Primrose School at Avalon Park

Parent Testimonials

  • We began our Primrose journey in 2006. My children and I fell in love instantly. I am so grateful for all of the loving staff at Primrose. They help to instill a joy for learning and a foundation for academic excellence. In addition, they sowed seeds of self confidence in my children. It is obvious that the Primrose staff genuinly loves the children. I will forever be grateful for Primrose!!!! My children are at times disappointed when I pick them up early :-) that is truly a good sign.



  • Our first experience with Primrose was in 2004. Our daughter was 4 and I had decided to go back to work after being a stay-at-home parent. She needed a preschool where she could interact with other children, learn academic skills needed to excel in elementary school and continue to develop key morals and values to enhance her character. We had found the right place! This school, the curriculum, the staff and teachers exceeded our expectations. When we needed infant care for our son 8 years later, we KNEW we had to go back to Primrose. Luckily, the timing was perfect and we found a place for him in the infant room. We still recognize many of the faces that we saw every day back when my daughter was attending Ms. Sainten's class. In fact, we have begged Ms. Sainten to not retire until AFTER our son has graduated from her class! We have always trusted our children to our favorite school and look forward to watching our son grow up as beautifully as our daughter has.

    Tina T


  • We have been a member of the Primrose at Avalon Park family for 5 years. My oldest started at the age of two and my youngest started at only a few months old. We truly cannot say enough things about this school and the people that work there. Primrose is great choice for any parent that cares not only about a safe, caring environment, but also one that encourages the children to grow and explore. My boys are there for almost 10 hours a day, and they are usually still not ready to come home when I pick them up, that says a lot! My son entered Kindergarten fully prepared and without worry. He attends the Explorers program during the summers and has told me that he is going to stay at Primrose until he is a grownup! My youngest has the same appreciation for the teachers and his classmates, and as parents it's a tremendous comfort to know that not only are they well taken care of, but that they are also thriving. We recommend Primrose to anyone that asks, and know that the Staab's will take great care of them!

    Perry F


  • Our experiences with Primrose schools--both Avalon Park and Waterford--have been very positive. Emma has gone from crawling to being a busy pre-K 4 year old. Her verbal skills have excelled. I compare her development with that of other 4 year olds who are not at Primrose and I see a great developmental difference. She is far more advanced.

    Karen A


  • We have had out daughter enrolled in a Primrose since she was 7 months old after switching from another daycare. It is never easy to make the decision to go back to work, but when you go to pick up your child at the end of a 10 hour day and they don't want to leave because they are having so much fun, it makes it a lot easier. Since she was able to talk, she has been coming home talking about her day and her friends. She has always been more advanced then any of the children in our weekend playgroup and I believe it is because she has been at Primrose where they don't just watch your child, they teach and nurture them. She has been reaching 3 and 4 year old milestones before she was even 2. We now have our 3 month old enrolled as well and can't wait to see what he does. We love Primrose because we know that it is by far, the best place for our children when they can't be with us.

    Connolly F


  • I was so nervous dropping my baby off on her first day. But Ms. McKinney, Ms. Hall and Mrs. Martinez welcomed her with open arms and big smiles, and all of my Mommy guilt flew out the window, never to return.Every day as we approach the school, my daughter perks up. She is excited to see her teachers and her friends. Everything is so clean, she has NEVER gotten sick. Most importantly, my baby gets all the same love and attention she gets at home, plus she gets to be with friends, make art, sing songs, and learn. Her world is so much richer at Primrosethan it was when she stayed home...I HEART Primrose!

    Colleen B