Primrose School of Centerville

Parent Testimonials

  • We have been 100% satisfied with our decision for our twins, Ainsley and David, to attend Primrose Centerville. They had attended another daycare from 18 weeks old until abouttheir 1 year birthday. I cried their last day of that school, but after just1 day at Primorse Centerville, I never looked back. Primrose offers a great balance between play and education, it is always clean and fresh smelling, the staff is always very welcoming, friendly, and eager to help in any way possible. We have no doubt that our kids are in the best educational environment in town. So much so, that we are choosingPrimrose for Private Kindergarten next year. Primrose definitely deserves a look and if you choose to send you child there, I am confident that you will love it as much as we do!

    Kerry G


  • We've been a Primrose family since our son Jackson was 11 weeks old. We started at the Primrose at Mill Run in Hilliard. Jackson loved his teachers and everything about that school. Recently, however my Army Reserve husband was mobillized to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky for a year. This allowed me the opportunity to change jobs and join my family business in Dayton, OH. I was hesitate to move Jackson from a school he loved so much. However, I was very happy to find Primrose of Centerville right by our new home. Moving to a different city with a one year old and him not being able to see his Daddy everyday has been tough on Jackson. However, his teachers and Primrose Friends have welcomed him with open arms and have done such a great job making this transition as easy as possible on him and me. We cannott say enough great things about Primrose!

    Kelley C


  • Logan has only been attending Primrose for 8 months. I am really glad we chose this school for him! When I drop him off and walk out the door I have a peaceful feeling when I leave there. The staff is outstanding! Especially Kristine Shinkle, she ALWAYS makes me feel reassured when I have a question about what's going on. And Miss Tiffany is great also, I enjoy hearing from her the quirky things Logan does or says to her. I appreciate the smiles, the warm greetings, and the knowledge that everyone at Primrose gives to me and my family! It really means alot.



  • Primrose has been a blessing to our family. There are SO many things to love about Primrose...The cirricullum, the facilites, the special events, the extra-curriculars, etc. But to me, the one thing that stands out is the STAFF. Very simply, the staff goes out of their way to care for the children as if they were their own while being attentive to the parents wants and needs. Each and every morning, we are greeted with a smile and a hello from Lindsay, Courtney, Mandi or Kristine at the front desk. These are just "hello's" but are geniune greetings to find out how we are doing and to make us feel welcome. When I drop off my son Jackson in his room, I am greeted with a smile every morning by Ms. Cashman and Ms. Elinger. Again, 2 caring members of Primrose that genuinely show their love and concern for my son as well as the other students in the class. This is what makes Primrose the best school in the area. Without question, the care and concern of the staff at Primrose Centerville is why we love Primrose. It is the why we have had an exceptional experience with our son Jackson and it's why he loves coming to school every day. Thanks to the Primrose Centerville staff for all that you do!

    The Powers Family


  • I heart Primrose for MANY REASONS! I have been a Primrose parent for two years now, and have been so grateful for all that the school, administrators, and teachers have done for my son! All of Primrose Centerville's staff members are gracious and kind, saying "hello" and "have a great day" to each person who comes and goes from the building! Each member of the school has really made me feel at home each time I drop off or pick up my son! Being a single parent, I have had some not so nice experiences with other centers and childcare programs, making me feel like I am not "a part" of their community, or simply just "young" and Primrose has always been respectful, caring, and extremely patient with my family! I heart Primrose because I have seen with my own two eyes how much a child can grow with the right environment and support! When my son first started Primrose in Preschool he was a ENTERGETIC to say the least, developed behavioral problems, was anxious and scared to be left each day, and was constantly being redirected throughout the day. Over the two years as he moved room to room we have seen HUGE changes in his behavior at home as well as at school! i cannot begin to express my gratitude towards the teachers at Primrose Centervillle! I heart Primrose because of the home to school relationship. The teachers are so connected with me, they always find time to take a minute and speak with me about my sons day, the good and the bad, which is so reassuring. They truly CARE! I am able to keep up with what is going on with my son while I am away at school at work, and I NEVER worry about whether or not he's okay or comfortable or well. I know that the teachers and front desk will keep me connected, and will call with any concerns that need adressed immediately! I heart Primrose because my son is "Kindergarten Ready", the program at Primrose has truly prepared him for a successful year in kindergartenin the fall! he had his Kindergarten screening recently, and is above on track for entering kingergarten. I heart Primrose because my son HEARTS PRIMROSE! I love hearing about all the amazing things he does EACH day at school, he is always so eager to share about his day! He loves going to school, and even though some days are tougher than others he has made continuous strides towards improvement! I heart Primrose because it truly has played a huge part in my sons early childhood education! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING :)

    Nicole V


  • Primrose gives me piece of mind, I am so thankful to the excellent staff and overwhelming support I get from my Primrose School. The staff is always so warm and inviting and I can tell that they love what they do, which gives me peace as a drop off my child for the day. My daughter has a serious medical condition and one day had an episode at school that required a trip in an ambulance. The staff was so calm and supportive of the need and took the greatest care to get my daughter to the hospital. They were tremendous in helping me and stayed hours with me at the hospital with me not only until my daughter got the attention she needed, but until I was ready to handle the situation. I know my daughter loves Primrose too and I can hear it when she sings me a new song she learned in Music Class or when she asks me to pretend it’s show and tell time, “just like at school, mommy. I know a Primrose day will be a good day when my daughter asks me in the morning, "Is today a school day?" and when I say yes, she replys with an emphatic, "Yea, Hooray!" I cannot thank Primrose enough for the sweet care they give to my child and the great appreciation they have for me as a parent. You have built a strong foundation in my child and I am forever grateful. Thank you Primrose and thank you Hollie and Jason – you are amazing people, thank you for letting me share these precious beginning years of my daughters life. You kindness will forever be remembered in my heart.. that is why I Heart Primose.

    Carrie R