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  • Primrose School of Wichita West Family Recommendation

    Meet the Graham Family and their transition into our School!

    Our experience at Primrose West started over six months ago with our youngest baby, Marshall. He was struggling at our original daycare; refusing to take bottles or food, and cried a lot. That was hard for us because he is such a happy baby at home. We decided to try Primrose, and he did so much better! We would see him smile at his teachers, and get excited to be there. He took bottles better, and took solid foods pretty well! We started to see our baby be himself at Primrose, where he felt loved and safe to do so. He has continued to thrive in the toddler classroom, and we know we made the right decision for daycare. Our oldest son, Austin, seemed content at our original PreK. We hesitated to switch him with less than a year before Kindergarten. He tends to be shy at first, and was nervous about starting a new school. Austin started PreK at Primrose in February. It helped that his younger brother already knew the ropes and Austin liked the idea of being at the same place with Marshall. He is slowly coming out of his shell, and comes home full of wonderful stories about activities every day. The PreK teachers have done a great job at supporting his transition. They picked up on his love of helping, and were quick to give him jobs that made him feel important and busy while getting used to the new faces. He loves his teachers and new friends, and has more confidence in his ability to start a new school this fall. He already had a love of learning. Primrose has built on that and he is thrilled to be learning new things every day. We are glad we switched to Primrose, and wish we would have come here sooner! Matt, Andrea, Austin, and Marshall Graham

  • Kansas day activities

    Happy Kansas Day!

    Today our preschool and pre-k students engaged in fun Kansas themed activities!

  • teaching from the heart!

    Teaching from the heart!

    Somethings just are priceless! *When our Primrose children love School so much that they want to come to School on weekends! *When our Primrose teachers greet their students with joy! *When our Primrose parents partner with us on their child's education and care! We believe in teaching from the heart! Join us Friday, January 25th anytime between 3pm - 5pm for a tour!

  • Happy New Year! School will be closed on New Years Day!

    We are looking forward to a wonderful 2019! Please remember that we will be closed Tuesday, January 1st!

  • 2 year olds are working on shapes at Primrose School daycare

    2-D and 3-D shapes!

    Math is more then counting and memorizing! Our 2 year olds are making great progress in all of our math concepts. Learning about 2-D and 3D shapes are so much fun....especially with friends. We love seeing teamwork in play!

  • west Wichita daycare children work on daily hands on activities!

    National STEAM Day!

    Every day is #NationalSTEAMDay in our classrooms. With our Balanced Learning® approach, children play and discover through science, technology, engineering, art and math. That's STEAM-based learning, also known as "playtime."

  • Wichita daycare

    Parent Teacher Conferences!

    We love this time of the year! Thank you Primrose Parents for partnering with us, we can't wait to share your child's progress with you!

  • High Quality Early childhood Education

    The importance of our Primrose Puppet Friends

    Our Primrose Puppets teach us about science, math, literacy but most importantly they teach us compassion! Each of our Primrose Puppets teach us a different positive character development trait! These traits are highly desireable as students enter Big School. 85% of brain development is completed by the age 5! You see how important it is to teach Positve character traits early! Join us for our next up coming tour to learn more and to see it in action!

  • Wichita, ks parents


    Dear Primrose Parents, We see how hard you work and we just want to tell you that you are doing a great job! We are always here to help you!

  • Wichita preschool

    Engineer at it's best!

    Our little engineers are working as a team to build their own car. 1. Must be able to move 2. Must be able to hold 2 people

  • Preschool executive functioning skills

    Teacher-Parent Partnership will help sky rocket your child to success!

    We partner with families to help children succeed! Check out this rocket ship which highlights all the executive functioning skills our Primrose children practice daily.

  • primrose school graudate

    Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

    Not too late to join our Licensed and Accredited School! Primrose Pre-Kindergarten children graduate with school readiness, leadership skills and life skills! Must complete Primrose Pre-K program to receive your child’s Balanced Learning Diploma.

  • hands on learning

    Hands on Learning!

    Our 2 year old's love hands on learning! We are finding objects in the room that match the colors in the book! So proud of our Educators who help implement an amazing daily curriculum!

  • Wichita preschool

    Back to School Night!

    We are gearing up for Back to School Night! Be sure you have turned in your pre-registration forms for a guaranteed spot this school year! We are looking forward to another great year!

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