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Primrose School at Alamo Ranch

Our Staff

  • Jennifer Stokes, School Director

    Jennifer Stokes

    School Director

    Ms. Stokes graduated from Texas A&M University in 2007 with a BS in Agricultural Sciences and Texas Teacher's Certification in secondary education. She joined our Primrose leadership team with 8+ years of upper management experience and 3+ years in working with younger children and became The Primrose School at Alamo Ranch Director in 2021. She is dedicated to providing support for our Primrose families and excited to make our school a strong component to the Alamo Ranch community. In her free time she enjoys cooking, grocery shopping and doing all things foodie related with her husband, son and daughter.

  • Paola Trevino, Assistant Director

    Paola Trevino

    Assistant Director

    Mrs. Trevino is one of our original team members from the day we opened back in May of 2017. With over 5 years of experience, and chosen as one of our first Apple of the Eye employees, we can't help but be proud of having her at our Alamo Ranch location! After spending years as our Lead Preschool I teacher, Mrs. Trevino is now a part of our leadership team! We are lucky to have such a loyal member. Originally from San Antonio, she loves going out to eat with her children and family members. 

  • Pamela Jimenez, Curriculum Facilitator

    Pamela Jimenez

    Curriculum Facilitator

    Mrs. Jimenez graduated from the University of Incarnate Word with a Bachelors in Interdiciplinary Studies, a minor in Reading, Writing and Special Education. She is also a Licensed Behavior Therapist and worked with children with Autism for 3 years. She joins our Primrose Family with 4 years of experience in working with children. Mrs. Jimenez is excited to be a part of our school, as well as working closely with teachers and share her passion for academics to ensure our schools provides our studens with the best educaional experience.

  • Valery Lepe

    Administrative Assistant

    Originally from California, Mrs. Lepe joins our program with a Bachelor's of Arts in Child Development. As professional experience she has been a Preschool Lead Teacher, a substitute for Special Education, and attended an Assistant Director Internship. Mrs. Lepe is most excited about the relationships she will have with families and strives to be as helpful as she can. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and work on arts and crafts! 

  • Elizabeth Rorick, Administrative Assistant

    Elizabeth Rorick

    Administrative Assistant

    We are so excited to have Ms. Rorick assist our Primrose Leadership Team. Ms. Rorick attends classes at TAMUSA, and is currently completing her student teaching at Mireles Elementary. Knowing that her goal is to lead a classroom one day she started off as a support teacher. With prior experience in retail management it was apparent that Ms. Rorick would make an excellent addition to our front office. She enjoys combining her two passions and always comes with an eregetic attitude! Ms. Rorick is a lifelong learner and is always happy to help in any capacity. 

  • Sylvia Guerin, Lead Infant Teacher

    Sylvia Guerin

    Lead Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Guerin is an exceptional Lead Teacher for our Infant Program with over 20 years of experience. Mrs. Guerin loves the babies as if they were her very own, and has been fortunate enough to see many of her babies grow up to graduate from Primrose. Mrs. Guerin is great at creating relationships with her families and always goes above and beyond for our school. On her free time, she loves going to the movies or catching a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

  • Kathya Jimenez, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Kathya Jimenez

    Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Kathya is a recent graduate and absolutely loves working with kids. She has a fun energy and enjoys building relationships with children and their parents. Ms. Kathya is very organized and a fast learner; she excels at keeping up with the feeding schedules for our infants and takes extra care at communicating their needs. In her free time Kathya likes to spend time with family and go shopping! 

  • Alexis Estello, Infant Support Teacher

    Alexis Estello

    Infant Support Teacher

    Ms. Estello is originally from Lacey Washington and has years worth of experience working with children in various settings. Ms. Estello was a Lead Teacher for our Pathways group and is now one of our wonderful support teachers. Ms. Estello primarily supports our Infant Room. Ms. Estello is always cheerful, loving, and encouraging of the children in her classroom. When not at Primrose, Ms. Estello enjoys spending time with her family and hitting up local coffee shops. 

  • Analisa Hernandez, Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Analisa Hernandez

    Lead Young Toddler Teacher

    Mrs. Analisa Hernandez is an excellent addition to our Primrose School! Originally from San Antonio, Mrs. Hernandez has worked with children for over 8 years. She currently holds a CDA certification and enjoys working with our younger age groups. We love to see Mrs. Hernandez interacting with her Young Toddlers. It is sweet to see her carry on a conversation with them -- fully preparing them for that surge of vocabulary that comes soon. In her spare time, Mrs. Hernandez enjoys watching movies with her husband and taking her dogs on road trips. 

  • Wanda Sanchez, Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Wanda Sanchez

    Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Sanchez comes with 15+ years in the childcare industry and her passion in working with children shows every single day. She's been such a great asset to our school and has done well in any classroom. Originally from Puerto Rico, she is very family orientated but still loves to just relax with a good book at the end of the day.

  • Iris Noel Jones, Toddlers Assistant Teacher

    Iris Noel Jones

    Toddlers Assistant Teacher

    Mrs. Jones has been working with Toddler ages for several years. Her positive attitude, positive communication and patience makes her an excellent fit for our school.

  • Anna Larsen, Lead Early Preschool I Teacher

    Anna Larsen

    Lead Early Preschool I Teacher

    Mrs. Larsen is originally from Absecon, New Jersey. She has 20 years of experience working with younger children!  Mrs. Larsen is so patient and loving; she welcomes all children into her classroom with such a sincere approach. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and kiddos!

  • Araceli Hernandez, Assistant Early Preschool I Teacher

    Araceli Hernandez

    Assistant Early Preschool I Teacher

    Ms. Araceli Hernandez is originally from San Antonio and comes to Primrose with 2 years of experience working with children. In another childcare setting she found that she loves working with two year olds the most, and she is certainly a great fit for our EPS 1 classroom. Ms. Hernandez always has an energetic and postive attitude. She is caring and nurturing with the children, but also provides structure and security with her knack for handling transitions. When not at Primrose, Ms. Hernandez attends classes and is working towards a career in the medical field. 

  • Jennifer Holguin, Lead Early Preschool II Teacher

    Jennifer Holguin

    Lead Early Preschool II Teacher

    Mrs. Holguin is originally from San Diego, CA. She has owned her own daycare, has over 15 years of experience in the childcare field and in 2021 obtained her CDA. Mrs. Holguin is very organized and a great communicator. She absolutely loves the 2-year old age group and excels at building confidence in her kiddos. In her free time, she likes to stay active by swimming, hiking, working out and shopping.

  • Destiny Carson, Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

    Destiny Carson

    Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Carson is orignally from Little Rock, AR and has been with Primrose for 2 years. Ms. Carson is an amazing assistant to Mrs. Holguin. Her communication and preparation for the classroom is amazing and her knack for connecting with children is fantastic! Outside of the school Ms. Carson enjoys going to concerts and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Sarah Jackson, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Sarah Jackson

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Mrs. Jackson is a very loving and caring teacher. She has been with Primrose for 1 year, and previously worked with various age groups along with school-aged children. Mrs. Jackson enjoys being silly with the children and playing with them. She is very patient and always in a good mood. In her free time she loves spending time with her daughter and shopping at Target!

  • Allison Pulido, Lead Preschool I Teacher

    Allison Pulido

    Lead Preschool I Teacher

    Ms. Pulido has been with Primrose for 3 years. Ms. Pulido has a genuine love for children and enjoys creating special bonds with them. Ms. Pulido is extremely patient and has a huge heart for her classroom. Along with working at Primrose, Ms. Pulido is taking classes at Northwest Vista. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and all things Disney! 

  • Belinda Fuentes, Preschool I Assistant Teacher

    Belinda Fuentes

    Preschool I Assistant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Ms. Fuentes is an excellent assistant to Ms. Pulido. Ms. Fuentes has had experience with children in various settings -- one of which being a child photographer! She knows when to be silly and when she needs to be firm. Ms. Fuentes has a ton of patience and enjoys the unique quirks that her students have! In her spare time Ms. Fuentes does attend school and is working on her graduate studies. 

  • Elane Flores, Lead Preschool II Teacher

    Elane Flores

    Lead Preschool II Teacher

    Ms. Flores is originally from Brownsville, TX and has a background of subsitute teaching for the Manassas Park City School System. She has her Bachelors degree from Columbia College and a background in working with special needs children. Mrs. Flores has been with our school for almost 2 years. We immediately saw her potential to lead a classroom as she is very organized, structured, and thorough. She most enjoys those "light bulb" moments duirng her Small Group sessions - when she sees that a child has grasped the concept is a rewarding thing!  In her spare time she enjoys hiking and doing arts & crafts with her family.

  • Jordan Barnard, Preschool Support Teacher

    Jordan Barnard

    Preschool Support Teacher

    Ms. Barnard is so excited to be with our team at Primrose! Ms. Barnard is originally from Ventura, CA but knows of the care we provide through her niece who is one of our students! As she continues her education at UTSA she wanted to gain classroom experience as her goal is to teach history. She certainly has a knack for working with children of all ages and has an amazing attitude. Ms. Barnard is eager to learn and has a passion for donig well wherever she is. Currently, Ms. Barnard is supporting Mrs. Flores in our Preschool 2 classroom. 

  • Kerry Aguinaldo, Lead Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

    Kerry Aguinaldo

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

    Ms. Aguinaldo has joined our team from our Huebner Village location. Ms. Aguinaldo has been with Primrose for 7 years! She holds her Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from California State University East Bay. She has amazing energy that becomes instantly contagious! Mrs. Aguinaldo ensures her children are prepared for Kindergarten by fostering independance and freedom in her classroom routine. Her use of positive discipline is incredible, and most of all her children walk away from Primrose with memories they will hold forever. In her free time, Mrs. Aguinaldo enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and doggies! 

  • Debra Rincones, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

    Debra Rincones

    Assistant Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

    Mrs. Rincones has made a fabulous asset to our Primrose team. As a mother of 2, she knows how important structure, routine, and learning experiences are for children. After several years of upper management in a retail setting -- Mrs. Rincones decided to switch gears and give her children the most of her time. She dedicated herself fully into volunteer work with children, their schooling, and subbing for Northside Independent School District. Her management experience shows in that assisting in a classroom requires a lot of organization, time management, and goal setting. Mrs. Rincones enjoys the academic challenges that come with the Pre-K age group, and is looking forward to relationships with her families. 

  • Mirna Torres, Lead Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

    Mirna Torres

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

    Mrs. Torres is originally from Del Rio, TX and joins our Primrose school as a retired Kindergarten teacher. With over 35 years of teaching Kindergartners she decided to retire; however, soon felt like she missed her interactions with kids. While newer to an early childcare setting, Mrs. Torres is most excited about preparing her Pre-K kiddos for what's to come! Mrs. Torres is very patient and enjoys being silly with her class. She has a knack for making learning fun! On the weekends Mrs. Torres likes to spend time with her husband and go dancing!  

  • Shelby Hughes, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

    Shelby Hughes

    Assistant Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

    Mrs. Hughes is originally from San Antonio and has worked with children in various settings like early childhood, summer camps, and nannying for families. Mrs. Hughes currently holds an Associates in Fine Arts but is excited to gain more classroom experience as she plans to teach computer science. Mrs. Hughes is fantastic at communicating with the children. She is extremley patient and takes the time to have meaningful conversations with them to prevent peer conflicts. On the weekends, Mrs. Hughes enjoys spending time with her husband and loves going to concerts. 

  • Megan Hopland, Kindergarten Teacher

    Megan Hopland

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Hopland is originally from Garland, TX and joins our school with over 27 years of experience in working with children. Mrs. Hopland obtains a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and has been a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher for several Private Schools. Mrs. Hopland is extremely excited to have an opportunity to return to Primrose as she knows firsthand we are the leader in early childhood education. Mrs. Hopland's philosophy of Education is that she strives to be a lifelong learner. From her heart, she desires to teach children as if they were her very own. 

  • Luciana Godley, Explorers / Support Teacher

    Luciana Godley

    Explorers / Support Teacher

    Ms. Godley has years of experience working with children outside of a childcare setting. She has enjoyed seeing the side of Early Childhood and truly connects with our school-aged group of after-care children. In Explorers, Ms. Godley helps children with their homework and provides engaging center play, activities, and games. While her school-aged kiddos are away she helps support our other classrooms with a smile. She is always willing to help wherever needed! 

  • Janie Jaime, Support Teacher

    Janie Jaime

    Support Teacher

    We have been very honored having Ms. Jaime join our Primrose Alamo Ranch family after 10+ years at our Huebner Village location. Collectively, she has been in the industry for over 25 years! Ms. Jaime is so flexible and does fantastic with any age group. Primarily, she supports our Infant and Toddler classrooms in the morning. When not loving on the children, she spends her free time with her grandchildren and enjoys an occasional shopping spree. She enjoys forming relationships with our families at drop-off.

  • Veronica Felix

    School Cook

    Mrs. Felix is so fun to work with! Before Primrose she had not cooked in a childcare setting before -- but loved to create recipes and kids! She has found a good place to combine the two! The children always enjoy her meals and she makes every effort to ensure that special requirements are followed. If a new recipe is created she will be sure to have everyone try it, including our Leadership Team and Teachers!

  • Maria Rios, Support Teacher

    Maria Rios

    Support Teacher

    Mrs. Rios joined our Primrose school with several years of experience in working with children. In childcare settings Mrs. Rios has worked with several age groups and is always willing to support any classroom. Mrs. Rios helps our teachers get time for lesson planning, and subs when needed. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her daughters! 

  • Jessica Guajardo, Support Teacher

    Jessica Guajardo

    Support Teacher

    Ms. Guajardo is a recent graduate, and joined Primrose knowing that she wants to work with children. While not in a childcare setting, Ms. Guajardo has had years of experience nannying and babysitting. She is willing to support any classroom, but enjoys the younger ages most! Currently she is subbing in for our Toddler assistant who is out on maternity leave. Ms. Guajardo is super sweet and easily makes connections with our kiddos. 

  • Laura and John Guerrero, Franchise Owner

    Laura and John Guerrero

    Franchise Owners

    Hi! We are Laura and John Guerrero, together with our sons Benjamin and Brady, we are happy to be a part of the community! While looking for quality educational childcare for our first son, we discovered the Primrose difference. We are hoping to help families find what we found, at our Primrose School. Let us know how we can help you and your child.

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