Primrose School at Vista Ridge

Franchise Owners

Primrose School at Vista Ridge is owned and operated by Cedar Park, Texas residents Clare France (left side of photo) and Kasey Redus. As owner/operators of Primrose School at Vista Ridge, we work ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Morgan

Director of Operations and Events

Mrs. Tiffany Fredin

Director of Curriculum/Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Sanders

Director of Curriculum/Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Mrs. Kelly Carroll

Director of Admissions/Family Liaison

Mrs. Claudia Jaimes

Infant Lead Teacher

Mrs. Sharon Connelly

Infant Teacher

Ms. Dee Anne Bryant

Infant Closing Teacher

Ms. Briana McGinty

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Ms. Shannon Hansen

Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Michelle Twiner

Toddler Lead Teacher

Ms. Sue Pucci

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Jennifer Kraft

Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Ms. Brittany Manners

Early Preschool I Teacher

Mrs. Juliette Velez

Early Preschool II Lead Teacher

Ms. Kelly Bannister

Early Preschool II Teacher

Ms. Jessica Gallagher

Preschool I Lead Teacher

Mrs. Janeth Ray

Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Tiffany Zabel

Preschool II Lead Teacher

Ms. Meghan Beall

Preschool II Teacher

Mrs. Ashleigh Standley

Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Mrs. Crysta Goodwin

Pre-K I Teacher

Ms. Brittany Budd

Pre-K II Teacher

Ms. Lilly Duplisea

Explorers Lead Teacher

Ms. Brooke Hutchinson

Explorers Teacher

Mrs. Christine Roberts

Support Staff

Ms. Astrid Useche

Kitchen Assistant/Support Staff