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Dr. Laura Jana is a pediatrician, Director of Innovation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and award-winning parenting and children’s book author. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, an MD from Case Western Reserve, and is the founder of Practical Parenting Consulting and Amazing Me Books. She focuses on early childhood, and is a media spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Jana lives in Nebraska with her husband and 3 children.

Young child sleeping soundly

7 Ways to Make Time Change Easier

It often takes a bit more time, effort and advanced planning to help us and our children adjust to time changes, so here are a few tried-and-true tips to make that transition a little easier.
Mom comforts her baby who has an ear infection.

My Child Has an Ear Infection. Now What?

If your child has an ear infection, you’re not alone! Ear infections are the most common diagnosis made during children’s visits to the doctor. While these infections can and do occur at any age (adults included), they’re most common during the first two to four years of life.
Dad checks for flu symptoms by measuring temperature of his sick son.

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family Against Cold & Flu Season

The sniffles, fevers and coughs that come with cold and flu season are never fun for parents and children alike.
Mother putting sunscreen on a young girl’s nose

Summer Skin Care Tips For Your Child

  We know that there are many benefits of getting outside, breathing fresh air, and having the chance to play. Exposure to natural sunlight is…
Family enjoying the snowfall in the park

De-Stressing and Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

With the holiday season upon us, many of us look forward to having extra time to spend with our children and families, but we also…
Mother comforts and soothes her crying baby

What To Do When Your Child Has Colic

For expectant parents, simply hearing the word “colic” is enough to invoke feelings of fear. Caring for a baby with colic often (and understandably) causes…
A mother combs through her child's hair using a lice comb

What You Need to Know About Lice

I admit it. Despite being well-versed on head lice, the mere mention of it is enough to make me cringe and start to itch. Head…
Smiling baby boy lies on his stomach at home

Tummy Time: When Should I Start?

One of the most common questions parents have about newborns and infants relates to tummy time and just how much of it babies should get.…
Little child sleeps soundly cuddled with her teddy bear

Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

There’s nothing quite like parenthood to remind us that sleep is a beautiful thing. Whether we never seem to get enough, or our children resist…
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