Primrose School of Bedford

Parent Testimonials

  • We enrolled our daughter in Primrose of Bedford when she was eight months old. Now she is nearly three and a half and still loves going to “school”. Since she turned three we have been hearing some amazing things from her. One such gem is “Do not touch fire. It will make a boo boo” or “when you hear the fire alarm, we must go outside, call the fireman and then the fire engine will come and the fireman will make the fire go away”. But the most amazing of them all was this little one over the Thanksgiving weekend. While playing with her, I inadvertently took away the TV remote from her hand and she said “Mommy we should respect others and learn to share”. Needless to say were were blown away! When I asked her what it means to respect others she said “Ms. Renicks says don’t snatch toys, learn to share and respect everyone”. It is truly wonderful to know that a child is not only able to understand the meaning of something like respect and sharing but to identify them - is simply precious. We are grateful to the wonderful teachers at Primrose of Bedford and their ceaseless efforts with our little one. We are very happy that we decided to enroll her here. The extracurricular activities-all arranged on campus-keep her motivated to go everyday and she looks forward to them. All of the teachers she has had from the infant room to the pre-school are miracle workers - patiently watching and teaching the kids. Kudos to the management team for putting together a wonderful group of individuals who love their job and treat the kids like family. We do truly appreciate everything you do.



  • I want to thank Primrose for such an awesome start for my daughter. Everyone has been fabulous and has been helpful in the transition!! Thank you to the wonderful infant teachers - Ms. Taylor, Ms. Elisha, and Ms. Shelbi - you make me so comfortable at drop off and pick up. Thank you to the office staff - Robin, Erin, and Sakina - thanks for always answering my calls and checking on my baby girl. Please know that we appreciate everything you do!!!

    Lauren H


  • As a first time parent, I was a little nervous when I was looking at child care options before my son was born and during my maternity leave. We decided on Primrose, enrolled Baby J at 3 months, and haven't regretted it once! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our son's development progress - he loves school, he loves his teachers, and his teachers love him back. Every week he comes home with new words or new signs and can't wait to show us what he's learned. We are so pleased with the care he's received at Primrose!



  • We have both of our daughters at Primrose and we have honestly been very pleased with their educational experience. Wynter started at Primrose in the Preschool II room shortly before her third birthday. She was transitioning from an in-home daycare but expressed to her father and I she was ready to go to 'big girl school' now. Luckily there was an opening in her room. Wynter transitioned very easily and fit right in. I was even sent a picture of her on the playground her first day and she was smiling so I knew she was enjoying her new school. She did so well that she was promoted within months and needless to say her father and I were very pleased with how quickly she was learning. Wynter is now in the Pre-K II room with Ms. Bowman and we are thrilled with her progress to date. I personally like that the teachers are attentive not only to our children but my concerns as a mom as well. They bend over backwards to ensure my children are happy and that makes me a happy Mom. I'm so glad to hear them tell me they have had a good day and enjoyed 'school'. I think the music part of the day is their favorite as they both love to listen to the CDs given to us by Primrose. We are glad to have found Primrose and feel the interaction and education our children are receiving has been superior.

    The Baptiste Family


  • Our son has been at Primrose School of Bedford since he was 13 months old. After being cared for by his Grandmothers for a year, I was a nervous wreck at the thought of him being in a new school and away from the one on one care he was receiving. 4 years later, this was the best decision I could have ever made. The teachers and staff are very nurturing and genuinely care for each child. He LOVES going to school. We opted to keep him in their Private Kindergarten program this year. He comes home every day telling us what he learned and every morning when we drop him off he hugs his teacher like he hasn't seen her in a week. Knowing that my most prized possession is receiving a quality education AND is loved so much makes my day so much easier. THANK YOU PRIMROSE!

    Tatum H