Developing Positive Character Traits with the Primrose Friends

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Developing Positive Character Traits with the Primrose Friends

It’s never too early to help your child develop positive character traits. Early child development experts suggest social skills and good character can and should be nurtured from birth. 

At Primrose, ourBalanced Learning®curriculum infuses character development lessons throughout the day with the Primrose Friends— 12 engaging classroom puppets that help foster traits like compassion, creativity, gratitude and honesty in children. Teachers use puppetry, role play, music and hands-on activities to help children understand big ideas like cooperation and respect. And because children love the cute and cuddly Friends, the lessons are especially resonant. 

Get to know the Friends and take our Best Day Ever! quiz with your child to find out which Friend they are most like! 

Primrose Friend Quiz

Here’s a brief introduction to the Primrose Friends and each of their traits. 

Meet the Primrose Friends! 

Primrose Friend Erwin the DogErwin® the Dog

Character trait: Friendship 

Erwin helps children learn the value of friendship, and that friends support and help each other.



Primrose Friend Molly the CowMolly the Cow 

Character trait: Respect for Others 

Molly shows children how to get along with others, avoid and resolve conflicts, and create a positive social and school environment.



Primrose Friend Katie the CatKatie® the Cat 

Character trait: Cooperation 

Katie demonstrates the value and fun of working together toward a goal.



Primrose Friend Benjamin the BearBenjamin® the Bear

Character trait: Generosity 

Benjamin shows children that they can be kind and giving to others without expecting anything in return.



Primrose Friend Libby the LambLibby the Lamb

Character trait: Fairness 

Libby teaches children that being fair leads to positive relationships and more fun for everyone. 



Primrose Friend Billy the DuckBilly® the Duck

Character trait: Keeping Promises 

Billy demonstrates that character is defined by what you do, not just by what you say, and that staying true to your word is important. 



Primrose Friend Og the BookwormOg® the Bookworm

Character trait: Caring 

Og tells children that caring for others helps make the world a better place — and feels good, too. 



Primrose Friend Peanut the PonyPeanut the Pony

Character trait: Honesty 

Peanut teaches children that honesty helps people trust one another. He explains that being honest can be difficult, but it’s always worth it.


Primrose Friend Megy the PigMegy® the Pig

Character trait: Conservation 

Megy helps teach children how important it is to care for our environment to help keep our planet healthy! She helps children identify actions they can take to help the environment. 


Primrose Friend Percy the RoosterPercy® the Rooster

Character trait: Courage 

Percy teaches that courage is about doing the right thing even when it’s scary or hard. He shows children that they can be courageous in ways big and small.


Primrose Friend Mia the MouseMia the Mouse

Character trait: Citizenship 

Mia shows children that being a good citizen is about making your community, school and home better for everyone.



Primrose Friend Ally the BunnyAlly the Bunny

Character trait: Responsibility 

Ally helps children understand that they’re responsible for themselves and that behaving responsibly helps everyone.

Which Primrose Friend would come along on your child’s Best Day Ever? Take our quiz to find out

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