Primrose School at Bridgewater

Parent Testimonials

  • My son has been with Primrose for 5 years - since pre-k. I can't possibly express how lucky I am to have found Primrose! His teachers have always been amazing, happy, loving, wonderful teachers that made my son feel special, smart, and safe. As a mom there's nothing better! He is in 3rd grade now and in advanced reading and math classes which I owe partly to the fantastic kindergarten teachers and curriculum he had with Primrose. He would come home from kindergarten class doing mental math that blew me away and I knew I made the right choice keeping him at Primrose! Now, when I pick him up from his Explorers class, I love to find his teacher chasing him on the playground or playing a game with him. I just couldn't be happier!

    Nikki W


  • I enrolled Zachary in [public school] kindergarten because he is a late birthday and thought it would be better for him to be the oldest in his class and he is a boy. Within 2 weeks the kindergarten teacher said he needed to be moved to first grade because he knew everything and was reading at a high level. She jokingly said he could teach the class. The school wanted to move him to first grade and they did and he is doing great. I thank you for preparing him so well. He knows his stuff and is far ahead of a lot of the other kids in his first grade class. So thank you for all you and his teachers have done for him! Our experience at Primrose was wonderful.

    Susan M


  • Our experience at Primrose has been awesome to say the least. The teachers are engaging and the staff always makes you feel as if your child is the only one there. We have enjoyed seeing the picture of our little one running around and playing with his friends.

    Kenneth R


  • After moving from New York, it was important to us to find a preschool that was both nurturing as well as educational. In doing my research no other schools compared to the substance and quality curriculum that Primrose offered. Our daughter is loving her first couple of weeks here, and we are very excited to see her growth over the next year!

    Laura G


  • We love our Primrose. My daughter sings "Megan and Mommy Going to Primrose" on the way to school everyday, I love how happy she is here. And my son loves it too, now part of the Explorers group, I'm so glad to have Primrose for him for afterschool and Summer Camp. The staff and teachers are so caring and wonderful with the children. The activites are also great, field trips for my son and other fun activities during the day too. And another thing that we love is the community activites and opportunites provided. Such a wonderful place, we are blessed to be a part of it.

    Kelly J


  • We have been with Primrose for almost 3 months now and I cannot say enough positive notes about the school! All of the staff have been wonderful to us and we truly feel comfortable leaving our 7 month old baby during the day. We value our careers but not at the expense of our child's well-being. Primrose does an amazing job of making you feel like family and completely comfortable during the day. All of the infant teachers are incredible and I'm truly impressed with how well our sweet baby is progressing and loves playing with her teachers and friends. Being a first-time parent, it is great to come into daycare and get advice on napping patterns, baby food and just activities they might enjoy in their next phase. I would recommend Primrose Bridgewater to anyone who is fortunate enough to send their child here.