Primrose School Building

Primrose School of St. Paul at Merriam Park

Parent Testimonials

  • This school is extremely well-run, seems to have relatively low turnover and has great programming for children of all ages. The teachers know students names and their developmental stages, and do an awesome job providing updates and suggestions. Mary Pat, the onsite chef, is wonderful and helps the school provide nutritious meals and snacks. I highly recommend Primrose to anyone who is looking.

    Diana B.


  • I am so happy with and thankful for St. Paul Merriam Park Primrose, especially with Ms. Vilma. (We tell our daughter every morning that she's going to see Ms. Vilma, so she doesn't cry as much when we wake her up and dress her.) I feel that our daughter is thriving in the Primrose environment; It's like she has gotten smarter and more socialized overnight! We consider it "baby school", as Jana seems to be getting educated, not just cared for. The pictures we get melt my heart. I can see that she is enjoying herself and has made real friends. I tell whoever will listen to me that Primrose is the best childcare facility in the world bar none!

    John Shier, D.C.