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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Rajesh and Anjana Bhakta with their family
Rajesh and Anjana Bhakta
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Rajesh and Anjana Bhakta


My dear friends thank you for your interest in Primrose School of Wichita West. My name is Anjana and my wonderful husband is Rajesh. We were thrilled to provide the very first premier educational child care option to Wichita/Andover area and after 4 years of a successful program we are now expanding to West Wichita/Maize area. Our programs feature an all-inclusive program for infants through pre-K students, and an after school program for children up to age 12 as well.

We are blessed to have twins! The desire to find the best care for our own children quickly developed into a passion to provide an educational and nurturing environment for all children in our community. During our search for child care we came across Primrose Schools and decided to visit a few of these schools. We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the safe and clean environment and the unique deliverance of the curriculum. I was so overjoyed that the experience literally brought tears to my eyes, and we knew we had to bring Primrose to Wichita. I truly believe that receiving a quality education by the influence of positive role models in the first five years, will set the foundation for your child's future. I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children in our community. We look forward to meeting you!

See What's Happening in Our School

  • children hugging and smiling

    Parents Looking for Child Care in Wichita

    We are conveniently located on N Parkdale Circle, right down the road from Target and five minutes from Maize South Elementary School. Unlike an ordinary daycare in Wichita, we provide your child with a robust early education and child care experience.

  • children sitting around teacher

    Programs for Any Age

    Infant, Toddler, Early Preschool, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, After School, Summer Adventure Club

  • child sitting and smiling

    Infant Care

    At Primrose, your child will get more than an infant daycare experience. Our teachers help your child develop and grow, building one skill upon another, which is why we are the leader in infant child care.

  • pic

    Wonder Time 2

    For Wonder Time 2, the students painted textures of the sun by dipping balls in paint and rolling them inside the circle on our paper. We love watching the creativity flow!

  • cookies

    Kansas Day

    For Kansas Day, the students each got to make a sunflower cookie! It was a fun project and the students got to support their favorite Kansas Team!

  • art center

    Wonder Time 2

    For Wonder Time 2 the students got to explore watercolor paint. The teacher read the book 📖 “Picnic With Monet” and discussed how the artist used watercolor paint to create beautiful landscape art. The students than got to use our own watercolor paint to create watercolor paintings of our own.

  • pic

    Dramatic Play Exploration

    We love the students imaginations during children learning centers!

  • grandparent

    Adopt A Grandparent Program

    Our first visit with the residents at Oxford Grand went wonderfully! We will be building relationships through kindness, joy, and our interactions!

  • gardening

    Mud Pie Program

    We had so much fun planting our herbs, vegetables and flowers in our Primrose Patch! Mud Pies Program is our weekly garden class. During these visit to the garden our students will examine for growth, water, weed and harvest. Our students look forward to nurturing and caring for the garden.

  • outdoor classroom

    Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms!

    Our spacious classrooms and playgrounds allow children to spread out and explore! Our teachers have the ability to teach indoors and or outdoors. Today our children enjoyed music class outdoors! Inspiring learners and thinkers is what we do!

  • critical thinkers wichita, ks

    Critical Thinkers!

    The learning doesn’t stop this summer! In Project Time our preschool students used their critical thinking skills to make boats out of tin foil and also balance them, so they stay afloat. They got to experiment with a variety of toy animals and dice to keep their boats balanced and afloat. Practicing critical thinking skills safely with compassion, is the best gift we can give our Primrose students!

  • Literacy

    Segmenting and Blending words

    Today we worked on our critical thinking and literacy skills. Pre-K students worked on segmenting sounds with the letter Ss. They gave great Ss words such as sun-summer-spring-start- shout etc. Smart, smart boys and girls!

  • Summer Learning in Wichita

    Schedule your Zoom Tour

    At the Primrose School of Wichita West, learning doesn’t stop during the summer. We continue to focus on key math and literacy skills in a fun and caring environment. Email to set up a zoom meeting with the owner - Anjana!

  • Summer Camp in Wichita

    Summer Adventure Club!

    Dream it ------ Plan it -------- Build it Join us for a fun, engaging summer!

  • teacher appreciation week!

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

    This team is strong, caring and intuitive! Thank you!

  • keeping kids comfortable during covid 19

    Comfort during COVID 19 drop off procedures

    Making children feel comfortable under our COVID-19 drop off procedure, is very important to us! Just one example on how our morning crew makes the transition easier, is playing the live animal cams from our Sedgwick county zoo on our front monitor screen. Children love watching the animals on their way to their classrooms! Thank you Sedgwick County Zoo for bringing the zoo to US!

  • staying healthy

    Staying Healthy and Safe!

    Being open and transparent with young children is important for their social/emotional development. Here at Primrose Schools, we not only teach academics but we teach life skills. We continue to teach children and explain the importance of washing hands and covering our sneezes. Continue to talk to your children about the importance of washing hands and covering their sneezes.

  • dance party

    International Dance Party!

    Wednesday, April 29 is International Dance Day! To celebrate, Mia the mouse has an all-new Dance Party video to get your family giggling and wiggling! Find it on Online with Og:

  • Thank you!

    Primrose Families are the best!

    Thank you to all our Primrose families for all the yummy food, snacks, donations and notes to our teachers the past several weeks. In times of uncertainty, we are so blessed to have a strong partnership with our families.

  • 3rd toddler classroom opening soon at Primrose school of Wichita west

    New Toddler Classroom Opening Soon! Enroll Now!

    We are now accepting a few more toddlers into our 3rd toddler classroom....opening soon! Call now to learn more!

  • bubble map pre-k

    Project Time

    Project Time in Pre-K is one of our students favorite weekly program! Today our students discussed how animals are alike and different. We made a bubble map, helping us understand their similarities. All of the animals our students listed need: air, food, water, and shelter.

  • benefits of puzzles

    Benefits of Puzzles

    - Hand - eye coordination - Problem Solving skills - Memory skills - Activity with an end - Social Skills

  • Primrose school of Wichita west

    Let's get to know each other!

    We are looking forward to a fantastic school year! Currently we are working on getting to know routines, schedules and each other! A great big thank you to our nurturing teachers and supportive parents.

  • engineer

    Design Challenge!

    During Project time this week, our preschooler's started on their engineering design challenge! They discussed different parts of a train by looking through our book “Freight Train” by Donald Crews. They observed how the parts are similar and different and if each train part can hold cargo or not. They spent some time drawing out our designs. This week, our 3 year old's will be building a train that can carry one of our Primrose puppet friends! This will be a big challenge, but we are excited and ready for it!

  • preschool graduation

    Congrats to our Primrose Pre-K graduates!

    We are proud of our 2019 Pre-K graduates! They are off to do great things and are all more then ready to enter Kindergarten.

  • teacher appreciation week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Thank you Primrose teachers for helping to shape young minds!

  • Meal work

    Science Time!

    This month we are studying non-living vs. living. Our Science tables always have something interesting in them. This week children are watching and observing meal worms. - What color are they? - Do they have legs? - Do they move fast or slow? We love making learning fun at Primrose Schools!

  • Confidence!

    We are gaining confidence in life skills and letters!

    Our pre-k students are gaining more and more confidence each day! Confidence in life skills incorporated in our weekly poems and our letter recognition. With a few months left before Kindergarten, our students are beyond ready:)

  • Confidence!

    We are gaining confidence in life skills and letters!

    Our pre-k students are gaining more and more confidence each day! Confidence in life skills incorporated in our weekly poems and our letter recognition. With a few months left before Kindergarten, our students are beyond ready:)

  • Primrose School of Wichita West Family Recommendation

    Meet the Graham Family and their transition into our School!

    Our experience at Primrose West started over six months ago with our youngest baby, Marshall. He was struggling at our original daycare; refusing to take bottles or food, and cried a lot. That was hard for us because he is such a happy baby at home. We decided to try Primrose, and he did so much better! We would see him smile at his teachers, and get excited to be there. He took bottles better, and took solid foods pretty well! We started to see our baby be himself at Primrose, where he felt loved and safe to do so. He has continued to thrive in the toddler classroom, and we know we made the right decision for daycare. Our oldest son, Austin, seemed content at our original PreK. We hesitated to switch him with less than a year before Kindergarten. He tends to be shy at first, and was nervous about starting a new school. Austin started PreK at Primrose in February. It helped that his younger brother already knew the ropes and Austin liked the idea of being at the same place with Marshall. He is slowly coming out of his shell, and comes home full of wonderful stories about activities every day. The PreK teachers have done a great job at supporting his transition. They picked up on his love of helping, and were quick to give him jobs that made him feel important and busy while getting used to the new faces. He loves his teachers and new friends, and has more confidence in his ability to start a new school this fall. He already had a love of learning. Primrose has built on that and he is thrilled to be learning new things every day. We are glad we switched to Primrose, and wish we would have come here sooner! Matt, Andrea, Austin, and Marshall Graham

  • Kansas day activities

    Happy Kansas Day!

    Today our preschool and pre-k students engaged in fun Kansas themed activities!

  • teaching from the heart!

    Teaching from the heart!

    Somethings just are priceless! *When our Primrose children love School so much that they want to come to School on weekends! *When our Primrose teachers greet their students with joy! *When our Primrose parents partner with us on their child's education and care! We believe in teaching from the heart! Join us Friday, January 25th anytime between 3pm - 5pm for a tour!

  • Happy New Year! School will be closed on New Years Day!

    We are looking forward to a wonderful 2019! Please remember that we will be closed Tuesday, January 1st!

  • 2 year olds are working on shapes at Primrose School daycare

    2-D and 3-D shapes!

    Math is more then counting and memorizing! Our 2 year olds are making great progress in all of our math concepts. Learning about 2-D and 3D shapes are so much fun....especially with friends. We love seeing teamwork in play!

  • west Wichita daycare children work on daily hands on activities!

    National STEAM Day!

    Every day is #NationalSTEAMDay in our classrooms. With our Balanced Learning® approach, children play and discover through science, technology, engineering, art and math. That's STEAM-based learning, also known as "playtime."

  • Wichita daycare

    Parent Teacher Conferences!

    We love this time of the year! Thank you Primrose Parents for partnering with us, we can't wait to share your child's progress with you!

  • High Quality Early childhood Education

    The importance of our Primrose Puppet Friends

    Our Primrose Puppets teach us about science, math, literacy but most importantly they teach us compassion! Each of our Primrose Puppets teach us a different positive character development trait! These traits are highly desireable as students enter Big School. 85% of brain development is completed by the age 5! You see how important it is to teach Positve character traits early! Join us for our next up coming tour to learn more and to see it in action!

  • Wichita, ks parents


    Dear Primrose Parents, We see how hard you work and we just want to tell you that you are doing a great job! We are always here to help you!

  • Wichita preschool

    Engineer at it's best!

    Our little engineers are working as a team to build their own car. 1. Must be able to move 2. Must be able to hold 2 people

  • Preschool executive functioning skills

    Teacher-Parent Partnership will help sky rocket your child to success!

    We partner with families to help children succeed! Check out this rocket ship which highlights all the executive functioning skills our Primrose children practice daily.

  • primrose school graudate

    Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

    Not too late to join our Licensed and Accredited School! Primrose Pre-Kindergarten children graduate with school readiness, leadership skills and life skills! Must complete Primrose Pre-K program to receive your child’s Balanced Learning Diploma.

  • hands on learning

    Hands on Learning!

    Our 2 year old's love hands on learning! We are finding objects in the room that match the colors in the book! So proud of our Educators who help implement an amazing daily curriculum!

  • Wichita preschool

    Back to School Night!

    We are gearing up for Back to School Night! Be sure you have turned in your pre-registration forms for a guaranteed spot this school year! We are looking forward to another great year!

  • primrose school of Wichita

    We are digging up some bugs in our sensory center!

    Learning can be messy!

  • Primrose School of Wichita review

    Why did you chose Primrose Schools for your children?

    “We chose Primrose School of Wichita based on the school’s tailored curriculum to develop our child’s individual capabilities in a fun and collaborative classroom setting. Each Primrose interaction we have reassures us that our child is in the best possible environment to grow and learn.”

  • Daycare in Wichita, KS

    We love our Primrose Families!

    Our School continues to grow and we are looking for some more great families! Call us if you are interested in taking a tour!

  • primrose school of Wichita west carnival

    Spring Fling Charity Event!

    Join us Friday, May 4th from 5:30pm - 7pm for our annual charity carnival Wrist Bands are $20/child! All proceeds go to Primrose Childrens Foundation! Enjoy Carnival Games, treats, silent auction, mini horses and more!

  • toddler at primrose schools of Wichita west

    We know what toddlers want!

    We know how to keep our toddlers happy, learning and engaged! Email us to schedule your tour!

  • testimonial for primrose school of Wichita

    Why did you chose Primrose Schools for your children?

    Why We Chose Primrose: Hello! We are the Stucky family. My name is Corey Stucky and my wife’s name is Catherine. Our children are Jillian, who is now 6 years old and Jensen, who is 3 years old. We are proud to say that both our children are Primrose kids! There are several reasons why we chose to send our children to Primrose School. Having travelled extensively in my previous employment, I was aware of the Primrose brand through friends and family who had experienced Primrose positively in other cities. My wife also knew of Primrose through her friends’ experiences as well. Admittedly, out of all the other choices we had in our area, the reasons we finally selected Primrose for our children boiled down to about 3 things; 1) Primrose was ideally located for our childcare needs, affording us a streamlined route between work and home for which our children could be nurtured. 2) Primrose provided the hours we needed for childcare without a drop-off/pick-up restriction that exceeded our ability to honor or maintain. As working parents, we needed a facility that would be open before we are due for work, and after we are scheduled to leave work. Primrose met this need. 3) Primrose was built as an actual school, not simply a converted building or secondary-use facility. It was founded on solid principles focused on developing children to their actual potential. It included transition classrooms and classes, active work assignments allowing our children the opportunity to grow socially, learn phonological skills, self-awareness, pre-writing skills, pre-math skills, and cognitive/critical thinking skills, and share a pre-meal prayer among others. Primrose provided a continuous assessment program from which to evaluate the learning of our children. It reinforced values within our children that are also important to us; a. Be kind to yourself and others b. Use your listening ears and your looking eyes. c. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself. d. Use your walking feet and inside voices in school. To say that I can share the “Rules of the Roost” with you simply means that Primrose doesn’t just work for our children; it works for us, too! We have since learned and experienced that Primrose truly partners with you for your child’s care, well-being, and learning. And most importantly, Primrose provides a platform from which one can offer parental feedback without the risk of indignation or pretense simply because of differing viewpoints. And, perhaps one of the most important things, it provides daily pictures and notes about curriculum and specific feedback on our children that we can share with grandparents, siblings, and others who might enjoy seeing the kids daily and learning about what they are doing. Simply put; we’re thankful that we found Primrose, and appreciative of what Primrose has given to us in kind. Our children, and our family, are better for it. Sincerely, The Stucky Family Corey, Catherine, Jillian & Jensen

  • Primrose School Science

    Moon Exploration at Primrose Schools!

    At Primrose Schools, we love Science class! The "Moon" topic was a big hit. We made moon dough, we painted and even made 3-D models!

  • Primrose Students Exceeded national trends in math and literacy

    Primrose Students Exceeded National Trends in Math and Literacy! Way to Go!

    That's right, we have done it! Our children are growing socially and academically!

  • happy Kansas day

    Why do you love Kansas? #happykansasday!

    Our preschoolers had a blast participating in Kansas Day activities! Thank you Primrose teachers for making learning fun!

  • Primrose School of Wichita Testimonial

    We love our Primrose Families!

    "Our daughter, Emma, has been attending Primrose Wichita East for 2 ½ years. In that time, she has benefited in learning from the most professional and passionate teachers and staff that we have ever seen. We have observed a high quality, balanced learning environment from the day one. The curriculum is impressive coupled with plenty of play time and hands on activities for the kids. Primrose has set our daughter up for a lot of success in the future.”

  • Spring Break Camp for Maize

    Now enrolling in Spring Break Camp for Maize children!

    School is out! Join us for Spring Break Camp!

  • Photo of Pretend Play happening in Primrose School of Wichita

    Pertend Play at School!

    Pretending is important in child development. Children learn about themselves and the world. Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their abilities. They experiment with role playing and work to make sense out of what they’ve observed. At Primrose Schools we give our children these opportunities!

  • Primrose Curriculum

    Smart Curriculum!

    Our infants and toddlers explored painting their reflection during Early Art Master program. Learning new concepts by exploring familiar items with their senses is important with infants and toddlers because the familiar toys provide the context for the new concepts. We have started enrollment for 2018! Call 670-0791 to learn how to join our family!

  • Primrose team building

    We love to explore Wichita!

    When Primrose School leaders and educators go out: We love to get out and explore everything that Wichita has to offer! Our team tried out escapology this past weekend. Some of us escaped and some of us didn't, but that is ok.....we had fun doing it!

  • Primrose Education

    Elementary School with (early childhood) vs. Early Childhood School

    Like many families, you are having to make a decision on School for your 3 year old. What to do? Send him/her to a Big Elementary School (with an early childhood education) or to a smaller Early Childhood School that focuses on Early Childhood Education. Our best recommendation is visit Big Schools and Early Childhood Schools to see which one you think will give your child the best foundation. Here are some great questions to ask and think about.

    Read More
  • Parent Testimonial

    What families have to say about a Primrose School Education!

    "London has been at Primrose School of Wichita East for almost 4 years, and it has been a terrific fit for us! The first time we visited Primrose we were immediately impressed by the friendliness of the staff, a structured program, and many other great qualities that made our choice in Primrose an easy one. London has flourished both socially and academically, and we are confident that she is more than ready for the great big world of Kindergarten next year! She loves her friends and teachers, and looks forward to going to school every day! Thank you Primrose for taking awesome care of our precious little!"

  • Technology is more than you think!

    Technology for preschoolers!

    At Primrose School of Wichita we believe technology is more then ipads and computers. We use simple tools such as thermometers, pens, microscopes and rulers. All these tools help us during research and technology time in class!

  • Executive Functioning Skills!

    Executive Functioning Skills are practiced at Primrose Schools!

    Our little builders have big ideas! Playing with blocks and describing their designs lets our students share their ideas with the world.

  • Primrose Winter Camp

    Reserve your School Age Children for Winter Camp at Primrose!

    -Homework Help -Tech Zone -Create Zone -Interest Clubs -Star Zone -Snack Zone -Game Zone -Chill Zone Call now to learn more about our Winter Camp!

  • Needing mommy time? Join us T/Th 1/2 days for $70/week!

    Needing some "me-time"? We have you covered. Primrose School of Wichita West has a few T/Th openings left for $70/week. Not only will your child receive quality, safe care but he/she will get an opportunity to receive social time, play time, snack time, art time, along with our exclusive Balanced Learning Curriculum! Limited spots, so call now!

  • Join our team poster featuring a Primrose teacher showing her student different parts of a flower plant

    We are growing and looking to add to the team!

    Please email or call 807-8622 if you are interested in learning more about our positions.

  • Young students play with toy trucks in a Primrose classroom

    Engineer at it's best!

    Our preschoolers were challenged by trying to safely get the "stuck truck" out of the lake. We love their use of teamwork and critical thinking skills! We make learning fun for our Primrose children!

  • A front page advertisement about Primrose school of Wichita west in the Wichita eagle newspaper

    Proud to be Connected in our Community!

    Proud to be the leaders in early childhood education! Thank you Wichita Chamber for helping to create leaders in our community!

  • Two young Primrose toddlers paint on canvases mounted on stands

    Our little "Art Masters"

    In our proprietary Early Art Masters program, our preschoolers learned about the "tinting" art technique. They learned that we can make our basic colors interesting just by brushing on a little bit of white to our canvas.

  • Three young students build a train from cardboard and plastic wheels


    Our Preschool and Pre-K students built a train for our Primrose Puppet Friends!

  • Little toddler looks at the roots of a plant through a magnifying glass in a Primrose classroom

    Science Time at Primrose!

    While examining our plants, our children discovered a little surprise.....a slug! I don't think our children will forget this science lesson!

  • Young student smiles as she plays with Molly the cow hand puppet

    Join our teaching team!

    We are growing our teaching team. Please send resume to

  • Young girl smiles, puts her arms around her fathers shoulders and looks into his eyes

    Primrose Parenting Truth!

    It's National Compliment Day! What's the best compliment your child has given you? #PrimroseParentingTruths #NationalComplimentDay

  • Three best rated logo

    Thank you to all our wonderful families, teachers and community for making us one of the top 3 preschool in Wichita!

  • Poster stating how Primrose students are encouraged to explore the world with a young girl's hair flying due to static charge

    Our Exclusive Balanced Learning!

    BALANCED LEARNING® WAY: No wonder the atmosphere is electric! We make learning fun!

  • Child's drawing of a mother father and their two children standing under a rainbow

    We love our new Primrose West School Parents!

    Thank you to all the families that have already secured a spot for their children! We look forward to partnering with you on your child's education soon!

  • Primrose school of Wichita west yard under construction

    Construction Update!

    It may be cold out there but our construction team is working hard to get our school going by April/May! Brick and stone are being placed while painting is going on inside. We can't wait to show you our school once completed!

  • Primrose school of Wichita west representatives stand with hard hats and shovels at the groundbreaking ceremony

    Ground Breaking Ceremony for the West School!

    Besides the heavy wind, the ceremony was great! Thank you to the teachers, parents, family and friends, and the Wichita Chambers for coming out and supporting us on this special day!

  • Illustrated poster advertising the Primusic cell phone application

    Primrose Parent Perk: Enjoy Award Winning Music Class at home!

    The goal of our music curriculum, Rhythm & Notes with Music from The Music Class, is to not only provide a fun and educational music curriculum, but also to enable parents and teachers to engage musically with their children throughout the week. This is just one of the perks of being part of the Primrose Family!

  • Young Primrose student holds up Benjamin the bear hand puppet up to the window

    Benjamin the Bear

    Benjamin the Bear is one of our favorite Primrose Puppet Friend! He loves science and helps children report the weather every morning! Primrose Puppet Friends helps our children feel comfortable and learn character traits.

  • Close up of a Primrose teacher smiling at her student in class

    Job Fair!

    Calling all who love singing, dancing, storytelling and nurturing young, energetic children! Primrose School of East and the "coming soon" West seeks enthusiastic teachers who want to make a difference and put their talents to use. Join us to learn more about how you can join the leader in early education and care with limitless hugs in a happy environment. Email for any additional questions. When: Saturday, January 7th 2017 Where: Primrose School of Wichita East: 2072 N. 127th St. Wichita,KS 67206 Time: Stop by anytime between 10am - noon Who: Anyone interested in joining our team

  • Primrose student does a craft activity for the STEAM project

    STEAM Project!

    Our Pre-K students are having so much fun with “Catch that Alligator” unit. We completed reading our book "there's an alligator under my bed”. We expanded our learning with a STEAM project. Our children were challenged to design and construct a way to move animals safely back to their natural habitat. Check out their blueprints and construction photos on our Facebook page!

  • Primrose pre-schooler touches a small succulent plant in class

    Preschool Pathways on a roll!

    Our Early Preschoolers are in a deep discussion about plants today! Thank you Ms. R for making learning fun for your children!

  • Young Primrose student smiles as he sits on the garden patch ledge

    Garden Art Show

    Join us Friday, June 30th anytime between 4pm - 6pm for a viewing of our children's art work! Enjoy music, bubbles and snacks as well. Curious about our School? Join on us this day to learn more about our School! This event is open to all!

  • Bike safety rodeo poster

    Bike Safety Rodeo Event!

    Join us for our community bike safety rodeo on Saturday, July 29th from 10am - noon! Open to all ages with bikes!

We'd love for your family to meet ours.