Primrose School of Thornton

Parent Testimonials

  • I love Ms. Erica! When my son was transitioning from his preschool class it wasn’t an easy time for him and obviously us the parents. She was phenomenal is pinpointing some of his issues and coming up with tools we could use at home to help us all get through it The photo book she made of him in class to take home and read daily really helped him remember that he did have good times at school and enjoyed not only his classmates but his teachers and learning. She made the difference! Ms. Erica is also always available to answer questions and has an amazing sense of humor which I’m certain her students pick up on as well. Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Brenda have always been very professional and have always made every attempt to accommodate, or at the very least research, any concerns we might have had and responded very quickly. I am a picky parent and I visited many daycares/preschools before choosing Primrose of Thornton, and while we have faced challenging life stages, I have never regretted our choice of entrusting Primrose of Thornton with our son’s care and development. I will miss them and the peace of mind they provide when it is time for us to move on☼

    Candice G


  • My daughter has been in Primrose for about a year and a half. I can't believe how much she is learning and how well she is doing!! It's hard to leave your kids and I feel she is in a safe, fun environment and is learning EVERYDAY! I have no doubt she will be VERY ready for kindergarten. I have gotten to know the staff and several teachers. I feel the teachers and staff really care about the kids and also try and make the transition of leaving your kids as smooth as possible.

    Monique V


  • We found Primrose in Longmont, Colorado when Joey was two years old. We visited many day cares in the area but Primrose was clearly the best. We moved to Thornton, Colorado and our transistion to that Primrose was great! Both experiences have been perfect. Each teacher Joey has had truly cares for him and his development. The curriculum is great and he is learning a lot being there. The class room sizes are small enough to where he is getting more than enough attention. We wish Primrose had classes for 1st -6th so our son could attend longer.

    Brigid A


  • My daughter has been with Primrose since her 1st birthday and she has thrived in this amazing setting. She has been happy, healthy, full of learning and fun for these past 5 years! It’s a place she hates to leave at the end of the day! I feel good knowing that she’s in a safe, nurturing environment with great teachers and staff!

    Yvonne G


  • My Daughter is growing and learning at a fast pace; as a toddler she is excited and challenged by the new world she's discovering. Being a part of Primrose, we can see her become more independent with each passing day. She has become more socially adept child who is aware of herself as part of an expanding social circle of relatives, friends and peers at school. We really love to see the "HAPPY-GRAMS" which the Teachers share regularily. Looking forward to a valuable Learning and Development experience for our Toddler at Primrose .

    Swaps M


  • We are so grateful to the staff and teachers at Primrose School in Thornton, CO. Our two young children attended home child care for the majority of their lives. This year, we made the decision to enroll them at Primrose. It is amazing how much the children have learned in such a short period of time. They love going to school, playing and learning. Our son now can count to 100, and consistently surprises me with new things that he has learned. The best part, is how much we have learned as parents about how to raise them to be independent and capable. We absolutely love the facility, staff, and most important the teachers who make the magic happen each and every day. I will continue to be a cheerleader for Primrose! Thank you so much!

    Tonya P


  • Teachers are wonderful, especially Miss Hannah. She has been such a positive source of encouragement and a catalyst for learning. Thank you for caring!

    Rachel W

  • Care from the teachers is great.

    Zohar S

  • It’s a great school and our daughter loves it

    Kara W

  • The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping the children grow. They go out of their way to help with any issues, and they work very well with parents to address any concerns, even using ideas from the parents to assist with their child's development. Big shout-out to Miss Glenn and Miss Sophie in the Jr. Kindergarten class, as their attention and devotion to our child was world-class. They took time each day to explain to us how our child was during, and we exchanged ideas to help remedy issues. We saw an immediate improvement in our child's demeanor with the help of Glenn/Sophie. Our child will miss Primrose Thornton as he moves to Kindergarten, and we will miss the school and its staff for their dedication to the growth and development of him throughout this past year. We are very happy with Primrose Thornton and would recommend them to anyone.

    Jason B

  • Ms. Hannah has been an awesome Kindergarten teacher. She really enjoys her job and the kids and it shows. My child learned so much this past year!

    Tina P

  • We love the Thornton Primrose! Miss Sophie & Miss Glenn have made such a difference in our son’s progression with his speech. The pulled everything they could from his IEP and worked on his targeted skills. They went above and beyond all expectations! These ladies deserve so much praise. Thank you to the wonderful director for her support in everything. We would definitely recommend Primrose Thornton.

    Cynthia J

  • Staff and teachers kind, knowledgeable and willing to help accommodate requests

    Hilary C

  • The care and education of my child are the most important things and are well executed. Teaching her to be a caring and kind individual Is very important and I am glad that it is stressed. It should be focused on, if not more so than the worksheets. The only issue I have is healthier food options at breakfast that aren’t so sugary.

    Bethany V

  • It’s a warm, caring place for students to learn and grow. Friendly, caring and competent staff. They really care about kids and it shows in everything they do.

    Amy P

  • Primrose has been amazing, and zoey loves it, thank you for all your support and assistance.

    Willie R