Fostering Positive Character Traits with the Primrose Friends

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Fostering Positive Character Traits with the Primrose Friends

It’s never too early to help your child develop positive character traits. 

As early as 6 months old, babies begin to show signs of empathy. Early child development experts say social-emotional skills and good character can be and should be nurtured from birth.

At Primrose, our Balanced Learning® approach infuses character development lessons throughout the day incorporating the Primrose Friends — 12 engaging classroom puppets that help foster compassion, creativity, gratitude and honesty in children. Each month, the Balanced Learning curriculum helps children learn a new character development trait through puppetry, role play, and hands-on activities.

(See the Primrose Friends Matching Card Game, download here)

Meet the Primrose Friends! 


Primrose Friend Erwin the DogErwin® the Dog

Erwin embodies friendship

Erwin teaches children the value of friendships; he knows that strong bonds are built on mutual interest and respect.



Primrose Friend Molly the CowMolly the Cow 

Molly symbolizes respect for others.

Molly shows students how to get along with others, avoid and resolve conflicts, and create a positive social or school environment. 



Primrose Friend Katie the CatKatie® the Cat 

Katie epitomizes cooperation.

Katie shows children how to work successfully in groups and interact harmoniously with others.



Primrose Friend Benjamin the BearBenjamin® the Bear

Benjamin embodies generosity.

Benjamin shows children that generosity is the characteristic that inspires us to perform acts of kindness for others without any expectation of a personal reward for the effort. 


Primrose Friend Libby the LambLibby the Lamb

Libby symbolized fairness.

Libby understands that being a fair person leads to positive interpersonal relationships. 



Primrose Friend Billy the DuckBilly® the Duck

Billy epitomizes keeping promises.

Billy demonstrates that character is defined by what you do, not by what you say or believe. He teaches children that keeping promises is important.



Primrose Friend Og the BookwormOg® the Bookworm

Og illustrates caring.

Og shows students that the best way to establish trust among individuals is through caring. It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 


Primrose Friend Peanut the PonyPeanut the Pony

Peanut epitomizes honesty.

Peanut teaches children that honesty is one of the most important traits of happy, successful people. He explains that being an honest person takes self-discipline and commitment. 



Primrose Friend Megy the PigMegy® the Pig

Megy illustrates conservation.

Megy teaches students that being a good citizen means preserving and protecting our natural resources. She shows children how to make a difference by changing wasteful habits and learning how to recycle, reuse and reduce. 


Primrose Friend Percy the RoosterPercy® the Rooster

Percy epitomizes courage.

Percy understands that courage is the spirit that enables us to face danger or fear with confidence, resolution and bravery. He teaches children that it takes courage to stand up for what is right, especially when we do so despite negative pressure from others. 

Primrose Friend Mia the MouseMia the Mouse

Mia embodies citizenship.

Mia knows that good citizenship is defined as the quality of an individual’s behavior as a citizen. It is social responsibility in action! 



Primrose Friend Ally the BunnyAlly the Bunny

Ally illustrates responsibility.

Ally teaches children that we alone have the responsibility to shape our lives. She demonstrates that we must not shuffle our responsibility onto others. 

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