3 Ways Primrose Nurtures Character in Children

3 Ways Primrose Nurtures Character in Children

At Primrose®, we know that children developing good character starts early.

Research shows that during a child’s first five years, the brain develops more rapidly than at any other time in life. Nurturing the development of curiosity, compassion, independence and resilience during these years is just as crucial as setting the stage for reading and math proficiency.

That’s why character development has been an important component of our Balanced Learning® curriculum for more than 35 years. By balancing character development, play, fitness and academics, we help children develop a strong, well-rounded foundation for learning and life. But, as parents and family members know, teaching a young child things like patience and cooperation can sometimes be much easier said than done.

At Primrose, we provide children with character development learning experiences through the Happy Hearts Character Development Program®, Primrose Promise Giving Events and learning about life skills.

Character Development

The Balanced Learning Happy Hearts and Harmony & Heart® early learning programs help children build their understanding of important character traits—like generosity, respect and gratitude—through music, art projects, puppet play, games, role playing and exclusive Primrose children’s books. The program also incorporates our Primrose Friends puppets, which help children apply traits like responsibility, fairness, honesty, caring and cooperation to authentic situations. For example, Libby the lamb represents fairness. Libby helps remind children through class discussions, literature and role playing to listen carefully to others, take turns and share.

Community Giving Events

Experiential learning, or hands-on learning, is an important part of character development. Through Balanced Learning Primrose Promise Giving Events, children experience firsthand the joy of giving back and helping others through simple projects. Activities include collecting books for children in need, doing chores at home to raise money to purchase canned goods for local food banks, and collecting items for local animal shelters. It’s heartwarming to see the children get so excited about helping those in need in their community.

Life Skills

The Balanced Learning curriculum helps children learn essential life skills such as independence, safety and caring for the environment through daily discussions and activities like “manners matter,” “I’m ready in case of an emergency” and “making good choices.” Every week the children also complete fun, simple tasks to help take care of their classroom environment. They work as a team to achieve a common goal, all the while learning the importance of taking care of the world around them.

At Primrose, we believe the foundation children develop in the first five years of life sets the stage for who they become as adults. That’s why we partner with parents to foster the development of character in children early on. When teaching your little one something as intangible as character, it’s important to provide hands-on learning opportunities and to reinforce those experiences at home and in school in a variety of ways. Remember, young children learn through repetition and observation. One of the best ways for you to nurture your children’s character is to lead by example because, over time, they will imitate those important life skills.

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