from the early preschool program to now, the current vpk program. The teachers are nurturing yet, informative and deliver the vpk curriculum in a manner suitable for this age. The teachers focus on the individual and the needs of the individual. We are pleased with our son's progress and would recommend Primrose of Fleming Island, Florida to any parent interested in an excellent education delivered by awesome instructors. Sincerely, Michael and Michelle

    Michael and Michelle