Primrose School of Cary

Parent Testimonials

  • When my children started at Primrose it was something new to them. They were use to staying at home with me. Starting them at Primrose was the best thing I ever did! I knew they were in great care when I couldn't be there! They made so many friends. There are several friends that they are still in contact with. When I sent them of to public school I knew they were ready because of the curriculm that Primrose provided. My children are now in High School, but all three of us will hold a special place in our hearts for Primrose. We loved all the teachers and school!

    Kathy F


  • Our current Kindergarten learned so much while she was at Primrose School of Cary. She also had a very easy transition from Primrose to Public school. We attribute this from all the wonderful teachers and other staff, as well as all the experiences she had at Primrose for almost 5 years. All the teachers and staff that we experienced during her time, loved and cared for her and the others and always seemed to be happy teaching and playing with the children! Most mornings she would have been fine being dropped off at the door and walking herself in!



  • We have two children at Primrose, 20 months and 3.5 years. Both have been there since 12 weeks of age. The staff are really caring, and they go out of their way to support the school, that make a big difference in the quality of care our kids receive. We are really happy and we would recommend it to others.

    Tanya A.


  • We love Primrose! We have been amazed with how much our son has learned since joining Primrose. We were at another center prior to this and didn't always feel as though the teachers were happy to be there or happy to be a part if our son's day. We have NEVER felt that here. Primrose management is the very best and they treat the families, teachers and students all with a great deal of kindness and respect. Jen, the director, is a great person and leader. She listens to what you are saying and always considers the entire situation before offering an opinion or making a decision. I truly feel she has the interest of the children in mind above all else. It is a great center and we are so happy to have them as a part of our son's formative years!

    Kelly B


  • We are in love with Primrose. After our previous daycare had become sub-par for education, parent-relations, safety and other issues, we were desperate for a more fulfilling environment for our son. Primrose was it. The staff and administration welcomed us, eased all of our concerns, and have loved our son from Day1. Even down to snuggling with him during a thunderstorm. He's smarter, more responsible, more courteous and astute. I feel like we've been there for years already. And I have NO concerns about his kindergarten readiness, even after just a month of attendance. We love Primrose.

    Shannon H


  • We enrolled our daughter in daycare at 9 months for the first time. We originally started at a different school in the area and it was terrible for all of us. Our daughter cried every day at drop off and seemed extremely stressed and clingy at pickup. When I would arrive she was always just sitting alone on the floor. She was shuffled around, never in the same class and we saw new "teachers" everyday. We needed a new plan and we found Primrose of Cary. From day one it was clear it was a warm, loving environment for our daughter. She barely whimpered on the first day, and the second day she was all smiles. The teachers were down on the floor interacting and playing with her. They were loving her when we couldn't. She struggled to nap at first and they provided her the extra security and snuggles she needed to learn to nap at school. Those personal touches make it clear that they are willing to cater to each child's individual needs and personalities to help them thrive. She is now out of the infant room and in the toddler room. She runs out the door on school days, excited to go see her friends. She names all her classmates and teachers in the car on the way. She has learned SO much, we are floored with how much our little "baby" can say and do; she already recognizes some shapes, colors and numbers and says well over 100 words at just 15 months! It's obvious this isn't just daycare, but a place where even the youngest are encouraged to learn. We have no doubt our daughter will be far ahead of her peers by kindergarten. At Primrose of Cary we have no doubt that our daughter is being cared for and celebrated for who she is, and encouraged to learn and grow. We are so thankful we found them, it has made letting go of our baby so much easier. We recommend them to everyone we know!

    Katie Mc