Primrose School of Riverwoods

Parent Testimonials

  • We have been very happy with Primrose School of Riverwoods. We've had good experiences in the Infant, Toddler, and Early Preschool classes. The teachers and directors are wonderful and work with our family's needs. The curriculum is great and it seems like our children learn something new and progress everyday. The classrooms are equipped with age appropriate furniture and toys, and the facility is clean, safe and secure. I have recommended Primrose School of Riverwoods to friends and look forward to our children attending for years to come.

    Darlene B


  • I have a child in the 2nd grade who has struggled with reading and phonics since kindergarten. He did not have the opportunity to attend the preschool program at Primrose. However, our youngest child had the opportunity to begin in preschool and now, halfway through the pre-k school year, it is apparent how prepared he already is for kindergarten. The education and focus on learning is very impressive at Primrose School of Riverwoods. The teachers also seem to truly love my son as their own.

    Clara B


  • Primrose School of Riverwoods has been such an important part of our family's life and we wouldn't have it any other way! My daughter started in the infant room at 18 weeks and is now 4! She loves her school and her teachers. WIth each passing year and class change, the teachers have worked with us and with her, to help with the adjustment and getting through all of the challenging stages of a toddler. They have educated her with love and genuine caring. It is tremendously difficult to leave your child with others while you work but the teachers have been so good to keep me posted with all her activities and developments, to help me not feel "left out". We are huge supporters of Primrose School of Riverwoods. They are a part of our family!!

    Stacey J


  • I am so glad that we put our daughter in Primrose School of Riverwoods at age 1. We love the balanced learning philosophy and have seen her grow so much through the past 4 years. She is now above average in every category due to the great teachers and curriculum. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. There is only one problem-they only have classes up to kindergarten!! I wish our daughter could attend all the way up to high school!!

    Elsie C


  • I absolutely Love Primrose School of Riverwoods! It is a wonderful school! I have three boys that attend Primrose and they love it! My oldest is in the Pre-K classroom, my middle child is in the Early Preschool program, and the youngest is in the Young Toddler class. Their teachers keep me informed about how they are doing on a daily basis. They are very nurturing and loving toward my children. I always know they are well taken care of and loved on everyday!!! My children come home telling me all about their day and what they have learned. The teachers have high expectations set for my children and it shows! I am very proud to share my story about Primrose School of Riverwoods!



  • This school is, by far, one of the best investments we have made in both of our children's educational, emotional, and social development! My son was WAY ahead of the game in kindergarten after his experience in K4 kinder at Riverwoods. This school is run by a solid management staff who values each child and their family. They employ only the highest quality teachers and are very diligent to allow for further teacher development and education. I would recommend this school to anyone. Its not just the Primrose name, but the staff who make this school a place where children of ALL levels and abilities can grow and develop core skills and values. Thank You Primrose of RIVERWOODS!