Primrose School of Carmel

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose of Carmel continues to set the bar in childcare and has been an integral part of our children's development. Between the warm and caring staff to the thoughtfulness of the curriculum, our daughter has excelled in communication and social skills. The teachers work hard on motor skills with our preemie son and he continues to surprise us with his progress. We couldn't be happier having our children in the care of Primrose of Carmel and look forward to each new classroom and milestone.



  • We have loved being part of the Primrose family since our son was 14 weeks old! The teachers have been wonderful in helping him reach his developmental milestones and loving on him when he's at school. It has also been fun watching our son grow up with his friends who he has known since he was an infant.



  • Our family is so thankful to be a part of the Primrose family. Our youngest son, is so excited to come to Primrose in the morning to get a hug from his morning teacher. His classroom teachers have been caring and empathetic to his needs. They have potty trained him and taught him valuable pre-k skills. He loves playing with his friends outside on the playground and in the classroom during pretend play time. Thank you, Primrose, for meeting all our boy's needs. We have created lasting friendships with families and relationships with teachers and staff.



  • We have absolutely loved our experience with Primrose and would joyfully recommend the school to any family. The teachers have been loving and supportive, the communication consistent and clear, and all members of the school community have been kind to all of us and taken exceptional care of our little boy. He has learned so much academically, socially, and emotionally. We love the school.

    Nicki B


  • Wonderful staff! This place is a breath of fresh air compared to the last few schools we were at. Our children genuinely enjoy going here and love talking about what they've learned each day. It's nice to see how they really care about the well-being and development of all of their students.

    Pete E


  • We are so excited to be a part of the Primrose family! The teachers and staff are so supportive and caring. Our son has truly grown during his time there. Each morning he cannot wait to go to school. We are so grateful Primrose has such a fun-loving curriculum. We are so happy we chose Primrose for our son.

    Hail Family


  • We have been with Primrose for the past five years, and it has just been a wonderful place for our kids to be. We know that while we are working, our boys are having fun, learning, and being loved by the fabulous staff! We are sad that our oldest will be moving on from Primrose this fall when he starts kindergarten, but know that he is more than ready thanks to the wonderful care he’s received here!

    Kane Family


  • When we got in the US in October 2010, Mattia could not speak English at all. It was a big change for him and was scared. In Primrose we found a friendly environment where everybody tried to help him to be integrated. The staff asked me few words in Italian so to help him and meet his basic needs. Mattia is going to start his third academic year at Primrose. We made the decision to have him attending kindergarten at Primrose so that he can definitely be mastery in English thorough learning reading and writing in a friendly environment.



  • We love Primrose! Our kids look forward to going to school everyday. My mother in law is a kindergarten teacher and she came to the school and was floored by the things they were teaching my son. At 3 years old he knows how to count to 100, something my mother in law achieves by the end of kindergarten. I know not only is he in great hands but he is learning and loving it. The staff is like extended family to us. They truly care about the well being of our kids at all times. If anyone asks I always highly recommend Primrose, we have had a great experience.



  • My son has been at Primrose for nearly two years, and we've had a great experience. The teachers offer a loving yet educational environment which has boosted my son's self-confidence above where I thought it would be! The things he tells me amaze me ("Mommy, did you know that red and blue make purple?"), and the staff never fails to help if I have a special request or need for my son. For example, when my son had a cast on his arm, the staff spent lots of time asking me what to expect, what was okay, what extra things I thought he may need help with. The communication with the staff is easy and readily available, and I appreciate Primrose accepting each child for who he/she is, and working to provide an environment where all children excel.

    Jenny Q


  • During our son's enrollment at Primrose in Carmel, IN, we were extremely pleased with the loving care provided by each of his teachers, as well as the friendliness and responsiveness exhibited by the administrative staff. We have since moved out of state, and are hoping for a Primrose school to open near our new home. As we've searched for daycare centers in our new location, it has become apparent that Primrose stands far above the competition with regard to their curriculum, quality of the teaching staff, as well as the classroom layout and cleanliness displayed throughout the centers. Please, please, please... Primrose, open more centers in the Chicagoland area! :-)

    Julie M


  • I don't even know where to being to tell you why I love my Primrose School in Carmel. From our initial visit we have had the most amazing experiences the owner and his team of wonderful administrators and teachers! We are first time parents and like all first time parents we struggled with the decision of where to leave our son. From our initial experience in the infant's room with loving, nurturing caregivers to our current teachers who are helping our son learn so much we couldn't be more grateful. Two things stand-out to me - First, we pulled our son out to save money and it was like leaving family; everyone was so supportive and so sad to see him go...they created a photo album and there were lots of hugs. We soon learned of our horrible mistake and brought him back to open arms and on very short notice! Second, my father passed away recently followed by my mother having a major heart attack days later. The school's team pulled together for us and was sending their best wishes, making sympathy and get well cards and generally being supportive of our family. My first day back to the school with Nathan, I was greeted with hugs and tears. I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of my son and giving him some routine and support during such a traumatic time. It gave me peace of mind to know he was with them while I was with my Mom at the hospital. They even let my niece and nephew (who were in from Seattle) participate in Breakfast with Santa so they would not miss out on all of the joy of the holidays. I love my Primrose School!

    Nicole N