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Dr. Steve Sanders is a university professor and author who is nationally recognized for his work in early childhood physical education. Steve helps teachers provide high-quality physical education instruction that encourages a lifetime of active living. Additionally, he assisted in the development of the Primrose Schools Thumbs Up!® program and has worked with groups like Sesame Street Healthy Hearts to design physical skills development programs for children across the nation.

Keep Kids Active Indoors with These DIY Games

Finding new ways to keep children entertained indoors — especially during the winter months — can be challenging.  The following activity suggestions will not only…

Physical Challenge: Parent and Child Exercise Ideas

Whether you’re an infant or an adult, regular exercise is one of the key ingredients to developing physical skills.  Participating in and enjoying physical activities…

When Should My Child Start Swimming?

Young children benefit from formal instruction, studies show. How to know if your child is ready — and what to look for in a class.
Child preparing to ride a bike

How to Prepare Your Child for Riding a Bike

  Learning how to ride a bike is a childhood rite of passage and can help open the doors to a lifetime of physical activity.…
Mother playing with her baby on a carpet

Stimulate Your Child’s Sense of Touch

When children are young, it’s essential for them to explore their sense of touch. A child’s touchis the first sense to develop in the womb,…
Preschooler practices writing alphabet at home with help from mom

Handwriting Preparation Exercises for Your Child

Even though our world is growing more digital by the day, research suggests that writing letters by hand is crucial for a young child’s brain development…
Mother and daughter happily make patterns in the sand at the beach

Why the Beach is an Awesome Playground

Planning a family trip to the beach this summer? There’s no better place for your child to get some exercise and develop important motor skills!…
Little girl plays with a balance ball

FAQs about Children, Exercise and Sleep

1. My child is turning 4 this summer. Should I sign him up to play sports? Competitive sports are not recommended for children under 5…
A little learning to walk by holding the couch and his fathers hand

4 Exercises to Help Your Baby Walk

Seeing your child take his first steps is one of the most exciting early milestones. Children go through several developmental stages before learning to walk,…
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