exterior of Primrose School at WestClay

Primrose School at WestClay

Parent Testimonials

  • I was just relocated to Indiana from Arizona and I was a little scared of finding a new daycare, I first enrolled him into another daycare that was close to my home but it did not work out. My son who is almost 2 1/2 was at Primrose in Arizona and after it didnt work out at the daycare close to my home i found a Primrose in WestClay Indiana, it was great to see my son walk right in and not even cry when i left it was clear that he was comfortable here. The director is great and his teachers are amazing, I'm very happy with Primrose and will always be a Primrose parent. Thank you so much

    Bryan C


  • My son has been at the Primrose School at WestClay for several years and my wife and I have been more than impressed with the education and care that he has received during these formative years. We love the balanced approach towards learning. The teachers have always welcomed him into the classroom each morning, and communicated about his day each evening. This type of communication and love makes us feel very comfortable leaving him each day. I will always recommend the Primrose School at WestClay to anyone seeking educational childcare.

    Jay T


  • I have been nothing but amazed with the level of teaching and care that my children have received at Primrose. My oldest attended Primrose for preschool and pre-kindergarten, and my youngest is currently in pre-kindergarten. The teachers have been so wonderful, attending to all their needs, whether it be to teach my children addition or to give extra love and attention after a scrape or bonk. On the occasions that I have had to leave town, the entire staff has gone above and beyond in making my children feel loved and secure. I would recommend Primrose to any family looking for care and education for their children.

    Michelle L


  • I absolutely love Primrose at Westclay. My son has had the best teachers. When I stop in his teacher's share what he is has being doing each day. They take the time to really know the child and share what is going on. His teachers say they love him, and I truly believe them when they say it.

    Michael D


  • Primrose is undoubtedly a wonderful school! Not only are the classrooms and toys well-kept and clean, but the staff is not your typical staff. Each teacher that my child has had genuinely cares about education and the development of my child. They are true professionals! The curriculum is amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better school!

    Kendra D