5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Options for Your Family

Mother, father and their two children enjoying a delicious breakfast

5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Options for Your Family

We’ve all heard that breakfast can be one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast does in fact set children up for a successful day at school, as research shows that children who eat breakfast are less absent and perform better in school in the long run.

While we know that breakfast is important, mornings are often a scramble to get everyone dressed and out the door. And with all the commotion, breakfast can easily fall by the wayside. So how do you ensure you and your children start the day on the right foot with a healthy meal?

Planning ahead helps, and there are also some quick and easy – and healthy – breakfast options that you can prepare in just a few minutes to eat on the run or at the table:

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs. Boil up a bunch of eggs at once at night or on the weekend so you and your family are set with a high-protein breakfast for a few days. Hard boiled eggs go great with whole wheat toast and a banana.
  2. Overnight Oats. Prep this breakfast treat in less than 5 minutes at night, leave it in the refrigerator, and voila! Breakfast for the whole family is ready in the morning, no cooking required.
  3. Banana Butter Roll-Up. Smear a banana with peanut butter or sunbutter (an alternative to peanut butter made with sunflower seeds), then roll it in a whole wheat tortilla.
  4. Granola and Fresh Fruit. Top some yogurt with a little bit of your favorite granola and some berries. Greek yogurt is my personal favorite and also has more protein than regular yogurt. Look online for recipes to make your own granola bars with the leftovers!
  5. Cereal and Yogurt. This is also a staple in my house. You can also freeze yogurt tubes for on-the-go eats. Bananas, applesauce and mandarin oranges pair well with just about anything and are also easy to eat when you’re in a rush to complete a meal.

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