Primrose School of Round Rock

Parent Testimonials

  • My son Ethan has been in the YT class at the Round Rock Campus for 4 months now and at the school for a year. We LOVE it there! Miss Carla and Miss Marina are magic! My son is so in love with them. He's been going through separation anxiety lately and they are so loving and patient with him. I know he is completely taken care of and they will help us get through this stage with love and support. It makes me so happy to know that such amazing ladies are there for my son when I can't be.

    Natasha A


  • We love Primrose!!! The teachers and staffare educated and well trained. Education and growth is very important here and they understand the needs and development of children. We are so impressed and happy with our decision. I have two beautiful twins and they look forward to school every morning. I am amazed with how the staff makes learning fun for all students no matter the age. GO PRIMROSE!!!

    Erica N


  • We have been a part of the Primrose family for over five years. Ryan started in the infant class and Joshua started in pre-K and both graduated from their PPK 2 class. Joshua goes back to Explorers for summer camps and holidays. We are very thankful for all the love and care they received over the years and I am impressed by how prepared they were for their kindergarten class. We had a complete trust in teachers and the boys were having fun and learning a lot at the same time. Thank you so much for being a huge part of our lives for the past five years.

    Eunjoo L


  • Finding the right childcare solution for your family is not easy. When my daughter was born, we tried a few options including nannies and preschools. Finally, when she was two we landed at Primrose on the recommendation of a family member. Everything just clicked. However, when my son was born we felt compelled to try nannies again thinking that a home environment was preferable for an infant. Those experiences were no better than the previous ones, so while he was still an infant we enrolled our son in Primrose where he received the best care and attention a infant can have. I always felt like Primrose was an extension of our home. My family was always treated with respect and compassion, my feedback was taken seriously, and I never had to worry about my kids while I was working. If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have enrolled both children at Primrose as soon I returned to work. Both of my children remained at Primrose until it was time to enroll them in formal education. We no longer have a need for childcare and miss the staff and school, but we'll always have our memories! Thank you, Primrose!

    Jennifer D


  • I have 2 daughters that attend Primrose, one in Pre-K and the other in EP1. The reason I love Primrose is because the teachers really do care for the children. My daughters both feel safe and loved. There have been many occassions where I stayed after drop off and looked through the windows into the rooms to see my children being cuddled and told how much they are loved. The education is also great. The kids seem to be about 1 year ahead of peers not attending Primrose. The kids really like all of the extra-curricular activites offered at the school.

    Lydie Q