Exterior of a Primrose School at Crossroads Park

Primrose School at Crossroads Park

Parent Testimonials

  • My daughter has learned so much in the two weeks she has been here at Primrose. Her teachers Ms. Horn and Ms. Griffin do an amazing job on a daily basis. Every day I see them in rotation working with students individually and in smaller groups. They implement the lessons beautifully and bring so much more to the class to make it exciting. I am excited to have my daughter attend here and look forward to seeing how much she grows. Thank you!



  • Primrose-Crossroads Park is more than just a great school; they are also an amazing supportive family! In January 2013, my husband, Keith, had a serious accident and was in the hospital in El Paso. Our daughter, Lily, went to stay with my parents for two weeks. Primrose held Lily's position for her at no charge. After Keith’s death, the staff at Primrose covered Lily and me with love, with their flowers, calls, and presence at Keith's visitation. They went above their job description in their care for my family. I love Primrose Crossroads Park!

    Karen M


  • We have loved this school from the beginning. The staff is awesome and the teachers are amazing. My two year old is speaking Spanish!! Could not feel better about where my children are!

    Suzy H


  • Hello my name is Alisha and I just started working at Primrose and I was so amazed at how the children were learning by the age of one year old how to say their colors and were able to sit and learn new things. I look forward to being a part of an excellent school and a part of a great team. keep up the great work everyone.

    Alisha G

    Primrose Alumni

  • Primrose School at Crossroads Park is the highlight of my job career. I have enjoyed working here for the past 4 years. I started out as a Young Toddler and Explorers teacher and worked my way up to the Office Administrator. My 7 year old Johnny has attended Primrose for the past 4 years as well. I can not thank the wonderful teachers and staff that helped him become who he is today. He has progressed not only academically but socially as well.

    Jessica G

    Primrose Teacher

  • Our family experience at Primrose-Crossroads Park has been phenomenal. We have enjoyed watching our timid daughter blossom before our eyes. We give credit to the teachers and staff that have been so loving and patient with her. Everyday she is excited to see her teachers and greets them with hugs and admiration. As parents it is comforting to know that instructors invest time and love to each student. In addition, the curriculum is wonderful and challenging and we have enjoyed doing homework together as a family. Also, the staff are very accommodating and friendly. We are always greeted with a sincere smile and we have treasured our time with them. As we move on to the next chapter of our lives Primrose will hold a special place in our hearts...we love them all very much.

    Vanessa B


  • Everything looked great except the class room and children bathroom was very dirty. The classroom even smelled, when I asked the teacher she said it’s because they keep the windows close and it becomes muggy sometimes. Just because of it I changed my mind. I am still comparing Between Goddard schools or Primerose

    Harry S

  • Primrose at Crossroads is an extraordinary child care facility and school. Everything they do is exceptional and the teachers and staff are extremely friendly and caring to all the children. I would not be comfortable enrolling my grandchildren in any other child care facility but Primrose. I know my grandchildren are safe and in great hands. Thank you!

    Cynthia M

  • Love the staff, they care about the kids and their families.

    Anthony M

  • Staff keeps parents informed at all times. There is a genuine level of caring for each child at the school. Safety is one of the top priorities. Overall - a great place to send your kids.

    Kirby B

  • Staff is great and my son is excited to go there every morning!

    Brittney C

  • Amazing school and their staff is awesome and very helpful. Always friendly with smiles on their face!

    Krystal A

  • Friendly and personable teachers and staff. Love the welcoming environment!

    Jamie K

  • The staff at Primrose are some of the best people I have ever met, they genuinely care for the children as if they were their own. My daughter has blossomed and learned so much since we started our journey with Primrose, I'm so happy we found this school!

    Chelsea M

  • She is learning more and more everyday and I know is due to the effort of the teachers! Thank you for all you do!

    Mayerline U

  • My daughter brings home a shear excitement about what she is learning daily in her classroom and demonstrates it at home with good comprehension and excellent application of the skills. Her teacher makes learning a new experience with positive reinforcement.

    Giselle R