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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Nicole and Israel Alvardo
Nicole and Israel Alvarado
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Nicole and Israel Alvarado


Hi! My name is Nicole Alvarado, and my husband Israel and I are the proud owners of the Primrose School of Carmel!

I have a bachelor’s degree in children’s studies with a minor in sociology. Israel is an electrical engineer and has been connected to the Primrose community. We have four amazing children Blake, Kiersten, Nolan and Ryder, who have been nurtured and educated through the Primrose experience.

I have worked with children as a teacher, an administrator and a mother. Our journey with Primrose began when I helped open the Primrose School at Gray Eagle in Fishers as a toddler teacher, later advancing to an administrative role. I furthered my Primrose path by helping open the Primrose School of Carmel in 2010 as its director. Our continuous love for Primrose has grown and it’s why we are excited to have our very own school.

My passion for education has been my motivation to find a job that is not only an enjoyable working environment but also a true home for my own children. As a parent, your children come first and finding a place that feels like an extended home and has a foundation for early education is so particularly important.

The Primrose approach to learning drives my dedication to providing a positive learning environment for the schools’ children and teachers and I cherish the special moments I get to spend with children and their families. I have found that my personality and leadership has brought the best out of the school’s staff and helped strengthen families’ commitment to the Primrose experience.

Who children become is as important as what they know is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning® approach. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

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