Primrose School of Rochester

Parent Testimonials

  • We switched our daughter Zoe from another daycare to primrose for just a couple of months. We can tell the difference just several days after the transition. The staff are very caring and dedicated to create a loving enviroment there. My daughter tells me when I pick her up "I want to come back to the rooster school tomorrow". Her teacher, esp, Ms Eggert, is well-trained and enjoy and understand the kids. She has become Zoe's favorite teacher. Seeing my daughter's happiness is priceless! We are lucky to find primrose for her.

    Yunhong S


  • There's A LOT to love about Primrose, starting when you drive into the parking lot and take in the pristine grounds, the perfectly green grass, the well maintained play areas. Then you enter the lovely building, and everything inside feels like it is in it's place. It doesn't feel (or quite honestly smell) institutional in the same way that other daycare centers do; it feels warm and inviting like a home, and yet also professional and scholarly. The owners, directors and office staff are always there to greet you with a smile when you walk through the door; their presentation is as polished and friendly as the space, and they know the name of every parent, every child (and their siblings), by heart, despite the large size of the school. Each classroom is clean and organized, the teachers are obviously deeply dedicated to the children; they know each child's sensitivities and personalities, and are able to make them feel welcome and safe, even on a weepy clingy day. I love bringing my child to Primrose, because I feel completely confident in the investment that I am making; every day I can see his growth and development, as he speaks new words at home, or shows compassion, or empathy towards his older brother in a way he hasn't before. The values that Primrose upholds shine not just as a mission statement, but through the entire experience that a family has being a part of the school. There is a level of quality and excellence that we have not experience at previous child care centers, and we are so thankful that there is such an amazing place to bring our children to learn and grow!

    Heather R


  • Our daughter loves going to Primrose School where she gets to hang out with a consistent small group of young toddler buddies everyday. The teachers are all very loving and take such good care of the kids. We are impressed by the range of activities that even the young toddler group participates in like painting, singing, reading, and other crafts. We like that there is a nutritionist at the school who develops and makes tasty meals and snacks that are also nutritionally balanced. We have no worries that our daughter is developing well and in safe hands at the Primrose School.



  • We have been so happy with the care and education our children have had at Primrose. Our son has been well prepared for kindergarten and our young daughter is thriving as well. The staff go out of their way to make your day better. They run a nice center.

    Tara K


  • We first joined the Primrose family three years ago, and have never regretted the decision. Primrose offers a warm, supportive, HAPPY environment, and there is nothing like seeing my two boys tear down the hallway, eager to start their school day. As a mom, I have made great friends, myself, and found a "working mom support" through Primrose- something I never expected. Teachers have consistently had that extra "touch" that shows me that they love my children almost as much I love them. Primrose is so much more than "just daycare" to our family. It is a positive, growth experience- it is our "school family."

    Esther K