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We’re more than a St. Charles daycare. We know how young children learn best, which is why our Balanced Learning® approach combines plenty of purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers.
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Our time-tested approach to early childhood education is designed to foster good character and grow social and emotional skills while also building literacy, and math skills.

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Mrugesh Patel Shashi Kerai

Meet Mrugesh and Nilam Patel and Shashi and Pinal Kerai — the proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of St. Charles West. These two couples believe strongly in the Primrose Schools commitment to develop the whole child, and they are excited to bring the thoughtful Balanced Learning® approach and its impressive character-building focus to the Tri-Cities area of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia.

Shashi and Pinal were first introduced to Primrose Schools in 2013 while searching for an early education and care provider for their son. The couple quickly realized how amazing the Balanced Learning approach was for their son’s development, and they often updated their families on his academic growth.

Mrugesh, Pinal’s brother, and his wife, Nilam, were expecting their first child in 2015 when Shashi and Pinal told them about Primrose. The couple knew they wanted the same high-quality early education for their own son. Mrugesh and Nilam decided to relocate so the families could open a Primrose school of their own in the St. Charles area.

Between the four of them, this powerhouse team has a variety of skills that support the success of the school and its students. Mrugesh, a certified flight instructor, and Shashi, a neurophysiologist who taught residents in several states, have both taken a step back from their travel-based careers to manage the school. Mrugesh also draws on his experience in management and banking to run the school’s day-to-day operations. Pinal and Nilam will play a unique advisory role in the school as they continue to serve the community as an audiologist and pediatrician, respectively.

Because their families have such a strong appreciation for science and math, the Patels and the Kerais value the depth of the Balanced Learning approach and how it emphasizes both academic and social-emotional learning to build a strong foundation for future success.

The Patels and Kerais are thankful their own children have had the opportunity to learn and grow at Primrose. Nilam and Mrugesh’s son, Sidhdhant, and Shashi and Pinal’s daughter, Bhakti, will be the first students enrolled at Primrose School of St. Charles West. Having graduated from a Primrose school, Pinal and Shashi’s son, Khush, attends the Primrose Explorer Program.

The Patels and the Kerais are overjoyed to provide unique early learning experiences to their community through Primrose School of St. Charles West. They’d love to welcome you to their Primrose family!

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