Primrose School of Prestmont

The health and safety of our staff and the children entrusted to our care is our top priority. We are proud to maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Health & Safety Practices in Place

Our emphasis has always been on the health and safety of the children, staff, and families we serve. The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to raise our demanding standards to an even higher level with new protocols for the current circumstances. With a clear appreciation of the trust you place in us, we commit to following stringent Health and Safety requirements at our schools that meet or exceed the guidelines from local and state officials. Our strategy will continue to develop as new information becomes available.

Operation Hours are from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm...

To lower the risk of exposure, our building is limiting visitors to anyone other than children and staff. Anytime parents want to visit with their child's teacher or leadership team, please contact the school either via phone or email. We ask that all parents visiting wear facial masks during their visit. We will also complete health screens for all parents visiting the school.
  1. We are asking parents to wear a protective covering for their mouth and nose when dropping off or picking up their children. Our leadership and staff will also be wearing protective coverings for their mouth and nose when gathering your children for drop off and pick up. Currently, Childcare Licensing is not requiring the children to wear masks while at school.
  2. Each child will have their temperature taken upon arrival. At arrival, all parents are required to stay until the temperature has been read. Any child that presents with a temperature of 99.8° or higher or any symptoms common to COVID-19 (cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, and more) will not be able to attend until you have received proper clearance from a medical professional.
  3. Any person with a "sign of illness" will be required to stay home for 48 hours instead of 24 hours and we will need a note from a doctor clearing them to return.
  4. Once inside their classroom, teachers will assist children in washing their hands.
  5. Children’s hands will be washed throughout the day to include, arrival, before and after each meal, after outside time, before and after each diaper change, and/or potty time.
  6. Children will be clocked in and out of Procare by their teacher in the classroom
  7. Pre-Screening forms are required for all returning children.
  8. Touchless check-in/out using QR Code at the entrance.

Teachers and Leadership
  1. Teachers and Leadership have all signed a Social Distance and Employment Waiver form. This form explains our teacher’s responsibility to follow all Social Distance regulations set forth by our local government as well as acknowledgment of their responsibility if they suspect they have been exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. All teachers and leadership upon arrival to work each day will have their temperatures taken and recorded by a member of our leadership team.
  3. All teachers and leadership are required to sanitize hands upon entering the building and wear face masks while inside the building.
  4. Once a teacher arrives in their classroom, they will immediately wash their hands.
  5. Teachers will not be allowed in the kitchen. The Chef and the Leadership team are the only people permitted to be in the kitchen
  6. Food is individually plated instead of family-style.
  7. Teachers have been retrained on Signs and Symptoms of Illness as well as all of Primrose Health and Safety procedures. Additional training will continue to be provided as needed
  8. Wash hands before handling bottles and in between bottles

Additional Practices to Control Spread of Germs
  1. We will have one classroom group on the playground at a time.
  2. We will be asking that children use a Primrose blanket instead of a home blanket to minimize the items coming back and forth from home. Sheets and blankets will be washed daily.
  3. Parents, please label all personal items
  4. Air Conditioner filters will be continued to be changed every 30 days.
  5. All Drinking Fountains are Turned Off
  6. To help prevent the spread of germs from one child to another, Infant classroom teachers must use a clean burp cloth each time they feed an infant
  7. Children will be separated as much as possible, during nap, each child in their cots will be head to toe as far apart from one another as possible; 6 feet apart if the class space allows.
  8. We have purchased a Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Gun.

Cleaning and Sanitizing
  1. Nightly, our porter will complete an intense cleaning in all classrooms currently in use. They will also spray hospital-grade disinfectant every weekend on all toys, furniture, walls, doors, handles, restrooms, hallways, carpets, floors, offices, entry, kitchen after they have completed their regular cleaning.
  2. During the day, our teachers will clean more frequently high touch surfaces.
  3. Our teachers will follow our normal procedures for sanitizing diaper changing tables and food surfaces. Use the same procedure for doorknobs, light switches, sinks and faucets, chairs, and other hard surfaces.
  4. Toys will be collected immediately if children have placed them in their mouths. Toys will be cleaned & sanitized at nap time, and at the end of the day as normal.
  5. Gloves will be worn for all diaper changes, food service preparation, and wiping noses/faces (normal requirement)
  6. Gloves will be changed after each interaction and the teacher’s hands will be washed
  7. All blankets and cot sheets for nap time will be washed daily.

Thank you to all of our staff and families for partnering with us to keep our school, students, and staff safe. We can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this time.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
  • Prestmont Leadership Team

Our Commitment

With a clear appreciation of the trust you place in us, we are committed to following the stringent Primrose health and safety protocols, and ensuring our school meets or exceeds the guidelines from local and state officials.

Girl washing her hands