Primrose School of Denver Central Park

Parent Testimonials

  • We started at Primrose after leaving another daycare in the area after 2 years. I am so happy we did! The staff and director have been extraordinary over the last year and my son has excelled. I wish we would have come over sooner, but I'm so glad we were able to spend a year in this wonderful environment. Thank you!

    Kerilyn J.


  • Our son Jonathan entered Primrose in Stapleton, in Colorado about two years ago. We have found everyone at the Stapleton Primrose to be loving and caring towards Jonathan and the other children there. They have always been very approachable anytime we may have had a concern about something. They were always willing to work with us to improve things as needed. Carrie, Yvette and Sally in the front office are really great! And we particularly enjoyed working with the staff members Mr. Jacoby, Mr. Brian, and Mr. Gary; Mr. Gary left to work with family business :(.We are moving to Florida and so regretfully, Jonathan had to leave Primrose. But we have some great memories that we are taking with us. We will miss the staff, the kids and the families we have met at Primrose!!

    Mark B.


  • This is our second child at this particular location. We decided against moving as we love our neighborhood and we did not want to remove our children from this facility. I walk in everyday knowing that my child is safe, learning, and is supported. If we have a concern we only need to communicate that need to the staff. They will do whatever is within their power to help do what is best for our child. I have gotten to know the ENTIRE staff in my 6 years at this facility and I now cannot walk in the door without speaking with my childs past teachers in the hallway, giving and receiving hugs, and generally being greeted with smiles! I watch the teachers at this location on a daily basis and can attest first hand they teach and care for their children. It takes quite a bit of energy and patience to care for children on a daily basis, they do it with generous support. I feel very lucky to have such a place to bring my child. It is not only a great way to create a feeling of comfort and security each and every day for my children, it is a perfect beginning to their growth and education. Thank you Primrose.

    Scott C.


  • Weighing different options for childcare can be stressful, and this is compounded when there are waiting lists involved. But the staff at Primrose Stapleton do their best to work with you during this period so that you can feel confident in making plans. They took the time to get to know us and our needs, making us feel like we were more than just a name on a list.



  • I can not say enough about the office staff, teachers and this program! It has been such an incredible experience for our family and our son! He has blossomed and really come out of his shell. There is so much caring and understanding in the staff at this school. I highly recommend this school and have loved every moment.



  • I'm the proud mother of two Primrose kids. My son is 6- he's in the Private Kindergarten; and my daughter is 3- she's in Pre-Kindergarten. Prior to joining the Primrose family they were home with a nanny who had been with us since my son was born. When she went back to school in the Fall of 2010 we needed to find childcare for the first time- and we had the bar set pretty high. Primrose has met and exceeded all of our expectations. Both children have made huge strides academically and socially. They love going to school and the staff is welcoming and caring. I'm a divorced working mother with long work weeks and frequent business travel. Primrose has made my life easier in so many ways- extended hours; frequent updates; friendly and knowledgeable staff; great parent/teacher communication; and more. Thanks so much for all you do. We 'heart' Primrose School of Stapleton!

    Molly P.