Primrose School of Woodbury

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose has been an important part of our family since our son was 12 weeks old. We have been thrilled with the level of genuine care for our sons wellbeing and interested in his social and emotional development. We absolutely could not ask for a more welcoming and family-feel community. If Primrose went through High School I have no doubt our kids would be in a future graduating class!

    Christine T.


  • Primrose Woodbury raises the bar on child care. My daughter was at Primrose from ages 3-5. I was at home with her full-time until she went to Primrose Woodbury, so I was VERY picky about where she would spend her days when I went back to work. I was confident, right from the start, that she was safe, happy and learning a ton every day. We are at an elementary school now, but my daughter wants to visit Primrose and talks about the teachers, owners and students at Primrose all the time. She got so much good attention, hugs and encouragement from every staff person at that school. I wish every school was like Primrose. I will never be satisfied with anything less than the best for my daughter, and Primrose provided that. I would recommend Primrose to anyone and everyone who is looking for the best place for their children to be during the work day. We love you Primrose!!!!



  • We enrolled our daughter to Primrose when she was 8 weeks old. My husband and I have to travel for work so the security of a safe and loving infant room in a daycare is so important to us. We have not been let down at Primrose. We feel our daughter has benefited from the interaction with others and her teachers provide the cuddling, rocking and 1 on 1 care when it is needed. She has also shown great progress with her motor skills as her teachers are constantly doing projects and activities with the infants. We would highly recommend Primrose.

    Emily D.


  • Our son started at Primrose on their Grand Opening. At the time he was attending another school in Woodbury. My wife and I were not thrilled with his current school so we decided to visit Primrose on our way home during one of their open houses. We took the tour, met the owners and teachers and listened to the Primrose philosophy. We signed our son up at Primrose immediately. He graduated from Primrose this past year and was so much more prepared for Kindergarten this year than we could have ever hoped for. We owe that to Primrose and their fantastic teachers, owners and philosophy. Our daughter is currently enrolled at Primrose and we have no hesitation when recommending Primrose to family and friends. My niece will soon be attending Primrose. I wouldn't recommend something as important as child care to anyone without being 100% sure. I can say with 100% confidence that enrolling your child at Primrose will be the best choice for child care you will ever make.

    Mike M.


  • We cannot say enough good things about Primrose School of Woodbury. We absolutely love the curriculum, as well as the quality of staff delivering the material. Their program is among the best around! The curriculum is second-to-none. We love the balanced approach that they take at Primrose School of Woodbury. They focus not only on academics, but also on values. This is very important to us, as values seem to take a back seat in our society today. We think this balanced approach is rare and something that many parents are looking for in education today. The staff is exemplary. We are always impressed by the professionalism and caring attitude of their staff. We feel like family at Primrose and we know our kids feel the same way! Many of the other programs we researched felt too CORPORATE to us. Knowing that the owners are intimately involved in the school gives us great comfort. We know that they keep the best interests of our children at the top of their priority list. Finally, the proof is in the pudding. We have noticed some amazing progress in our children. We have three children enrolled at Primrose. We started with Primrose shortly after they opened their doors to the public. We have had our children in their infant care all the way through private-Kindergarten. Not only are the kids doing well and learning to love subjects like Math, Writing and Reading, but we have noticed a difference in their behavior at home. They are working hard to be good helpers around the house and to be considerate of the world and people around them- further evidence of the merits of a balanced approach to learning. Primrose School of Woodbury should be on your short list of programs to consider. For us it was absolutely the right choice!

    Chris M.


  • When looking for a pre-K school we checked out 6 schools in our area and Primrose's open house was by far the BEST! Teachers were actually there to talk to, had the curriculum laid out, discussed it with us and clearly demonstrated how they were preparing students for kindergarten (not just a play date), the rooms were clean and not overcrowded with stuff.The owners are fantastic people, business owners and child care provider. They treat our family as if we are a part of their family. The owners, directors and teachers are as proud of our kids as we are, always looking out for their safety and wellbeing and making sure our kids have the most fun while learning. They are very responsive with questions whether it's in person, over the phone or via email. This staff keeps me very informed on what is going on in my children's day. When we walk in the building every morning, I can feel the excitement and see enjoyment everywhere. Some of the little things that are important to me that they do: wrist bands with school phone number for the kids when they go on field strips, seat belts on the bus, daily reports, encouragement of parent involvement and personal attention at the end of the day when picking up my child - to ask questions and see how they did throughout the day. I really appreciated the head-ups call alerting me when my child was near fever temp andthatshe may need to go home. This allowed me time to re-schedule meetings at work. I highly recommend Primrose Schools!!

    Tina B.


  • Our son started at Primrose when he was 3 years old. He was staying at home before that and didn't understand many English words back then. Obviously we were concerned and were looking for a caring and loving daycare so he would feel secure and comfortable to stay at. Among the 4 schools we checked out Primrose was the best. We were really glad to see the quick adaptation of our son to a different environment and how he started enjoying the school and making friends. The school curriculum, encouragement of parent involvement in various activities, and personal attention from the teacher make Primrose a great school. We highly recommend Primrose.

    Chuntao C.