Primrose School of Prior Lake and Savage

Parent Testimonials

  • When other families ask me why we chose Primrose School of Savage for both our girls, it is rather simple. Primrose is a standout leader in the industry. To see our children want to be in the classroom is an amazing feeling. Taking our daughter to Primrose, watching her run to her teacher with excitement, parents comforted to know she has an amazing teacher ……..Priceless!

    Lynn E.


  • Our daughter, Ada Joy has been attending Primrose schools for over two years now and she just loves it! Her father and I are very happy with Primrose. The teachers and staff are lovely and caring and we couldn't ask for a better place for our daughter to go each day to learn and grow as a person. Every day she surprises us with something she has learned. She is a happy child and has made many friends at Primrose. We are excited for her to move into Pre-K and Kindergarten at Primrose. We know we can count on the teachers to help make Ada Joy's daily experience the best it can be. They are always happy and friendly and go the extra mile to communicate to us daily about Ada Joy's experiences. Yah Primrose!!

    Shannon M.


  • Primrose - An Invaluable Resource We've been privileged to have both our children cared for at Primrose School of Savage. As new parents with our first child, we were obviously very nervous and apprehensive about having anybody else care for our child. We had no idea what to expect. But our experience has been nothing but great. The entire Primrose system and the staff and teachers from the infant room to the front desk made the transition easy for us - they worked with us on a specific plan for our children, talked us through their program, and gave us detailed reports every day that helped us create a consistent environment between school and home. For us, Primrose has grown into a vital partnership - when we experience new things with our child, it is a great luxury to be able to discuss them with the teachers and gather new ideas for improving our parenting skills. I can honestly say that having our children cared for at Primrose made being a first-time parent MUCH easier. Our oldest child is enrolled in the Private Kindergarten program now, and we have been delighted to be able to send our second child through the program as well. Primrose has been an invaluable resource for us in caring for our children, connecting to other families in the community, and growing as a family.

    Logan W.


  • Nov. 2012 will mark our son's 2nd year at Primrose in Savage. We are THRILLED to have him at Primrose and watch him grow and learn everyday. He is exceeding development stages for his age and enjoys going to preschool so much! The staff and teachers at Primrose are top notch and dedicated professionals. I am always happy to highly recommend Primrose to any new parent looking for daycare!!

    Kelly G.