Primrose School of Plano at Chase Oaks

Parent Testimonials

  • >As a mother you wonder if your child will be taken care of good or not. My 4 year old daughter Natalie had never been in child care before, soI was a bit afraid to leave her in a classroom with teachers I didn't even know. Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Katina are wondurful teachers! Natalie comes home everyday bragging about how she loves school. She can't wait until Friday comes so she can show me all the work she did throughout the week. She had so much trouble writing her name and recognizing some of her numbers. But no joke, in a matter of 2 weeks her teachers have worked one on one with her andI have seen the improvement!</p><p></p><p>Thank you so much Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Katina



  • I have been at Primrose for a little over 2 years. My son, who is 3 yrs old, is in preschool and my daughter, who is 7 yrs old, is an older explorer who attends the after school program along with the summer program. My children have been to 2 previous daycares and Primrose is by far the best. All of the teachers are exceptional and have taught both of my children amazing things. They have grown so much over the last 2 years and I can credit a lot of that to Primrose. They have also shownmy children alot of love and attention that is missed by me while I'm at work and as a mom that means the world to me. Ican't say enough positive things about the teachers. One area that I dofeel gets overlooked is management. You can have a great group ofstaff but without great management backing them up it's hard to keep them employed. I experienced this with theprevious daycares. At Primrose the director and assistant director have been wonderful and gone above and beyond my expectations. Ms. Bailey is the assistant director and Ms. Tammy is the director. They are both open, honest, and willing to work with me on any issues I have had. One example that does stick out in my mind has to do with my morning drop off of my son. I have a long commute and I struggle most mornings with time. One morning my son was very upset and didn't want me to leave which in turn was making melate. Ms. Tammy took it upon herself and redirected him by asking him to be her "special breakfast helper" and pass out food to all the other kids. He immediately took her hand and went off to be her helper. This made a huge impact on my son and myself. Now when we pull into the parking lot and he sees her car he gets excited to go into the school because he knows he gets to hang out with Ms Tammy and be her helper. She made him feel extra special which made it easier and less stressful on me....and notso late to work. :) I have been very happy with my experience at Primrose andam confident I will continue to be happy as long as Ms. Bailey and Ms. Tammy are there guiding their great team of teachers.

    Amy P


  • Our family loves Primrose. They are part of our family. Ms. Tammy and Ms. Bailey have always been there for us to greet us when we walk through the door and to let us know that our kids has an extra special day. My son has his "Ms. Tammy time" every day. They hang out when he is the last kid at school for the day and talk and play. They make our kids feel like they are special little people and we love them for everything they do.



  • My nieces LOVE Primrose! They talk nonstop about Ms. Amanda. They look up to her and value her opinion as if she was their older sister. I appreciate all her help with tutoring the girls after school.



  • Primrose has been an amazing experience. My child enjoys being dropped in the morning and I have conversations with the teachers everyday. They get just as excited as I do when my child learns something new. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate my families needs. If I call to check on my child 10 times a day they will transfer me through. They are always willing to help me.

    Tina M


  • My son, Aiden update - PACE referral packet from teacher recommendation completed. PACE is the gifted and talented program here in Plano. He is so smart and Tammy Paul, the Director, told me that he would be in PACE coming from Primrose. The money I spent for my son to have a wonderful, safe preschool was soooo worth it! Thank you Chase Oaks.

    Kristin C