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Dr. Gloria Julius serves as vice president of education and professional development for Primrose Schools and has more than 35 years of education experience. She has a genuine passion for leading teams of teachers, staff, parents and students to help create high-quality educational experiences. Gloria enjoys sharing her thoughts and advice as a mother and grandmother and helping parents navigate the challenges of building the right foundation for their little ones!

How Music Helps Young Children Grow

When you hear an uplifting song, does your foot tap to the beat? Now try giving your young child a shaker or a couple of…

Helping Your Child Embrace Differences

Now more than ever, it is important that we nurture young children to be accepting of those who are different from them. The world is…
A young boy compassionately putting his arm around his friend

How to Raise a Compassionate Child

Children are wired for good, but kindness doesn't develop on its own. Try these tips to nurture compassion in your child.
A happy young girl wearing an astronaut helmet made from cardboard

How to Raise a Creative Child

Throughout the past few years, we’ve heard time and again about the importance of 21st-century skills, especially creativity, and how they can influence a child’s…
A young girl engaged in watching a video on a smartphone

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

From using smartphones to communicate to watching TV for entertainment, today’s children are growing up surrounded by technology and screens. As children grow and get…
Mother kisses her happy toddler as they both lie down in the play room

Survey Says: “Developing Good Character in Children Starts Early”

Earlier this fall, Primrose Schools conducted a national survey with Ipsos which profiled hundreds of parents whose children have attended, currently attend or will attend…
Police officer speaks with young boy riding his bike

Age-Appropriate Safety Lessons for Preschoolers

National Fire Prevention Week in October and recent floods and wildfires in the news reminds me now more than ever just how important it is…
Parents teaching their daughter important life skills at home

7 Essential Life Skills that Extend Beyond the Classroom

It can be hard to know where to begin when thinking about how to best prepare your child for the years ahead. While developmental milestones…
Primrose student learns about STEAM by playing with magnets in classroom

Understanding STEAM in Preschool Classrooms

Lately, everyone seems to be talking about STEAM. It’s a hot topic in the world of education and in the business community, but what does…
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