Primrose School of Copperfield

Parent Testimonials

  • My son goes to Primrose School of Copperfield. He's in their toddler room and the teachers are great. I also have a infant in the infant A class. The infant teachers are amazing my child always comes home with all her things and have not had anything misplaced! It's wonderful - I never have any problems, the staff is so nice! There is always someone in the morning to greet me when I walk in the door and when I leave. It's just like another home from for my son, he loves it!



  • This is my 2 year old's first year of being in a preschool, and her and I both absolutely love it! I was a stay at home mom before enrolling her, so I was very picky about where she would attend. She has only been going to Primrose since August and already I see a major improvement! She's learning her colors and even able to tell me in sign language, her shape recognition has improved, and her social skills are growing each day. I am truly grateful for what Primrose of Copperfield has done for her and love love love her teachers!

    Kaitlin F


  • I am absoulety in love with the teachers, staff, and the children at my son's school, It's like a tight knit family and the learning environment is easliy and professinally distrubted. My son has awesome teachers that connect with him and you could tell their love for teaching in their eyes. His favorite part of the day is the cirlce time, music, books, outside time, and art. Yes, even the small ones have art and their actually doing their own work. I enjoy taking my child and picking him up from Primrose. If any parent is looking for that educational loving and fun environment, please choose Primrose.



  • On March 7, 2012 my beautiful Daughter and Aryanna Faith's Mother, Emily Lauren Hafley, passed away. She lost her life long battle with Intractable Epilepsy. Life as we knew it changed. The whole world, our entire existence, completely changed in an instant. Emily was both mine and Aryanna's focus always. Aryanna had never left her Mother's side since the day she came home from the hospital. The only time she ever left her Mother's side was at the times Emily was hospitalized. After her death, I was faced with the daunting task of trying to find appropriate care for baby Ary. She was already devastated I knew the prospect of daycare, and me leaving her as well, was going to be traumatizing. I shopped and visited & shopped & visited daycares in our area. I visited Primrose Copperfield, and I was quite taken with the management and the facility and the heartfelt concern I received when I told my story, and my fear for Ary. However, still I could not decide. I was in such turmoil. Finally, I decided on a facility after 3 weeks of searching and visiting. We went to the facility with our completed forms went inside to enroll and pay, with the intention of Aryanna starting the next day. As we walked out to the car to go home, I had a horrendous nagging feeling and my heart was so heavy. We turned, around went back in, picked up the tuition check and drove straight to Primrose. The owner, management, employees and teachers have taken Aryanna under their wing, helped her through this transition and Primrose is now home away from home. I would never consider putting her anywhere else. God was definitely looking out for us the day he told us to turn around, go back in, rethink and I suspect Emily was the Angel on my shoulder that guided us back to Primrose. Many, many thanks from the Hafley family.

    Jamie H


  • As a mother that was petrified to send her baby off to 'school', I can say with 100% confidence that Primrose was the best choice I could have made! My son has thrived and learned so much more than I would have even thought to teach him! His teachers are sweet and always have been. Every day that I pick him up I am reminded at how amazing the school is because of the staff, but yesterday I was reminded again. I walked into the room and my son ran into my arms and I asked him if he was good at school and if he'd had a good day. His response was, "Mommy, I love my teachers." He talks about his teachers and his friends constantly! I am so happy with Primrose - he will not be going to another school until he starts elementary (1st grade)!