Teaching Generosity by Starting a Family Food Drive

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Teaching Generosity by Starting a Family Food Drive

The season of giving is the perfect time to help little ones explore the big idea of generosity. That’s why November is Caring and Giving month at Primrose schools, where children learn how happy our hearts can be when we give without expecting anything in return.  

Every year, Primrose students across the country join in the Caring and Giving Food Drive to help families in their local communities, and this year, we’d like to invite every family from Primrose and beyond to join in the fun. From earning money through chores and making a grocery list to heading to the store and donating to those in need, we’ve put together a few steps to help you and your family start your own food drive!  

Step One: Complete Chores  

According to Dr. Lynn Louise Wonders, daily and weekly chores for children have a variety of benefits. They give a sense of routine and structure, help children master skills and build self-confidence, and instill a sense of belongingness in children.  

During the Caring and Giving Food Drive, Primrose children help out at home to earn money, then they share that money with classmates to practice counting and cooperation.   

To encourage your child to get involved (and even excited) about chores, try these tips:   

  • Offer age-appropriate tasks: Make household chores more fun by choosing ones your child can perform successfully. 
  • Be a helping hand: Step in to offer support if needed, but don’t do the work yourself. 
  • Show your gratitude: Give thanks instead of praise. Try saying: “Thank you for being so helpful. You’re saving me so much time.” 
  • Set them up for success: Be specific with your instructions and break chores down into small tasks. 
  • Redirect with love: Children get distracted. Encourage them to focus with phrases like, “Let’s go ahead and finish the job and then we can play.” 
  • Incorporate teachable moments: Try counting or singing together while you both tidy up.

Step Two: Make a Shopping List 

Before children can figure out how much they can buy, they need to understand how much money they have. In Primrose classrooms, teachers use this as an opportunity to introduce basic math skills that include counting the number of coins, adding money based on coin value, combining the money and adding the entire classroom’s fund, and calculating the cost for each food package.   

Once you know your budget, create your list by asking your child about some of their favorite foods or what they’d like to give to others. Use this as an opportunity to talk about the importance of balanced meals and the difference between perishable and non-perishable foods.  

For older children, writing the list is also a great opportunity to explore letters and words. You can model writing as your child dictates or you can even share the pen by encouraging your child to write what they can while you fill in the rest.   

For inspiration, check out our interactive shopping list.

Step Three: Head to the Store 

Grocery stores are one of the best places to help your child explore the world around them. They’re filled with opportunities to count, look for letters on packaging, compare textures and more. As you look for and gather the items on your shopping list, try these fun and easy activities to add even more learning.  

Step Four: Donate to Those in Need 

Now you’re ready for the best part—giving! There are likely a variety of places you could bring your food donation to in your community, including local food banks, churches, community centers, shelters and more. Find a food bank near you.  

Step Five: Share Your Journey 

Thank you for joining our month of Caring and Giving at Primrose! From tidying up and making grocery lists to shopping and dropping off donations, we’d love to see it all. Share your pictures and videos with us using #CaringandGiving and tagging @PrimroseSchools.   

For more on nurturing generosity and building character, check out:  


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